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Vector Industries, L.L.C. (VEC)
CH8r Vector Industries.jpg
The Vector Industries Swoosh
Company Profile
Year Founded: 2147
Company Head: Arthur Wilhelm
Products Offered: Weaponry, Defensive Outfitting,
Consumer Electronics

Vector Industries (Estharian Stock Market: VEC) is a company that was founded by Arthur Wilhelm in January of 2147. The company is primarily a technological research and development firm. The products that they produce include but are not limited to consumer weaponry and defense outfitting, home electronics, vehicle global positioning devices and medical technology.

Vector has multiple campuses that are located throughout Esthar, though they provide technology throughout the world through multiple contracts.


Founded in 2147 primarily as an energy-based weapons dealer to counteract the vast success of overseas weapons manufacturer Videlic Arms. While critics said that the fledgling company based in a country of high technology would not have much success, it was soon proven wrong. Within six months, it had gone from a small manufacturing plant to showing quarterly profits in the tens of thousands of Gil; a huge showing for such a infant company.

Soon, profits allowed the expansion of the company, which now employed three divisions as well as a oversight division for all three. Universities and schools were scouted across the Estharian nation and the world looking for the best and the brightest students to hire for research and development. In addition, rigorous searching brought up three young inventors to head up the First, Second, and Third Divisions.

Within the first year and a half, now with a full arsenal of employees, contracts and investors, Vector Industries expanded their focus from weapons to include consumer electronics which upped their profit margin very quickly. While making sure not to push too many buttons and cause any real company conflicts with the products that they were producing, Vector continued to produce high quality weapons in a attempt to continue to push the bar on what was expected in advanced weaponry and defensive outfitting.

On the third anniversary of the opening of the company, a press release from the (mostly silent) President's office of Vector informed the world that Vector would be showing its first philanthropic act; working with hospitals in and out of Esthar to ensure that they were able to provide the best of medical care, while being able to charge the patient significantly less, which led to a greater amount of free services for minor treatments.

In addition to standing as a beacon of achievement in technology, Vector encouraged this growth in upcoming students, by beginning a program to provide ten scholarships every year for those looking to work at Vector at the conclusion of their education.

At this bright time in Vector's growth, major changes occurred in the structure of the divisions. Third Division, previously handling all development was now tasked with handling the experimental end of things; mainly in defense outfitting. In addition, while no longer a primary concern, this division would still manage the production of the various consumer electronics that Vector would continue to produce. Second Division would now handle all weapon development and production, whether it was on new weapon creation, or manufacture of already patented weaponry.

The changes made to First Division were the most drastic, however. The division which previously handled all of the experimental designs now handled by the other two divisions was now the highest security division tasked with contract creations; where companies or individuals would come to Vector looking for a product that had specifications outside of the norm. Within months, this division was working on small projects for people across the world who could not get the product they needed from anyone else.

In addition to these divisional changes, security forces were hired and went through a rigorous training course provided by Galbadia Garden. While these forces would have no say in the day-to-day operations of the divisions, they would help keep the campuses safe, as well as Vector's proprietary information in. Wilhelm hired the finest to head up this division and decided on former Estharian Presidential Guard officer Sarek Matthews. Soon after getting the security division set up, Sarek Matthews quit, and was replaced by another former Guard member, Hikari Tanaka.

To help keep his company functioning smoothly, Wilhelm put together a company board. The individuals on this board made sure that the company continued operations normally while ensuring that the President was able to continue looking forward, making decisions that would allow the company become even more profitable in the future.

Critics of Vector's strategies have tried to track down the key to Vector's success. However, investigations that have been run on the company financials have found no wrongdoing on the part of any member of the company.

Ranking Structure

Development Divisions

Security Officer

The lowest rank of each of the divisions, the Security Officer oversees the various functions of keeping the Vector Industries employees, campuses and inner-company data secure.

Security Officer, First Division.
Security Officer, Second Division.
Security Officer, Third Division.

Research Analyst

While the responsibilities of this position in each division differ slightly, the people in this field generally research the products being produced in their division and find the best way to construct them through materials and construction. In addition, they draw up the blueprints for any new models and have them approved by both the engineer and the developer assigned to them.

Research Analyst, First Division.
Research Analyst, Second Division.
Research Analyst, Third Division.


While differing slightly between divisions, the engineers construct the products themselves after receiving the plans from the research analysts. They consult with the developer assigned to them to go over specific product goals for whatever line they may currently be working on, as well as tweaking any plans that have been drawn up by the research analyst.

Engineer, First Division.
Engineer, Second Division.
Engineer, Third Division.


The developers are often considered the project heads. Acting as a liaison between the development teams and the Assistant Division Head, they bring about hourly reports to the ADH, as well as making sure that their team has what they need to succeed.

Developer, First Division.
Developer, Second Division.
Developer, Third Division.

Assistant Division Head

The Assistant Division Head acts as a supervisor of all projects in place. As the division second in command, he or she handles the major details which make the division run better as a whole. He or she is also responsible for gathering supply reports and submitting them to the Division Head as well as dealing with employee disputes.

Assistant Division Head, First Division.
Assistant Division Head, Second Division.
Assistant Division Head, Third Division.

