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Rachel Lynn Colleigh
Alpha 06
CH8r Rachel Colleigh.jpg
Rachel in one of the Night Rider transports.
Character Profile
DOB: August 19, 2131
Age: 21
Race: Hume
Gender: Male
Profession: Monk
Theme: Army Girl (Cammy Stage)
Artist: Malcos, Red Tailed Fox
Garden Profile
Garden Attended: Esthar Garden
SeeD ID Number: 50199
Highest Rank: CH8r SpecOps Ensign.jpg
Special Operations
Merit Awards: Induction into SeeD (Balamb
Transfer to Esthar
Induction into Special
Additional Information
Birth Realm: Eighth Realm
Rank(s): CH8r Scientia Inquisitor.jpg
Inquisitor (?), Scientia
Story Appearances

Rachel Colleigh is member of Esthar Garden's Night Riders, a minor character in the Clouded Horizons series.

Personnel Information


"I graduated fourth in my class. I've driven cars in every major town on the Galbadia continent. I've gotten my way out of a few close calls with the military because of a few... questionable deals I was involved in. They have never ever once caught me. Know why?
"Why is that?"
"Because I'm that fast. I outdrove Instructor Bayloh back at Balamb Garden and trust me when I say that's no small feat. You need someone who can get your team in and out of any situation. You need someone who can drive and fly faster than anyone else, and is willing to take chances because they know they can make those chances pay off. You need me."
"You're cocky."
"I'll start Monday.
―An exchange between Rachel and Alexander Munro upon his interviewing of her for the Special Operations program

Rachel was born in a small outlying suburb of the Esthar capital in the years after Sorceress Adel. In a nation that was high technology despite the cruel dictator that had ruled over them, Rachel was found to thrive in the vehicles that were being developed; even at a young age her parents would often allow her to drive the country roads and back streets while they rode next to her.

As she grew, her parents allowed her more and more freedom to explore her first true love; vehicles and everything about them. Under her father's watchful eye, she maintained the family's two vehicles, but soon it was discovered that she was the one keeping the eye on him. He found a short time later that his time would better be used reading the paper then getting in young Rachel's way.

Her seemingly unlimited knowledge of cars opened a vast world of possibilities to her, and yet she found herself attracted to the idea of a fairly new mercenary academy that had opened on the island of Balamb. With a little bit of pleading with her parents, she found herself standing on the front gates of Balamb Garden.

Within hours, she had received her first demerit. However, when one of Balamb Garden's new instructors, Liam Bayloh realized that his priceless vehicle was now getting much better gas mileage than it had been previously, he removed the demerit, instead giving her a commendation, as well as put her on the fast track for SeeD.

During her time as a cadet, she assisted in the vehicle garage, making adjustments to the standard Garden transports. During her off time, she began helping Instructor Bayloh make adjustments to his car to better suit the driving style that he had. Her finest achievement came just hours before her field exam; with technology that she had seen specifications for while in Esthar, she assisted in modifying his car to be a multi-terrain vehicle.

Using technology that she had heavily modified and with Liam's permission, she began to make extensive modifications to the undercarriage and the components of the car. Using the same scientific principles behind water effects which allowed birds to walk and stand on water, Rachel developed a system that allowed his car to easily change from a ground vehicle to a vehicle that would coast inches above the water.

Grades in the top four of her class and a good performance on her field exam saw her graduate the day after one of her finest inventions was tested on the waters just miles from Garden. In payment, though she did not ask for any monetary reward from the now former Instructor, she did request his assistance in purchasing a vehicle. Liam complied, assisting her in purchasing a vehicle, which they took to the streets and fields in their own version of off-road street racing.

As she continued a career in SeeD, she was found to have an knack for picking up information that she wasn't necessarily supposed to have access to. Because of this, she was approached by Headmaster Kramer to take an active role in the AVATAR program that he was setting up to handle Intelligence that came through Garden. She rejected the offer, however, continuing to transport SeeD in the field and undertake missions.

After the Sorceress Conflict, she transferred with a group of SeeD from Balamb to-then Galbadia Garden. While she was there, she continued to prove herself heads and tails above others when it came to getting teams in and out of any situation they found themselves in. Her vehicles were meticulously maintained, and while others didn't always see her point of view, none could deny her ability when it came to driving and maintaining the equipment that she drove.

Because of this unusual tenacity, she was approached by Colonel Alexander Munro to join the Special Operations program that he was setting up at the behest of Garden Master Martine. With a the stipulation in place that she would hand pick anyone who would do any work on any of the Special Operations vehicles, she became the transporter for Alpha Squad of the Night Riders.

During her time at Garden, she has made friends inside of Garden that she maintains close relationships with. However, most interestingly, she has befriended the adopted daughter of her former instructor at Balamb, Maya D'Angelo.


"There's no way that I'd let you have a rematch."
"You're afraid you got lucky, aren't ya?"
"No, I'd hate to damage your pride further, Instructor.
―An exchange between Rachel and Liam Bayloh after an unauthorized street race outside of Balamb Garden

Proud and strong, Rachel's accomplishments might seem meager to most enrolled in Garden. But she is pleased with every ounce of success that she has earned. She's cocky, but only when she feels she deserves to be. She's protective of her team when they're in her sight, and she's protective of the equipment she uses and the vehicles she drives. (She's even named every Special Operations vehicle at Esthar Garden.)

Combat Information

"This'll come out of your pay; I'll make sure of it! "
―Rachel after knocking down Carlos Milagros after he scratched one of the Special Operations vehicles


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