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Hikari Sayoko Tanaka
Commander of Abel Squad
CH8r Hikari Tanaka.jpg
Hikari in her Nanite-Infused Limited Stealth Camouflage, retrieved from Vector Industries.
Character Profile
DOB: November 11, 2127
Age: 25
Race: Hume
Gender: Female
Profession: Gunner
Theme: Chrono Trigger Memories
Lost in Time OC Remix
Artist: GrayLightning
Additional Information
Birth Realm: Eighth Realm
Rank(s): CH8r VIEB Head of Company Security.jpg
Head of Company Security
Vector Industries (Ret.)
CH8r Presidential Guard Commander.jpg
Commander, Abel Squad
Estharian Presidential Guard

Hikari Tanaka is the Commander of Abel Squad of the Estharian Presidential Guard, a minor character in the Clouded Horizons series.

Personnel Information


"I spent a week outside in below-zero temperatures, scavenging for food, water and shelter. I fended off monsters and animals alike with my wits and whatever makeshift weapons I could construct. My training there was...thorough, to say the least.
"Aren't know, rules against things like that?"
"The bears of Briggs only have one rule that we obey - survival of the fittest.
―Hikari talking to Tetsuya Kurabasa about her training as a Presidential Guard member

Hikari Tanaka was born in Esthar on November 11, 2127, the daughter of Chie Tanaka and Sakaki Tanaka. Her upbringing was a rather troubled one; Sakaki, her father, was the head of a large crime syndicate in the city proper, and as such was often out handling 'business dealings' rather than home with his wife and daughter. Hikari never resented her father for his absence, but she did grow progressively more distant and unemotional due to the lack of familial support from her father and the stress of trying to console her mother during her father's many outings. Her stunting of emotions was only compounded during her early school years due to a rare form of albinism she was born with which rendered her eyes red and her hair an unusual shade of sky blue, leaving her the target of shunning and hate as she grew up. Still, she continued to let little bother her outwardly, despite the way she felt about everything, instead deciding to finally take matters into her own hands and get out from under the stress that had burdened her for years. When she turned sixteen, Hikari filed for formal emancipation under Estharian law, and was recognized as a legal adult by the government, severing the majority of ties she held to her parents and her father's criminal dealings. Her father's syndicate would later be crushed, the remnants absorbed into the growing influence of the DeValle family's holdings in Esthar.

From an early age, she showed exceptional intelligence in academics, and made her way through schooling at a rapid pace while excelling in nearly every subject she studied. At 17, she was enrolled in the Esthar Junior Military Academy, where she stayed for two years, working her way up to a rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade while in the academy. She displayed intricate tactical knowledge and a high proficiency with computers and technology of all kinds, as well as firearms, a combination of traits that did not go unnoticed by the academy.

Eventually, Laguna Loire made contact with the commander of the academy, requesting that she be approached with the option to become a member of the Presidential Guard. Hikari soon met with the President, as well as the recently-promoted Division Commander of the Presidential Guard, Daniel Margulis, to discuss the potential position; Hikari was extremely young to be considered for a position within the Guard, and the idea was one that made the young girl both excited and a bit apprehensive. After discussion between Hikari, the President, and the Division Commander, Hikari accepted a position within the Presidential Guard at the young age of 19, and was sent off to the northern encampment known as Fort Briggs to be trained as a Presidential Guard member. She spent a full year at Briggs, learning about subjects as varied as mechanics, cooking, and piloting, before returning to take her post as a member of Abel Squad. Hikari would spend the next two years within the Guard, eventually working her way up to the rank of Commander as the former Commander, Sarek Matthews, departed his position. Meanwhile, the President of Esthar came into some unsettling information regarding a company recently instated in the city called Vector Industries, and would begin putting together a plan to have someone infiltrate the company on a long-term mission to gather intelligence. After much deliberation, Hikari was selected as the one who would undertake the mission. Laguna briefed Hikari on her mission - to infiltrate and gather intelligence on the company Vector Industries. Hikari's records were altered to conceal her identity, and she would spend the next year and a half working for Vector as the new head of company security, all the while gathering intelligence regarding their actions.