Division Head

The Division Head is the leader of the division. Handling expense reports, submitting supply requests, division competency exams, as well handling the majority of hiring and firing are just a few things that the Division Head deals with on a day to day basis. Second and Third division answer directly to the Executive Board, while First Division answers directly to the President himself, because of the contractual nature of all of their projects. In addition, unlike the two other division heads, First Division's head also has supervisory abilities over the other two divisions and can requisition supplies and employees if necessary.

Division Head, First Division.
Division Head, Second Division.
Division Head, Third Division.

Executive Board

Head of Company Security

Overseeing all of the security officers in the company, the Head of Company Security has access to all three divisions. This position entails setting up perimeter schedules, screening of potential security candidates as well as doing background checks on all new employees. In addition, this person must also maintain the security camera network, as well as the company data mainframes.

Vector's Head of Company Security is currently Hikari Tanaka.

Head Of Company Security, Executive Board.

General Division Manager

The General Division Manager oversees all three research and development divisions. This includes but is not limited to going over the expenditure reports from time to time as well as negotiating contracts for each of the divisions. In addition, the GDM has annual meetings with each of the Division Heads to determine which product lines should continue to be produced, discontinued or modified for demand.

General Division Manager, Executive Board.

Public Relations Liason

The Public Relations liaison handles all public releases from Vector Industries. In addition, he or she is most often the one who will make recorded public statements representing Vector.

Public Relations Liason, Executive Board.

Presidential Security

The Presidential Security team ensures the safety of the President on and off campus. They report directly to the Presidential Aide, and must be given warning at any time when the President is planning on travelling so that preparations may be made to ensure his or her safety.

Presidential Security, Executive Board.

Presidential Aide

The Presidential Aide is often the voice of the President. Whenever the President makes a decision, he will often pass it through his aide. Because of this, the Presidential Aide is often considered the second in command of the company. He or she is also in charge of the Presidential Security force.

Presidential Aide, Executive Board.

Company President

The Company President handles the global affairs of the company. In large scale contract negotiations, he or she is usually the face that represents the company and its best interests. Everything that doesn't fall under someone else's jurisdiction is handled by the President's office.

Company President, Executive Board.

Production Divisions

Vector Industries primarily focuses on weaponry and defensive outfitting. However, the company does also have a focus on consumer grade electronics such as computers and various other daily use items.

First Research & Development

First R&D develops devices, weapon or otherwise, specifically to fulfill contractual obligations as acquired by the company. As such, no expense is too great for the division, and it boasts the highest expenditures of the company. The experimental information, as well as the employees who work in this division are given security level purple; the highest division-grade security clearance. No information leaves the division without the express permission of the Division Head.

First Division's Head is currently Aiva Furello.

Second Research & Development

Second R&D produces energy based weaponry to be sold through government contracts. This division covers every aspect of that design, through ammunition, weapon frame, range testing, even the holstering system that would carry the weapon. Every weapon goes through a complete quality assurance testing process when complete to ensure that no weapon leaves defective. All employees and information are given security level red, the second highest division-grade security clearance.

Second Division's Head is currently Miyuki Itsumi.

Third Research & Development

Third R&D handles the defensive outfit production for Vector Industries as well as other experimental design that doesn't necessarily fit anywhere else in the company. Many products from this division are tested with company employees, such as the NILSC armor. As with second division, everything leaving this division is given the highest level of quality assurance testing to ensure that products leaving the building are of the highest quality. All employees and information are given security level green, the lowest division-grade security clearance.

Third Division's Head is currently Toia Midori.

Executive Board

In charge of the the company's daily operations, the Executive Board handles everything that the divisions do not. The Second and Third division heads report directly to the board, while First Division's head reports directly to the President himself.

Currently, the company President is Arthur Wilhelm.

Other Divisions

While technically classified under their assigned divisions, there are a number of showrooms owned by Vector Industries throughout the capital city of Esthar. Each of these are set up to showcase the various products offered by Vector in an attempt to boost their already impressive level of quarterly sales.

In addition, Vector also has a small over the phone as well as internet customer marketing division. This division handles customers making orders directly from the company, and submits those orders to the division necessary to fulfill the customer's need.

Supervision of these outlets is handled by the General Division Manager and the R&D Division Heads.

Product Distribution

Currently, Vector sells products through a number of secondary distribution centers which in turn ship those products to marketplaces around the world. This accounts for 65% of their earnings throughout the year. In addition, Vector has a number in which consumers can contact the marketing division which deals with phone and internet sales, which accounts for the other 35% of sales that company reports.

Employee Compensation Packages

As of 2150, all employees were paid 200 gil above the national average for Esthar per-hour. As part of the roving employee benefits program that Vector advertises, all employees have one week sick time and two weeks vacation time offered after six months of employment. Transportation is offered in conjunction with the Esthar Transport Authority for those who require it. Finally, all employees are given a generous retirement account at the start of their third year of employment.

When hired, employees are often given a sign-on bonus, based on what division they will be working in.


Vector Industries currently has a number of contracts running throughout the world.

  • First Division currently has a high level contract to construct a Combat Gynoid for an unknown buyer.
  • Second Division currently has no standing contracts, but Vector is currently in negotiations with the Commonwealth to begin supplying weapons for the military.
  • Third Division, in keeping with the philanthropic nature that the President has tried to keep on the forefront of the company has a current on-call contract. As able, representatives go to different medical facilities throughout the world and work to make the equipment they have more efficient. In addition they also have the ability to replace equipment as necessary, and Vector will cover the costs.


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