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Liam Jacob Bayloh
The Faceless Champion
CH8r Liam Bayloh.jpg
Liam in civilian clothing.
Character Profile
DOB: August 21, 1914
Age: 238
Race: Vayash Moru
Gender: Male
Profession: Guardian
Theme: Angel Main Theme
(The Sanctuary
Extended Remix)
Artist: Darling Violetta
Garden Profile
Garden Attended: Esthar Garden
SeeD ID Number: 21756
Highest Rank: CH8r Esthar Headmaster.jpg
Command Division
Planeswalker Information
Championed By: Freya Vanadis
Year Endorsed: 1990
Additional Information
Birth Realm: Eighth Realm
Story Appearances

Liam Bayloh is the Headmaster of Esthar Garden, a major character in the Clouded Horizons series.

Personnel Information


"Take credit for everything you do, whether it's good or bad. It might be bad business sense, as I'm sure your father will tell you. Never ever let yourself stop caring about taking that credit. I won't tell you what it's like to wake up one morning and realize that you've done the worst to people, and the only difference between when you did it and now is that you care."
―Liam alluding to the Scourge during a discussion with Katanas DeValle

In a world of darkness and light, things in the light are often oblivious to the other side; the darkness which follows the light's every move. So, it is a shock that a being can exist that is both light and dark; a creature trying to atone for the sins of his past.

Liam’s past is that of the Scourge of Dollet. History records him as being Dollet’s reaper; a beast which wrought the death toll that brought hundreds to their grave. His infamy was worldwide until the day when his name reached the doorstep of the Estharian High Council, which immediately set in motion to stop his actions which were bringing Dollet to its knees. And within days, his punishment was complete. He never saw the faces of the people who granted him control of his body for the first time since his own personal demon had assumed direct control of his body.

Despite his knowledge that the actions taken had not been his own, he would be haunted at night by the terrors caused by his body.

He escaped that day, and didn’t return to Dollet for years to come, choosing to live out his days in Centra. He spent day in and day out repenting for the sins of the Scourge, and was approached ten years after regaining control of his body by a young man who identified himself as Will. He offered a chance to work for a deity, one who was interested in his well being. Will mentioned to him that this deity was highly impressed at the steps he was willing to undertake to atone for the sins of the past, even though they were not sins he was guilty of. After a short meeting with Freya, Odin, and Xeios, the latter two being impressed with the sincerity that the troubled man was answering each of the Creator’s questions.

With her two advisers' (unnecessary) blessing, Liam was given the title of Planeswalker of the 19th order. And thusly began the beginning of his journey.

Following directives given to him by the deity, and going by the directives that he himself felt he had to follow, he became a champion of the Ethereal Plane; a warrior truly blessed and trusted by the creator. With this came benefits bestowed upon him in the years following. The largest benefit came only a year after his induction into the 19th order when she bestowed upon him the ability to walk in the light. For the first time since his Siring fifty-one years previous, he was able to watch the sunrise and walk amongst humans. Along with this ability, he was also given the ability to handle holy items which would help him years later. For the first time, he truly felt as if he wasn’t a man possessed; forever responsible for the actions of a being inside of him, but the Vayash Moru that his “race” was titled. It was during this time that he was first given the nickname "Angel" by an unnamed Ethereal being, as he seemed to be ready to assist in any matter that he could, both Ethereal and not.

Things continued along this path for many years after, Liam continuing to gain favor with Freya and respect in the Ethereal Plane… but with that respect came a price; one he wasn’t aware of, nor was he prepared for.

A Pillar of Reality was jealous of his position and reputation, and was aware of where he resided in the Mortal Plane. A clandestine meeting with a certain general of the Centran forces brought about a plan to assist both of them. While the General’s plans for Centra would be carried out by his forces, a certain scourge from the past would assist in bringing him the popularity he would require to assume leadership of Centra.

Fifty-three years after the Estharian Council’s curse took hold, during the coup d'état that would result in the Lunar Cry destroying the Centran culture, the Scourge of Dollet reappeared; a hex on Liam allowing Cencididore Ancules to take full control once more.

Hours before the catastrophe that would ruin Centra forever took place however, Will once again appeared. This time, his purpose was simple; to reverse the hex that his sister had placed on Liam. He was successful, and Liam was grateful that the Daiesthai had not had time to cause any real harm to anyone.

The years passed once again without any incidents, until such a point when Liam took an investigation on regarding a weapons manufacturing company in the nation of Galbadia. Certain practices and a possible trade agreement with a new company in Esthar caused him to turn an eye of suspicion upon Videlic Arms and Vector Industries. While he could find no fault in Vector Industries beyond the mysterious identity of the proprietor, Videlic’s leadership seemed to be committing acts that were dangerous not only to the company’s image (which Liam wasn’t interested in), but the Galbadian nation itself. He confirmed what evidence he found, and made the hardest decision he’d made in some time.