While undercover at the company, Hikari was forced by Wilhelm, the CEO of the company, to confront Darius DeValle with a cover story of events regarding his former girlfriend, Lindsey Geneave. The story was created to cover up Vector's use of Geneave in their newly-developed weapons project, the KP-X advanced battle gynoid. Soon after, Margulis pulled Hikari out from the company after Laguna was kidnapped by the company for reasons unknown. Hikari's squad teamed up with Trabia Garden's Delta Squad unit in order to infiltrate Vector's space station and recover the President. With the timely arrival of Darius DeValle, Sr., Hikari's squad managed to extract Laguna and return him safely to Esthar. Abel Squad was later awarded with the Estharian White Star for bravery due to their actions.


"Even if you can't appreciate the beauty of this weapon, I'm sure your girlfriend would be able to, if she were here. Then again, after putting a bullet into her from exactly 1,038 meters, I doubt she would care to discuss the intricacies of firearms with me."
―Hikari Tanaka to an infuriated Darius DeValle, Jr.

Hikari's personality comes across to many as cold and unfeeling, when in fact this is not the case. Hikari is a fairly calm person, but she has trouble expressing her emotions. She spends most of her time focused on the current task at hand, which leads to problems in her social behavior. Although, her involvement with Tetsuya Kurabasa may hint to another side to her personality...


Vector Industries Arc

Hikari's first appearance came during the start of the Vector Industries Arc. She was assigned to lead Darius DeValle on a tour of the weapons section of the main Vector complex. Leading him into the main firearms design room, she proceeded to unveil a cover story regarding his girlfriend's death at Wilhelm's order. Darius attacked Hikari, moderately wounding her and knocking her unconscious, before Wilhelm showed up to confront Darius. Hikari awoke and headed to the infirmary to treat herself, before being called by Division Commander Margulis. Margulis then extracted Hikari from the building, taking her back to the Presidential Palace.

Hikari next appeared with her squad on a rescue mission, to save Laguna Loire from the clutches of Vector Industries. She led her squad to a launch platform outside of Esthar, then took a shuttle into space, heading to a space station owned by Vector. There, her squad found and secured the President, before being confronted by Arragious Nicholai. Thanks to a timely intervention from Delta Squad and Darius DeValle Sr., Hikari's squad made it out and back to Esthar safely. Hikari was then debriefed in the presence of Margulis and Laguna, explaining the mission and the current situation to them. Her squad was then ordered to aid technicians in examining Vector's mainframe. Hikari, however, made a solo trip to Trabia Garden first, delivering a disc with information hacked from Vector's computers to Katanas DeValle.

Hikari has made no further appearances at this time.

Combat Information

"When you try to kill someone, you should make sure they die."
―Hikari Tanaka to a member of the Dark Brotherhood

Hikari, as a member of the Presidential Guard, is a highly-skilled combatant because of her training, especially with firearms.

  • Master Firearm Specialist: Hikari is an expert with guns of all types, including pistols, shotguns, rifles, and even certain high-yield weapons such as grenade launchers. She has several weapons on her person for normal active duty, and is not shy about using any or all of them in an extended fight.
  • Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Hikari, like all Presidential Guard members, is extensively skilled in hand-to-hand combat. She is capable of fighting evenly with an average SeeD official despite a lack of junctions.
  • Enhanced Strength: Hikari's Guard training has strengthened and toughened her body by a large amount, rendering her capable of fighting on the level of an average SeeD official even without junctions.
  • Enhanced Agility: Hikari's training and natural agility gives her a high degree of mobility that she uses in combat, adding this to her skills with firearms to create a lethal mix for enemies.
  • Average Spiritual Energy: Hikari has only the most basic training with magic, and as such has no noticeable spiritual power.
  • Magic User: Hikari has basic training in using and identifying magic, but prefers to rely on guns over magical abilities.
  • Keen Intellect: Hikari has a high level of intelligence and perception, owing to both her job as a member of the Presidential Guard and as a former member of Vector Industries' security staff. She often notices small details that most people ignore, and is capable of making logical deductions and accurate assumptions based on only a small number of given facts.

Combat Attributes


  • Hume (80)
  • Gunner (75)
  • Secondary Classes
Marksman (50), Thief (50)
  • Tertiary Classes

Elemental Preferences

  • None.


Racial Traits


Ability Information



Overdrives and Limit Breaks


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