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Chieko Akane Murakami
Moonlight Princess
CH8r Chieko Murakami.jpg
Chieko in her Soul Plane attire.
Character Profile
DOB: February 17, 384
Age: 1768
Race: Malakh
Gender: Female
Profession: Samurai
Theme: Moonlight Wandering (from "Last
Order FFVII")
Artist: Takeharu Ishimoto
Additional Information
Birth Realm: Eighth Realm
Rank(s): CH8r Grim Angel Captain 5th Division.jpg
Captain, 5th Division (ret)
Order of Grim Angels

Chieko Murakami is a former Captain of the Order of Grim Angels' 5th Division, now deceased, in the Clouded Horizons series.

Personnel Information


Chieko Murakami was born in the Ethereal Plane just short of four hundred years after its creation by Erasmus. At a young age, she enjoyed learning about what limited magical knowledge she could, but her status as a Malakh in the Ethereal Plane combined with the racial hatred that soon began to permeate the plane made learning difficult for one so young and inexperienced. Around the year 625, that all changed. Kaji Hiyama, a fellow Malakh, petitioned Freya for a subdivision of the existing Gilead Order, a group which was dubbed the Order of Grim Angels by Hiyama. This Order was exclusive to Malakh, and Chieko vowed to one day join in the hopes of overcoming the strife between Malakh and Erudite as well as furthering her study of magic.

Two hundred years later, Chieko got her wish - in the year 817, she was officially inducted into the 5th Division of the Order of Grim Angels, a division specializing in the use of magic and other special spells - "kidou," or Binding Arts, and "hadou," or Demon Arts, both invented and used exclusively by Malakh. Chieko was delighted at her inception, and dedicated herself to becoming an effective member of the Ethereal Plane's peacekeeping force. Over the years, Chieko learned to call upon her own special Diviner, an Ice-type weapon known as Hyorinmaru, driving her to attain ever loftier goals. In the year 1319, Chieko would attain one of the loftiest goals in the Order of Grim Angels; following a proficiency examination attended by Arragious Nicholai, as well as the Captains of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Divisions, Chieko was promoted to the position of new Captain of the 5th Division. To Chieko, this was the greatest honor she could possibly have dreamed of receiving; little did she know that in a remarkably short time, it would all come crashing down around her.

In 1523, war broke out in the Ethereal Plane, drawing all into the fold - Malakh, Erudite, and Creator alike. Sides were chosen, Odin and Xeios stepped in to protect Freya in both body and position, and the once-peaceful plane was turned into a nightmare for all involved. The Order of Grim Angels stayed allied with the Gilead Order, protecting Freya, and they were quickly drawn into ever-escalating combat with an organized resistance faction opposing not only Freya's rule, but the existence of the Gilead Order. Seventy-three years after the start of the war, Chieko would lead her squad into combat against a group of Malakh-Daiesthai hybrids, created as the failed result of an experimental spell discovered by the resistance, and would be killed in battle along with over half of her squad. Her Diviner, as well as her rank as Captain, was passed on to the highest-ranking squad member remaining, Kari Inihara, and she passed on to Soul Plane where she currently resides.


Chieko is a kind, yet firm soul, willing to help out others but unwilling to simply coddle them. During her tenure as Captain, her squad members would say that she could switch moods at the drop of a hat, capable of scaring people with merely a quiet and stern expression. Her personality makes her an excellent strategist, though surpassed by the succeeding 5th Division Lieutenant Chojiro Miyagi.


Chieko has not appeared within the main Clouded Horizons storyline at the present time; however, she will play a large role in the story Clouded Horizons: Origins.

Combat Information

Chieko has not been shown in combat within the series as of the present time; however, as a former Captain of the Order of Grim Angels, she possesses great power and intellect, specifically in the area of magic. She is also an extremely capable swordsman, as evidenced by her former position.

  • Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Chieko is a masterful melee combatant, possessed of a great degree of skill and grace while using swords, especially her Diviner. As a Captain, she was among the most skilled in the entire Order of Grim Angels.
  • Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Chieko, like all Captains, has at least basic training in hand-to-hand combat skills. This is not her primary style of fighting, but she can defend herself if required.
  • Enhanced Strength: Chieko is capable of using her formidable reiatsu to increase her strength, giving her a level of strength above and beyond even normal Malakh.
  • Exceptional Agility: Chieko possesses great skill with Shunpo, which gives her an exceptional degree of mobility in combat. She was one of the fastest Captains among those instated when the Order of Grim Angels existed, though surpassed by Etchel Beoulve.
  • Immense Spiritual Energy: Chieko, like all Captains, possesses a great degree of spiritual power, enough to fight for greatly extended periods of time and generate incredible levels of reiatsu to debilitate enemies.
  • Expert Magic User: As a former member of the Fifth Division, Chieko possesses a great degree of skill with magical attacks of all kinds, only further enhanced by her skill with her Diviner and its techniques.

Combat Attributes


  • Quincy (200)
  • Samurai (150)
  • Secondary Classes:
Ninja (50), Monk (50), Divine Magus (30), White Mage (50), Alchemist (50)
  • Tertiary Classes:

Elemental Preferences

  • Ice
  • Water


Racial Traits


Ability Information



Personal Abilities


Chieko, as a former Grim Angel Captain, has a Diviner created during her time in the Order. Her Diviner is named Hyorinmaru (Ice Ring), and Chieko is capable of manifesting her Diviner in both a Shikai and Bankai form.

  • Shikai: Hyōrinmaru gains a crescent-shaped blade attached to the hilt by a a chain. It is activated by the command "sit upon the frozen heavens" (sōten ni zase).
Shikai Special Ability: When Hyorinmaru is swung, a dragon-shaped flow of ice is released from the blade which is capable of flying towards and freezing whatever it impacts. The chain and crescent blade is also capable of freezing whatever it wraps around.
  • Tensou Jurin: One of Hyorinmaru's basic powers, it allows the user to control the weather in the area by controlling the water in the surrounding area and atmosphere. A stronger version of this skill may be used in Bankai.
  • Bankai: Named Daiguren Hyōrinmaru (Great Crimson Lotus Ice Ring). Ice flows onto Chieko's back in the form of wings and a tail. Ice claws also appear on her feet and left hand and a dragon head encases her sword arm to the fingers. Finally, three "flowers" of ice are also created behind her with four petals each. These disappear as abilities are used, but may regenerate indefinitely if there is water in the surrounding area.
Bankai Special Ability: Hyorinmaru's Bankai enables the use of several additional techniques.
  • Ryusenka: When Hyorinmaru stabs the enemy, a large burst of ice erupts from the blade, entrapping and freezing them within. The ice, and the opponent, may then be shattered if Chieko is strong enough.
  • Sennen Hyoro: Chieko creates several large ice pillars around the enemy; when she turns the blade 90 degrees counter-clockwise, the pillars contract, trapping and crushing the enemy within them.
  • Guncho Tsurara: Chieko collects the water around her before swinging her blade, sending a shower of icicles at her enemy.
  • Hyoten Hyakkaso: While using Tensou Jurin, Chieko causes a hole in the clouds above to open, through which a large amount of snow falls down towards the enemy. If any of the snow contacts the enemy, ice flowers begin to sprout all over the enemy's body, quickly trapping and freezing them.

Overdrives / Limit Breaks


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