He confronted President U’Dashika, as well as his son regarding evidence that he’d discovered that linked them to supplying weapons that were used in crimes in countries around the world. Neither could deny it, but instead tried to quash him into silence; first by bribes, then by trying to kill him. As a result, he was forced to kill both, when it became apparent that his life would be at stake, and that they would not stop their actions. At the time, he was unaware that he had left the heir to the company, Takomashi alive, which he didn’t learn for quite some time.

A few years passed, and he got word during his travels of an organization recently founded which was looking to hire a few extra hands to work on getting things off the ground. While they were looking for significantly younger people, Liam took a gamble and explained everything about himself, including his nature as a Vayash Moru, and a Planeswalker to Cid Kramer who was in charge of the organization. With a few agreements in place, Cid agreed to allow Liam to join as a full member of SeeD after a demonstration of his combat abilities.

At first, he did a great deal of instructing, however, it was later realized that his style and that of the rest of the teaching staff differed greatly. By his own choice, he stepped down from instructing, choosing to be a field officer. He continued that throughout the Sorceress Conflict, until he transferred from Balamb Garden to Trabia Garden under direct and highly influenced request by Headmaster DeValle. He was an instructor of the combat division for a short time until another was hired to work in his stead. He returned to field work at that point, still continuing the balance his SeeD duties as well as his duties to the Plane.

During the first two months, he grew closer to people that worked there, including the Garden Commander, Katanas DeValle, and knew that the boy considered him a mentor, as well as a friend. He kept an eye on Katanas’ studies, as he had realized quite early that he, his youngest brother, and his father were all Planeswalkers.

Liam continued on this path until March of 2152, where at the behest of Freya, he went to the Tenth Realm’s Spira to meet and test the abilities of a potential Planeswalker. Before he could truly test Powell's mettle, the Forsaken attacked the Tournament the two were in. Whereas moments earlier, they were combatants in a battle to win, they were now back to back, attempting to protect the panicking citizens of Spira.

After the crisis, Liam reported to Freya regarding his findings. With her blessing, he followed the Gullwings from the Tenth Realm to the Eighth Realm. While Benji learned how to become a SeeD, Liam continued his normal duties at Trabia Garden, which at that point included substitute teaching, field work, and occasional side missions for Katanas.

One of these missions would bring Benji along, and would attract the Pillar of Fate's attention toward the Vayash Moru, but only in a cursory way as her attention was almost fully on the target of her aggression; that being Benji. Liam participated in the stopping of her aggressive actions not only against Ben, but against Freya and the entire Ethereal Plane itself.

He would not come into the spotlight again until a clash with Destine that resulted in almost crippling injuries sustained on his part. During this time, he began to reevaluate his existence, realizing how much he really did need the others in his life, and that he would need to begin to trust them more. Between that, and a newly budding relationship with Yuna Kaname he was able to finally begin the confront the demons that he hid inside; the nightmares caused when his body was fully under Cencididore's control.

Sentry Service Record

  • 2139
- Special Induction into Sentry as overseen by Headmaster Sebastian Booth.
- Assignment to Fallcrest Castle.
- Awarded rank of Lieutenant.
- Participated in the Battle of Hedge Rock.
  • 2139
- Instructor of Bladed Arts
- Awarded rank of Captain.
  • 2140
- Field Officer
- Participated in the Sanguine Blood Trial.
- Awarded Valorous Merit badge for service in the field.
- [Merit Award Badge Picture Here]
  • 2141
- Awarded rank of Major.
  • 2142
- Participated in the Dukedom Invasion Scramble.
- Participated in the Fallcrest Liberation Nightwar.
  • 2143
- Transfer to Wintershield Castle.
- Instructor of Bladed Arts.
- Awarded special commendation for service to Sentry during Wintershield Construction Efforts.
  • 2144
- Awarded rank of Colonel.
- Participated in the Republic Stealthdive.
- [Award here]
  • 2145
- Awarded rank of Headmaster.
- Transfer to Summerhope Castle.
- Participated in the Horizon Battlefront Conflict.
- Participated in the Wintershield 48 War.


Angel, despite (and perhaps because) of the burden of his past, is easy-going; a master conversationalist. He makes and keeps friends easily and because of that, he has resources all across the Mortal Plane. Beyond that, he is protective of his wife, Yuna Kaname, those he considers friends second, those who serve under him in Garden third.

