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A Diviner is a sacred, Ethereal weapon used almost exclusively by Malakh. It was a widespread weapon, as well as a rite of passage, for Malakh until the Harrowing took place. Most of these weapons were destroyed with their wielder in combat, and the process of creating one was thought to be lost until the Order of Grim Angels was rebuilt.


Each Diviner takes the form of the weapon the user has either the most preference for when created or the most affinity with if there is no preference; some will be swords, and will then differentiate between specific types of swords, for example. Under this ordinary exterior, however, lies a sentient spirit. This spirit supplements and enhances the user's power, can open, repair, and close holes used to travel between planes or Realms, and even transform itself into more elaborate and powerful forms. While seemingly similar on the outside, all Diviners have unique (though sometimes similar) abilities that usually compliment their owner's personality.

The process of creating a Diviner is a drawn-out affair, requiring intense concentration and focus, as it requires the user to physically extract a portion of their own soul. The user then creates a circuit of spiritual energy between themselves and the extracted soul, maintaining it while the soul matures, taking on its weapon form. This can take days and is highly exhausting, but the end result is a Diviner that is an extension of its creator as it is alive in its own right. Although rare, Diviners can be used by those other than the creator, but the more different from the original creator the new user is, the more difficulty they will have working with the Diviner, to the point where it's possible for each to damage the power of the other.

Diviners, being sentient beings, are a Malakh's partner in battle and cannot be replaced (and since most Malakh were members of the Order of Grim Angels, the Diviner has become a symbol of the Order). Because they are alive, a Diviner will regenerate if broken, though there is a limit to such regeneration (a vaporized Diviner would not regenerate, for example). As a Malakh gains power, their Diviner can change form by allowing the inner being to manifest itself to a greater degree in the outside world. The weapon and the inner being are synonymous to each other.


Beyond their standard sealed state, Diviners can manifest themselves in two additional forms, the use of which is dependent upon the Malakh's ability to communicate with and control the Diviner's spirit. These two forms, known as the initial release (Shikai in the Angelic tongue) and the final release (Bankai), are akin to "upgrades" for the Diviner, giving it abilities far beyond that of its basic use. Malakh usually carry their Diviners in the sealed state and activate the released forms as necessary.

In addition to the upgraded forms, the sealed form of a Diviner can also be radically altered, though such alterations are purely cosmetic and usually don't offer any significant advantage in battle. For example, Malakh who are unable to control their own magical or spiritual power have larger sealed Diviners. It was explained before the Great War by Etchel Beoulve that Malakh must be capable of maintaining and suppressing the size of their weapon; otherwise, they would end up swinging around swords the size of skyscrapers. Diviners can also be disguised as other objects, though such objects seem to need to be of similar proportions to the weapon itself.

Initial Release

The initial release is the first "upgraded" form available to a Diviner. To activate it, the Malakh needs to learn the name of their Diviner. This is not as simple as simply picking a name, as the living spirit of the Diviner chooses its own name. Therefore, the Malakh must be able to communicate with their Diviner effectively. Achievement of the initial release is a mark of expert control and is a requirement for advancement within the Order of Grim Angels, as most seated officers and all vice-captains (also referred to as lieutenants or adjutants) are capable of the initial release.

After first learning the Diviner's name, the initial release can be performed at will simply by speaking a command followed by the Diviner's name. The command phrase varies between users and often relates to the Diviner's signature ability, or hints at the nature of its spirit. This step may be bypassed by expert Malakh, usually those who are at least approaching discovery of their final release. In rare cases, a Diviner, once released, will remain in that state and will not have a sealed state. Such Diviners are described as a full-time released form type.

Once the initial release is activated, the Diviner will change form to access whatever special abilities it is capable of. They usually retain the shape of their original form, but this can differ radically among various Diviners. The special abilities have specific names that usually must be announced to fully activate the effect. As explained by Ledah Rozwelli prior to the Great War, knowing the name of an attack and not knowing it makes a difference in the amount of power that attack will have.

Final Release

The final release is the second and final form of a Diviner. To perform it, a Malakh must be able to materialize their Diviner's spirit in the real world and subjugate it, giving full reign over its power. Because such an act usually takes hundreds of years of combat experience to achieve, it is a requirement to achieve captaincy and above within the Order of Grim Angels.

