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This page lists information about the Third Realm in the Clouded Horizons universe.

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The Third Realm, Authored by a being named Rashiel, is a generally peaceful and technologically-advanced realm with one major exception - the world of Erana. Ringed by two mineral and resource-rich moons, Selket and Shara, the world followed suit in the peace and prosperity of the other worlds within the realm up until the year 2359. Disputes between two kingdoms on opposite sides of the continent of Enari - the kingdoms of Ber Kahan and Sylveren - led to a war that spanned the entire continent and decimated the productivity and stability of the entire continent for over twenty years. Finally, in the year 2380, Ber Kahan's scientific minds finished development of an advanced weapon that had been in construction for over fifteen years - a massive orbital cannon code-named "Halcyon." The weapon was sabotaged by defectors within their ranks, however, and went wildly out of control upon the first use, being fired and maintained at a much higher level of power than they had intended. As a result, the weapon left a massive area of scorched and cracked earth in its wake that spanned over ten thousand square miles. The war between the two kingdoms ended mere weeks after the weapon's use, with both sides realizing just what their careless hands and rampant hate had wrought. The massive desert that was created by Halcyon's use became known as Ramiel's Path, named for an exceptionally skilled and powerful Planeswalker from the 8th century of Erana's history.


The society of Erana and its moons is upheld by two things - devout faith in the gods, and devout faith in their technology. Almost from birth, Eranians begin studying the ways of mechanics and machinery, with those who cannot master such tenets either shunned within society, or cast out altogether. Eranians believe that their great skill with machinery and technology comes from the trace amounts of metal in their blood, giving it the dark red coloration it has. To this end, individuals unskilled with technology are often given the name "Whiteblood," derived from a belief that their blood lacks the minerals others have and is therefore colored "white." If they are exiled, they are then known as "Whitened," and are treated as loathsome savages by society.

Others still focus on religion, spreading the word of the gods and their message throughout the countries and continents of the world. Particularly skillful individuals within the technological focus of Eranian society are held in the same regards as saints, given great honor and bountiful rewards in exchange for their service. Many, blinded by the political and social power that this gives them, become increasingly arrogant and reclusive, some even feeling that they are descendants of the gods themselves.


Eranian technology is comparatively more advanced than some other realms, such as the Sixth Realm or Ninth Realm. Interplanetary travel is nearly as common as normal, planetary means of travel, with the ability to transport goods between Erana and its moons allowing the society to flourish economically. Hyperspace travel, however, is still in the early stages, and is extremely costly both for researchers and travelers. At the present time, it is still considered inefficient by the vast majority of the populace and the Artificer. Satellites, orbital stations, defense platforms, and a space fleet have all been set in place, largely under the heading and direction of Eranian military officials, specifically the Eranian Space Defense Force and Interplanetary Peacekeeping Force.


Eranian religion is similar in overall structure to the beliefs of Christianity from the Outer Realm's planet of Earth. The vast majority of Ferian and Roshal people hold monotheistic beliefs with Rashiel as the sole god of their existence, but others hold varied beliefs ranging from the idea that Rashiel is but one god among many and simply the most prominent in their lives, to the idea that Rashiel is not truly a god at all, but some other form of being. The religion also holds belief in the idea of a paradise-esque afterlife for the most exemplary, life-changing individuals, known as Orikan, while an equal and opposite afterlife for exceptionally cruel or sadistic individuals exists in the form of Kijnar. The 'middle ground' of sorts, for those who have neither lived with exceptionally good or bad qualities, is known as Terevar.


Magic on the world of Erana is not what most would consider true "magic," in a sense; rather, it is more of an application of science than anything. There is a functional language of magical knowledge, passed down over time through generations from the first Planeswalkers of Rashiel, that allows those capable in the art to manipulate reality directly through application of their will. "Spells" are created by combining different pieces of this language, with the "caster's" will used to shape the effect as they truly intend. The words themselves are no more than an activation of the technique, it is the speaker who truly determines the magnitude and the direction of the effect. In this way, those trained in this "functional magic" must be of sound mind and body, ensuring that undue emotions do not affect what they do when utilizing this language.


The continent of Enari holds multiple kingdoms, the largest of those being the kingdom of Ber Kahan, which spans approximately 60% of the continent and the populace thereof. It is ruled over by a single Emperor, presently Trinian Doreden, who keeps order between the many different nations under the kingdom's banner. He has three primary advisers, those being the current Artificer, or head of technological affairs; Cardinal, or head of religious affairs; and the Commissar, the head of military affairs. There is also a general ruling body, comprised of high-ranking officials of all three branches, which is known as the Conclave.

On the opposite side of the continent lies the kingdom of Sylveren, a dictatorship that spans nearly all of the remainder of the continent's land. Similarly to Ber Kahan, it is ruled by a single leader known as the Primarch. They currently hold a peace treaty with the kingdom of Ber Kahan, and relations have steadily improved since Trinian Doreden became Emperor of Ber Kahan.


The Eranian calendar is a bit longer than that of other realms, with a single Eranian year comprised of 15 months with 29 days each, giving the year a total of 435 days. The first four months of the year are typically of average and comfortable temperature, with the following five months showing greater heat and often less rain and humidity. The next two months show a temperature change that drifts back to the level of the first three months, along with a great increase in humidity and rainfall more often than not, while the last four months giving a great decrease in temperature and only a mild decrease in humidity, often leading to thick snowfalls for those areas cold enough to have it accumulate.