Combat Information

"If you and your weapon are strangers to each other, then it doesn’t matter who you are, you’re dead. "
―Liam Bayloh teaching on weaponology

Liam is a focused fighter, knowing his abilities and knowing how to press others to their limits. Primarily a melee fighter, he uses his pulse rifles, his blade Atma, as well as his Diviner, Peacemaker in equal amounts. This allows him a truly unpredictable way of fighting.

  • Master Swordsmanship Specialist: As a Guardian with over two hundred years of blade experience, Liam specializes with larger swords. However, he isn't afraid, nor is he unskilled with smaller blades.
  • Skilled Rifle Specialist: Honing his aim, Liam has become an expert with rifles, skilled in melee range especially. He has increased his skill especially over the last ten years, allowing him to use two rifles easily in battle.
  • Exceptional Strength: Because of his status as a Vayash Moru, Liam has incredible strength; much more than any mortal man. He uses this strength in addition to his techniques allowing for a unique style of fighting.
  • Exceptional Agility: While not as fast as some, his agility allows him incredible movement in battle.
  • Great Spiritual Energy: Liam has a formidable amount of spiritual power, enough to remain in battle for great lengths of time. He is not against using bursts of reiatsu to attract an enemy to him and has been seen doing so on a few separate occasions.
  • Skilled Magic User: While not relying heavily on it, Liam is a versed mage, allowing him to use spells in difficult situations.


Paladin (100), Soul Linker (100), Warrior (50), Red Mage (50), Gunner (43), Marksman (50)
  • Tertiary Classes
White Mage (50), Monk (50), Thief (50)

Elemental Preferences

  • Lightning
  • Holy

Combat Attributes



Additional Capabilities

Liam doesn’t generally rely on the special abilities that he has, choosing to use the weapons on hand. However, he does have a powerful arsenal of other special abilities should he choose to use them. Sometimes as desperation moves, but he is not above a bit of showing off when he feels it is appropriate.

  • Desperado: Liam jumps into the air and unleashes the fury with two pulse rifles. Normally using a rope or chain, he is also known to use higher ground to pull off a similar ability depending on the circumstances.
  • Inverse: An enemy is covered in white energy which will explode moments later.
  • Kyuuten no Kanshiki: Liam causes a gate to appear above the enemy targets. The gate is locked, however, moments after appearing; the lock itself breaks and sends a supernova of light towards all enemy targets. After that, Liam will grab an enemy target, tossing them at the gate, which causes it to shatter, the fragments exploding as they hit the ground. One of his most powerful attacks; and because of that Liam doesn't use it often.
  • Spire: Liam slams a blade into an enemy target and casts Thundara on the blade.
  • Swords of Heaven: Both swords act as wings and lift Liam in the air where he slices through the air creating shockwaves capable of hitting single or multiple targets.


After his adventures in the Soul Plane, Liam was gifted with a Diviner by the name of Peacemaker. The Diviner takes the form of a claymore. Since receiving the blade, he has released both its Shikai and Bankai abilities.

  • Shikai: Peacemaker glows bright blue. It is activated by the command "mediate" (kaisuru).
Shikai Special Ability: In its initial release, Peacemaker, upon striking an enemy, dispels any Enchantments. Whenever it removes an Enchantment in this way, it converts that Enchantment into magic damage that cuts into the target, burning away Mana.
  • Bankai: Named Hagemu Peacemaker (Zealous Peacemaker). Its release command is "bring about justice" (motarasu koumeiseidai). Peacemaker becomes a solid black double weapon, a glowing-blue dual-bladed ax on each end. In addition, it can split into three sections, connected by a lengthy chain. Liam gains a set of form-fitting black armor and matching cloak in this form.
Bankai Special Ability: In its final release, when split into three sections, the command "judge" (hanji) causes the axes to glow with greater intensity and the chain to lengthen, allowing for inward cleaves with enough force to cut through even full plate with fair ease. It also allows for ranged sweeping strikes.

The Scourge of Dollet

Main Article: Cencididore Ancules

Though sealed with the Grand Council's power, the plague that once terrorized the Dollet Dukedom for so many years is never to be dismissed as fallacy . While the Scourge is immediately rejected by both Liam's Diviner and previously the Atma Weapon, he is a force to never be taken lightly. Through sheer force of will, he is able to summon his own diviner to his side. His speed is second to none in the Mortal Plane and his agility allows him to dodge around attacks that others may not. His strength is wicked, easily able to tear into unsuspecting opponents. His sadism is legendary, only tempered by his unerring logical process.

Combined, these two traits will break even the strongest willed opponents into quivering wrecks under his constant torment.

Overdrives / Limit Breaks


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