After a Malakh is able to materialize and subjugate their Diviner's spirit, their Diviner can assume its final and most powerful form. Unlike the initial release, there is often no command phrase to activate the final release, though the user will usually say "final release" in the Angelic tongue beforehand. The final release is often a manifestation of the spirit itself, usually creating a massive creature or effect to aid the user in battle. Certain Malakh also change with their Diviner, gaining different clothing to fit with the form. Most final releases will also gain additional special abilities. As with the initial release, most of these abilities have an associated name. Using the final release is taxing for the wielder, and it is difficult to maintain it for long periods of time.

Arrancar Release

Arrancar, which are demons that have removed their 'essence' (the demonic equivalent of a soul) and gained Ethereal powers (specifically, those of their counterparts, Angels), have Diviners and can perform something similar to the initial release called Resurrección (Resurrection in the Demonic tongue). Unlike a Malakh's Diviner, however, an Arrancar's Diviner doesn't have a spirit. Rather, it is simply the Arrancar's demonic essence and powers sealed into sword form. By releasing their Diviner in the same manner as an Angel, an Arrancar can release their demonic and ethereal powers. No Arrancar has demonstrated any sort of additional released form beyond their Resurrección.

Because their powers are sealed in their Diviner, an Arrancar's release will usually transform some or all of their body into a demon-like form, allowing them to use their abilities freely. Arrancar normally only return to their human form when they reseal their demonic powers; doing so without resealing, though possible, is a permanent change comparable to amputating a limb. The reason Arrancar go through such trouble to seal their power is twofold: it allows them to maintain human form and conserve their power in times of inactivity.


All Diviners have a type associated with them; whether they take the form of a sword or bow, their unreleased forms represent medieval-era equipment (of both western and eastern design). They can be classified then as either melee or ranged weapons, and then further detailed based on range and design. Certain Diviners are especially attuned to the magical energy of their wielder and are both slightly different and fairly uncommon.


There are two basic divisions to melee weapons — edged weapons, of which examples include swords, spears, axes and knives, and blunt weapons, such as clubs, maces, and hammers. This is the general type of Diviner.