Star System

There are several different star systems in the Third Realm, among them the Culvar system. It contains several different planets and moons, with the greatest populations among these belonging to Erana and its twin moons. The system is also home to many smaller asteroids, though it is believed that none of these are inhabited.


Main Article: Erana

Erana is the primary planet in the Culvar system, and is comparable in size - though slightly larger - than the Earth of the First Realm. Its size gives it a gravity roughly the same as found on Earth. Geologically, the planet is very diverse, with a wide amount of plants, animals, and minerals being found on its surface. Plains, mountains, forests, and water sources are all found in abundance, with two major oceans crossing the globe - the Elgaren Ocean and the Crisalic Ocean.


Main Article: Selket

Selket is the larger of the moons orbiting Erana, being around 75% the size of Erana itself. It has lighter gravity than Erana, and is very different geologically. The moon's surface consists mainly of mountains, water, and ice, with little true plains upon which to settle or build. There are many islands on the planet's surface; most of those in the northern hemisphere are little more than floating glaciers or chunks of frozen land, but those in the southern hemisphere are more hospitable to life and are the source of most of the Undine colonies on the planet.


Main Article: Shara

Shara is the smaller of the moons orbiting Erana, being just less than half the size of Erana itself. Its gravity is weak, around a third of that on Erana, and its terrain is likely the harshest of the three planetoids in the system. The entire surface is full of hills, deep valleys, and stubby, craggy mountains, containing only comparatively small deposits of water. The overall climate is hotter than that of Erana and Selket, and volcanoes are also present on the moon. However, the rocky composition of the planet makes it the primary source of minerals and metal ores, with great deposits of iron, copper, nickel, cobalt, zinc, magnesium, and aluminum ores across the planet.


Racial Diversity

The racial diversity of Erana and its moons is fairly varied, as each planet has a distinctly different climate and composition that makes certain races thrive easier than others.

  • Erana is roughly 30% Ferian, 30% Roshal, 20% Undine, and 20% Prateri. It is the most balanced of the three, owing to its mixed planetary composition and gradually-shifting climate patterns.
  • Selket is roughly 20% Ferian, 45% Roshal, 20% Undine, and 15% Prateri. The Roshal thrive on the larger moon of Erana, largely due to the abundance of mountainous terrain and water which the hardier race is well-accustomed to. Undine are more scarce here than on Erana due to the lesser stores of water and somewhat colder weather, but still comprise a respectable portion of the populace. Mountain-dwelling Prateri also live here, nearly in equal numbers with their Ferian kin.
  • Shara is roughly 45% Ferian, 45% Roshal, 5% Undine, and 5% Prateri. Both the Ferians and the Roshal are capable of surviving here amongst the rocky, hill-covered moon, but the severe lack of water in the environment and hotter climate means that the Undine are extremely few and far-between, mostly subsiding in a handful of places where water springs are drawn to the surface from below. Prateri are nearly as scarce, with the hotter climate greatly inhibiting their ability to survive due to their biology.


Main Article: Ferian

The Ferians are one of the two human-like races that inhabit Erana and its moons, along with the Roshal. Of the two, they are the smaller in stature, of average human height and build for both genders. Skin tones and hair colors vary greatly among the Ferians, with lighter skin tones and darker hair colors being slightly more predominant among the greater part of organized society. They have a longevity comparable to humans as well, with around eighty years being the average lifespan.


Main Article: Roshal

The Roshal are the other human-like race that inhabit Erana and its moons. They are a burly, tough-skinned race, with the average Roshal standing up to several inches taller than the average Ferian and having a larger build as well. Six feet is the average height for both male and female Roshal, and both have much darker skin tones than the Ferians - light skin, for a Roshal, is a mark of great peculiarity. The Roshal have a slightly shorter lifespan than the Ferians, with around sixty-five to seventy years serving as the average age, and eighty (compared to Ferians) resulting in the individual being considered a high elder.


Main Article: Undine

The Undine are best described as "merfolk," pale, bipedal creatures with long hair and vaguely human features. They are around the same stature as Ferians, though somewhat on the shorter side, and they are much more physically frail in appearance than both of the other humanoid races. They have the capability to breathe underwater as well as on land, with Undine colonies often featuring a mix of above and below-water constructs. They live the longest of the races on Erana, with Undine lifespans stretching easily to a hundred years or more, sometimes reaching a hundred and fifty in certain cases.


Main Article: Prateri

The Prateri are a race of forest and mountain-dwelling, bipedal creatures with features resembling cats. They have cat-like ears, furry bodies, and a long tail that forks into two different pieces around halfway down, and stand roughly the same height as an average Ferian or Undine. Mountain-dwelling Prateri - the Prateri Murva - are often larger and stronger, but less agile, than their forest-dwelling kin, the Prateri Trova. They are intelligent beings and skilled hunters, also capable of human speech with a guttural, growling tone, and are often seen as merchants of food, furs, or mineral ores, in the case of the Prateri Murva. Despite the physical differences, both sects follow a similar style of 'government,' with each sect being organized into a rather barbaric matriarchy. The Prateri are the shortest-lived of all the races, with the average Prateri only living to around fifty years of age; however, the greater likelihood of multiple births that the race shares has kept it from dwindling significantly over time.


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