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Kari Sayuri Inihara
Elegant Angel
CH8r Kari Inihara.jpg
Kari in her Ethereal Plane attire.
Character Profile
DOB: July 19, 1006
Age: 1146
Race: Malakh
Gender: Female
Profession: Divine Magus
Theme: Star Ocean The Second Story
Ocean of Tears OC Remix
Artist: EgM
Additional Information
Birth Realm: Eighth Realm
Rank(s): CH8r Grim Angel Captain 5th Division.jpg
Captain, Fifth Division (ret)
Order of Grim Angels
CH8r Ethereal Magi Templar.jpg
Order of Ethereal Magi
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Kari Inihara is a former Captain of the Order of Grim Angels' Fifth Division, a minor protagonist in the Clouded Horizons series.

Personnel Information


"It's strange, not having her here. She held this whole division together...I don't think I can do what she did."
"You'll do it, and do it better. That's what she taught you, right - how to excel?
―Kari Inihara to Chojiro Miyagi, shortly after Chieko Murakami's death

Kari Sayuri Inihara is one of the few remaining Malakh in the Ethereal Plane. Little is known about her early life within the Ethereal Plane, but it is documented that she entered the Order of the Grim Angels, a smaller force within the Gilead Order, at the age of 471. While there, she was assigned to the Fifth Division under the leadership of Chieko Murakami, and soon rose to the rank of the fourth seat of the division. Many years later, at the beginning of the Harrowing, the frequent battles soon took their toll on the Fifth Division - by the end of the 73rd year, the Captain, Vice-Captain, and third seated officer of the Fifth Division had been slain in combat, placing the relatively-inexperienced Kari in acting command of the division.

Amazingly, despite the relative power gap between Kari and many of the other Captains, her squad remained able to hold its own in combat thanks to exceptional use of tactics and planning, many of those plans being attributed to Kari's then-Lieutenant, Chojiro Miyagi. Many more years passed before the war ended, and Kari's trials as the leader of the Fifth Division were in fact just beginning, despite the disbanding of the Gilead Order and, by extension, the Order of Grim Angels. Kari, despite her personal opinions behind her actions, was sentenced to captivity in the Void for 60 years to avoid public outcry and a revival of unrest, a sentence that she bore stoically as a final act of respect and tribute to those who had given their lives in her command.

When she emerged from the Void at the age of 906, she joined the Order of Ethereal Magi in order to continue her mission of protecting the Ethereal Plane, training under the God of Knowledge, Xeios. Kari has continued to serve in the Order to the present time, working to expand her knowledge and skills to better serve the Ethereal Plane.

239 years later, when Fayt attempted a revolt to claim Freya's position as her own and was stripped of her powers, Freya called upon the Malakh once again. Kari was granted the temporary position as the Pillar of Fate, holding these powers until Freya deemed Fayt worthy to return to her status as a Pillar of Reality.


Kari's personality is somewhat at odds with her otherwise youthful appearance. She acts much older than she appears at first glance, and takes her position as a member of the Ethereal Magi quite seriously. Beyond her serious yet kind demeanor, however, lurks a persona filled with haunted memories of the Ethereal Plane's devastating Harrowing and the loss of her division members, including her former Captain, which she carries with her constantly.


Kari made her first appearance in the series by confronting the Gilead Order's former leader, Arragious Nicholai, shortly after his assassination of Arisa Minami, a Praetor within the Order of Ethereal Magi. She engaged in combat with the former Captain-Commander in an attempt to detain him until Xeios arrived, releasing her Bankai to stay on even footing, but was soon overpowered and defeated by Arragious, to be saved from death by the timely appearance of Etchel Beoulve.

Combat Information

"Learning to handle yourself in combat is an art form. Holding back just enough to surprise an opponent with is a fine line that you must learn to walk. Always watch for an opening, and don't be afraid to strike from behind. There's no shame in having honor, but there's also no shame in knowing when to place that aside for not just your own sake, but that of others."
―Kari Inihara to Benji Powell

Kari is a pragmatist in combat, ever quick to capitalize on any opportunity that presents itself with the option most likely to bring the fight to an end. To this effect, she combines her innate skills with kidou with masterful swordsmanship to trap opponents, in order to finish them off with pinpoint use of offensive kidou or her Diviner's abilities.

  • Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Kari is an expert with light blades, capable of fighting evenly with most high-ranking Ethereal and Nether entities.
  • Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Kari, like all Captains, has at least basic training in hand-to-hand combat skills. This is not her primary style of fighting, but she can defend herself if required.
  • Enhanced Strength: Kari is capable of using her formidable reiatsu to increase her strength, giving her a level of strength above and beyond even normal Malakh.
  • Exceptional Agility: Kari possesses a high degree of skill with Shunpo, which gives her great mobility in combat. Her agility, combined with her skill with her Diviner in both sealed and released forms, gives her excellent battlefield reach and control.
  • Immense Spiritual Energy: Kari, like all Captains, possesses a great degree of spiritual power, enough to fight for greatly extended periods of time and generate incredible levels of reiatsu to debilitate enemies.
  • Expert Magic User: As a former member of the Fifth Division and a member of the Order of Ethereal Magi, Kari possesses a great degree of skill with magical attacks of all kinds, surpassing even her former Captain.

Combat Attributes


  • Malakh (400)
  • Divine Magus (150)
  • Secondary Classes
Illusionist (150), White Mage (50), Alchemist (50), Red Mage (50), Mesmer (50)
  • Tertiary Classes:

Elemental Preferences

  • Wind
  • Holy


Racial Traits


Ability Information



Personal Abilities

Kari possesses a number of specialized abilities owing to her status as a Malakh. Among these are Shunpo, or "flash steps," a rapid-movement ability used predominantly by Malakh, as well as special spells, Binding Arts and Destructive Arts, which can be used with or without an incantation. Using them with the incantation takes longer, but increases the power or effectiveness of the spell.


Kari, as a former Grim Angel Captain, has a Diviner created during her time in the Order. Her Diviner is named Kazewana (Wind Snare), and Kari is capable of manifesting her Diviner in both a Shikai and Bankai form.

  • Shikai: Kazewana takes the form of a long chain with a crescent-shaped blade on one end and a long spike on the other. It is activated by the command "swirl" (uzu).
Shikai Special Ability: Kazewana's Shikai is capable of releasing cutting waves of Wind-elemental energy from the curved blade of the weapon.
  • Hokori Kyoufuu: By spinning the chain of her Shikai, Kari can create a dust cloud to impair the visibility of her foes. This ability can also be used in Bankai.
  • Bankai: Named Kiritori Kazewana (Slicing Wind Snare). Kazewana takes the form of a long chain of magical energy connecting two identical weapons, each consisting of a circular ring upon which three long, double-edged blades are attached in a triangular pattern.
Bankai Special Ability: In its Bankai form, Kazewana retains its Shikai ability to launch blades of wind and is capable of doing so from either weapon. Kazewana's chain can also extend up to 25 meters in order to attack distant foes. When thrown, slicing wind surrounds the spinning blades to enhance the cutting ability. Kari's Bankai also enables the use of an additional technique.
  • Kami Oroshi: By spinning the blades of her Bankai to build up reiatsu, Kari summons a localized hurricane at a desired location to slice and buffet her target with extremely powerful winds. She can maintain this technique for any length of time that she desires, as long as she has the reiatsu to sustain it.



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