  • Name: Benihime (Crimson Princess)
  • Owner: Andréa Beoulve
  • Classification: Two-Handed Scythe
  • Shikai: Benihime takes the form of a large, two-handed scythe with a fine edge. The release command is currently unknown.
Shikai Special Ability: Benihime's Shikai enables the use of an additional technique.
  • Chikasumi no Ken: The user swings Benihime in an arc, sending a blisteringly fast wave of blood-red energy at their opponent.
  • Bankai: Unknown.
  • Name: Einherjar (Brave Warrior Spirit)
  • Owner: Etchel Beoulve
  • Classification:: Two-Handed Longsword
  • Shikai: Einherjar is reduced to just the hilt, the blade reformed into a crackling beam of electrical energy. It is activated by the command "unleash a fragment" (houmen ikko).
Shikai Special Ability: Einherjar is capable of unleashing powerful blasts of electrical energy, activated by the command "strike" (sutoraiku).
  • Bankai: Named Hekireki Einherjar (Thundering Brave Warrior Spirit). Einherjar becomes six blades, each similar in appearance to its initial release, but two are designed to attack, two to defend, and are controlled mentally. The remaining two are held in each hand.
Bankai Special Ability: Einherjar retains its electricity-releasing ability from its Shikai form. It is also capable of creating a powerful barrier with two or more of its blades, increased significantly in power by the number used, which is activated with the command "defend" (fusegu).
  • Name: Hyōrinmaru (Ice Ring)
  • Owner: Chieko Murakami (formerly), Benji Powell
  • Classification: Two-Handed Katana
  • Shikai: Hyōrinmaru gains a crescent-shaped blade attached to the hilt by a a chain. It is activated by the command "sit upon the frozen heavens" (sōten ni zase).
Shikai Special Ability: When Hyorinmaru is swung, a dragon-shaped flow of ice is released from the blade which is capable of flying towards and freezing whatever it impacts. The chain and crescent blade is also capable of freezing whatever it wraps around.
  • Tensou Jurin: One of Hyorinmaru's basic powers, it allows the user to control the weather in the area by controlling the water in the surrounding area and atmosphere. A stronger version of this skill may be used in Bankai.
  • Bankai: Named Daiguren Hyōrinmaru (Great Crimson Lotus Ice Ring). Ice flows onto the user's back in the form of wings and a tail. Ice claws also appear on their feet and left hand and a dragon head encases their sword arm to the fingers. Finally, three "flowers" of ice are also created behind the user with four petals each. These disappear as abilities are used, but may regenerate indefinitely if there is water in the surrounding area.
Bankai Special Ability: Hyorinmaru's Bankai enables the use of several additional techniques.
  • Ryusenka: When Hyorinmaru stabs the enemy, a large burst of ice erupts from the blade, entrapping and freezing them within. The ice, and the opponent, may then be shattered if the user is strong enough.
  • Sennen Hyoro: The user creates several large ice pillars around the enemy; when they turn the blade 90 degrees counter-clockwise, the pillars contract, trapping and crushing the enemy within them.
  • Guncho Tsurara: The user collects the water around them before swinging their blade, sending a shower of icicles at their enemy.
  • Hyoten Hyakkaso: While using Tensou Jurin, the user causes a hole in the clouds above to open, through which a large amount of snow falls down towards the enemy. If any of the snow contacts the enemy, ice flowers begin to sprout all over the enemy's body, quickly trapping and freezing them.
  • Name: Lorelei (Murmuring Rock)
  • Owner: Ledah Rozwelli
  • Classification: Two-Handed Spear
  • Shikai: Lorelei transforms into a naginata that can split into a three-section staff. It is activated by the command "split" (sansetsukon).
Shikai Special Ability: None.
  • Bankai: Named Ryūmon Lorelei (Demon Crest Murmuring Rock). Lorelei transforms into an oversized Chinese monk's spade and an equally large dadao, each connected by a large chain to an oversized halberd blade with a parallel handle forged into the blunt end and a dragon crest on one side of the blade.
Bankai Special Ability: Lorelei's Bankai becomes increasingly more powerful as time passes. Its power level is indicated by the dragon crest, which fills with red dye as Lorelei's power increases. When the design is completely filled, the full destructive force of Ledah's final release surfaces. However, the force of unleashing so much power can leave his Diviner's edge brittle.
  • Name: Peacemaker (Arbitrator)
  • Owner: Liam Bayloh
  • Classification: One-Handed Manablade
  • Shikai: Peacemaker glows bright green. It is activated by the command "mediate" (kaisuru).
Shikai Special Ability: In its initial release, Peacemaker, upon striking an enemy, dispels any Enchantments. Whenever it removes an Enchantment in this way, it converts that Enchantment into magic damage that cuts into the target, burning away Mana.
  • Bankai: Named Hagemu Peacemaker (Zealous Peacemaker). It is activated by the command "bring about justice" (motarasu koumeiseidai). Peacemaker becomes a solid black double weapon with a glowing-green axe on each end. In addition, it can split into three sections, connected by a lengthy chain. Angel gains a set of form-fitting black armor and matching cloak in this form.
Bankai Special Ability: In its final release, when split into three sections, the command "judge" (hanji) causes the axes to glow with greater intensity and the chain to lengthen, allowing for inward cleaves with enough force to cut through even full plate with fair ease. It also allows for ranged sweeping strikes.
Ryūjin Jakka
  • Name: Ryūjin Jakka (Flowing Flame Blade)
  • Owner: Dmitri Yuriev (formerly)
  • Classification: One-Handed Katana
  • Shikai: Ryūjin Jakka is consumed in flame. It is activated by the command "reduce the whole of creation to smoldering ashes" (banshō issai kaijin to nase).
Shikai Special Ability: Ryūjin Jakka creates flames so hot that the aura alone can disintegrate anything Yuriev waves the sword at. The area surrounding him is also consumed in flame.
  • Bankai: Unknown.
  • Name: Senbonzakura (A Thousand Cherry Blossoms)
  • Owner: Lukälius diVanégo
  • Classification: One-Handed Katana
  • Shikai: Senbonzakura's blade scatters into thousands of tiny blades ("petals") controlled by Lukälius. It is activated by the command "scatter" (chire).
Shikai Special Ability: Lukälius can control the blades by swinging the hilt of his sword, allowing him to attack at a distance with the scattered blades.
  • Bankai: Named Senbonzakura Kageyoshi (Vibrant Display of the Thousand Cherry Blossoms). Lukälius drops Senbonzakura, causing it to disappear into the ground. Two rows of swords then appear to either side of him and dissolve into millions of tiny controllable blades controlled.
Bankai Special Ability: Lukälius' Bankai, like his Shikai, can be controlled mentally. In addition, Senbonzakura's Bankai grants the use of several additional techniques.
  • Senkei: The glowing petals of Senbonzakura's Bankai reform into thousands of shimmering blades, aligned in four large, circular rows in a large area around Lukälius. These blades enclose the area completely and continuously move, and Lukälius may also remove any one of the blades for use in melee combat at any time.
  • Gokei: Senbonzakura Kageyoshi encircles the enemy like a cloud, compressing itself into a swirling ball of tiny blades before imploding upon the enemy with incredible force.
  • Shukei: Hakuteiken: Senbonzakura Kageyoshi compresses itself into a single, glowing white blade, drastically increasing its cutting power. The blade in this form can cause incredible injury with only a single blow.
  • Name: Skadi (Giantess)
  • Owner: Malice Ructor
  • Classification: Two-Handed Poleaxe
  • Shikai: Skadi transforms into a sword hilt with a deformed trident for a blade. It is activated by the command "rip" (kakimushire).
Shikai Special Ability: In its initial release, Skadi paralyzes opponents by cutting off the brain's signals to the arms and legs. This paralysis can't be healed and still allows the opponent to feel pain.
  • Bankai:: Named Kyousei Konjiki Skadi (Great Golden Giantess). Skadi returns to its sealed state and produces a giant caterpillar with a grotesque baby's head and a silver halo.
Bankai Special Ability: In its final release, the monster released by Skadi breathes a poisonous derivative of Malice's blood which is lethal to anyone who breathes it. Several blades can also extend from its chest, allowing it to run through and skewer opponents.
  • Name: Zabimaru (Snake Tail)
  • Owner: Celes Chere
  • Classification: Two-Handed Runesword
  • Shikai: Zabimaru transforms into a large, six-segmented blade, each segment towards the tip of the blade being larger than the one before it. It is activated by the command "howl" (hoero).
Shikai Special Ability: Zabimaru's Shikai can be extended and contracted at will, acting as a form of bladed whip. Zabimaru's Shikai also enables the use of an additional technique.
  • Higa Zekkou: Zabimaru's blade breaks up into its component segments, levitated by spiritual energy around the opponent, before smashing into the enemy all at once with crushing force. The attack, however, is damaging to the blade and leaves the user defenseless while it reforms.
  • Bankai: Unachieved.
  • Name: Zangetsu (Moon Cutter)
  • Owner: Serene Elmirae
  • Classification: Two-Handed Scythe
  • Shikai: Zangetsu takes the form of a large and elegant scythe as tall as Serene is. It has no command phrase as it is always active.
Shikai Special Ability: Zangetsu's Shikai allows the use of an extra technique.
  • Getsuga Tenshō: Serene sweeps Zangetsu's blade forward, releasing a blue-colored energy blast in the shape of a crescent.
  • Bankai: Named Tensa Zangetsu (Heavenly Chain Moon Cutter). Zangetsu takes the form of a nodachi with a black blade and a manji-shaped crossguard. When Serene uses Zangetsu's final release, she wears a black coat with a red inner-lining.
Bankai Special Ability: Zangetsu's Bankai is a compression of Serene's spiritual energy, giving her the ability to move at speeds exceeding even Shunpo. Also, in Bankai form, Zangetsu's Getsuga Tenshō blasts become black with a red outline and increase significantly in power.


Most Angels prefer melee combat weapons, thus making this type of weapon exceedingly rare, but those who do utilize them are often quite accomplished. They naturally enhance the accuracy of the wielder, which improves over time as both wielder and Diviner grow.

Neji Serimochi
  • Name: Neji Serimochi (Spiral Arch)
  • Owner: Lina U'noei
  • Classification: Two-Handed Longbow
  • Accuracy: High [A]
  • Shikai: Neji Serimochi becomes a bow made entirely out of energy particles. It is activated by the command "project" (keikaku).
Shikai Special Ability: Neji Serimochi is capable of firing blasts of magical energy at a target as well as various equipped arrows. The command "rebuke" (shisseki) launches a single, massively powerful blast of energy at a target.
  • Bankai: Unachieved.


Diviners that focus the magical powers of their wielders are rare, but powerful. These amplify their physical damage with magic-based damage, increasing their melee capability significantly. Their greatest asset, however, is improving the power of their magical spells, enhancing their effect and potency to greater heights.

Futongawa Eimin
  • Name: Futongawa Eimin (Ticking Death)
  • Owner: Haseo Misaki
  • Classification: Multi-Weapon
  • Focus Power: Medium [B]
  • Focus Type: Mind/Spirit-stat based
  • Shikai: Dependent upon the command phrase.
Shikai Special Ability: If triggered by the command "synch" (doukiwotoru), Futongawa Eimin becomes a pair of twin blades with saw-like teeth. If triggered by the command "sunder" (tachikiru), Futongawa Eimin becomes a massive two-hand broadsword, also with saw-like teeth. If triggered by the command "sweep" (soutou), Futongawa Eimin becomes a large two-hand scythe. The command "strike rapidly" (kirikaesu tomini) also allows Futongawa Eimin to deal additional damage based on the release form: if in the twin blade or broadsword form, it uses the saws to rip into an opponent. If in the scythe form, it blasts opponents with a wave of sonic energy.
  • Bankai: Unachieved.
  • Name: Kazewana (Wind Snare)
  • Owner: Kari Inihara
  • Classification: One-Handed Katana
  • Focus Power: Medium [B]
  • Focus Type: Mind-stat based
  • Shikai: Kazewana takes the form of a long chain with a crescent-shaped blade on one end and a long spike on the other. It is activated by the command "swirl" (uzu).
Shikai Special Ability: Kazewana's Shikai is capable of releasing cutting waves of Wind-elemental energy from the curved blade of the weapon.
  • Bankai: Named Kiritori Kazewana (Slicing Wind Snare). Kazewana takes the form of a long chain of magical energy connecting two identical weapons, each consisting of a circular ring upon which three long, double-edged blades are attached in a triangular pattern.
Bankai Special Ability: In its Bankai form, Kazewana retains its Shikai ability to launch blades of wind and is capable of doing so from either weapon. Kazewana's chain can also extend up to 25 meters in order to attack distant foes. When thrown, slicing wind surrounds the spinning blades to enhance the cutting ability.
  • Name: Rosier (Fallen Angel)
  • Owner: Fia Nelcas
  • Classification: One-Handed Rapier
  • Focus Power: Very High [AA]
  • Focus Type: Spirit-stat based
  • Shikai: Rosier's blade glows with a faint energy and produces several, jitte-like prongs along its length. It is activated by the command "snap" (hajike).
Shikai Special Ability: Rosier acts as a focus for Fia's magical power, concentrating it into pink-colored energy bursts capable of cratering floors and holing walls. Fia can also compress her power into a single massive energy ball.
  • Bankai: Unachieved.
  • Name: Sairensa (Silencer)
  • Owned: Saori Oshima
  • Classification: One-Handed Wakizashi
  • Focus Power: Very High [AA]
  • Focus Type: Spirit-stat based
  • Shikai: Sairensa becomes a long polearm with a curved white blade split down the center, the 'front' of which is longer than the 'back.' It is activated by the command "degrade" (ochitte).
Shikai Special Ability: Sairensa possesses the capability to drain away an opponent's Mana with each strike, replenishing Saori's own reserves. Sairensa's Shikai also enables the use of an additional technique.
  • Shinshoku Firudo (Erosion Field): Sairensa emits a field around Saori centered on her location, the area of which is determined by the amount of reishi used to create it, which weakens any form of magical attack used within it except for those used by Saori. The field is ineffective against physical attacks. A stronger version of this skill may be used in Bankai.
  • Bankai: Named Funsai Sairensa (Shattering Silencer). Sairensa's Bankai resembles its Shikai superficially, but appears to be made of a clear, crystalline material instead of metal. It features the same blade as its Shikai on either end, as well as a curved piece of crystalline material that covers the center of the polearm for approximately one foot to protect the wielder's hands. The material, while clear and fragile-looking, retains a similar strength to steel.
Bankai Special Ability: Sairensa's Bankai has the ability to burn away an opponent's Mana with each strike, gradually weakening them with every blow landed. Sairensa's Bankai also strengthens its Shinshoku Firudo ability, enabling it not just to weaken magical attacks, but to actively dissolve them within its area of effect. The speed of the spell's movement affects how much it dissolves; faster spells may only be weakened rather than dissolving due to less time within the area.
Sode no Shirayuki
  • Name: Sode no Shirayuki (Sleeve of White Snow)
  • Owner: Cierra Olivier
  • Classification: One-Handed Staff
  • Focus Power: Extremely High [A+]
  • Focus Type: Mind-stat based
  • Shikai: Sode no Shirayuki becomes completely white and a white ribbon forms from the pommel. It is activated by the command "dance" (mae).
Shikai Special Ability: Sode no Shirayuki's Shikai allows the use of three additional techniques.
  • Some no Mai: Tsukishiro: This technique creates a circle of influence around Cierra's target and freezes everything within the circle from the ground upwards until it reaches the sky.
  • Tsugi no Mai: Hakuren: Cierra touches the ground four times in front of her in a half-circle, then holds her staff out towards the enemy, creating a massive wave of ice that bursts forth towards her target.
  • San no Mai: Shirafune: This technique allows Cierra to use ice to reform her staff; this technique can complete the reforming of the staff even if an object or opponent is in the way.
  • Bankai: Unachieved.


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