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Such is the blessing and curse of any form of media, written or otherwise. With an infinite number of ideas comes an infinite number of clichés that go along with the ideas. From the wonderful site, here are examples of some of the tropes that are in Clouded Horizons, whether played straight, subverted, or otherwise.

Spoilers may be ahead. Consider yourself forewarned.

Action Girl

  • Taking the trope to its highest would be Celes Chere and Beatrix from Runic Legacy. Beatrix especially; when you can practically one-hit KO the protagonists, you've got a good thing going for you.

Age Is Relative

  • Ein is probably the glaring example here. Only 14 years old, but he's the Trabian SeeD Commander following some rather interesting incidents. Yuki's a little less this trope - she's also 14, but is only a Lieutenant.

Aloof Big Brother

  • Katanas DeValle fits this one almost perfectly. He doesn't have the bored expression, but saying that he's miles ahead of his brothers and even most of the protagonists is an understatement.

An Ice Person

  • Both Ben and Yuki are examples of this trope - Yuki's very name even means "snow."

Authority Equals Asskicking

  • Pretty much anyone at all that has a rank in anything, anywhere - no subversions here, folks. Darius DeValle Sr., Katanas DeValle, Albel Nox, Angel, and Hikari Tanaka probably play this trope straightest on the mortal side of things.

Battle Aura

  • Most all of the main characters are capable of this, but usually only when they're really fired up or about to use a Limit Break. Anyone who uses Alchemy gets a form of this, colored specifically to the type of Alchemy they're using.
    • Also, the Grim Angel captains/vice-captains and Lukälius diVanégo in the Soul Plane. Just like the Bleach Shinigami they're based off, they have the tangible version that can hurt others by merely being released.

Battle In The Center Of The Mind

  • Angel did this in order to defeat the menace of Cencididore Ancules during the Finale arc, which in turn brought about a closer relation with his Diviner.
  • Ben did this once to Manes to regain control of his body after the first time Manes emerged, at the same time as Manes was being fought in the physical world.

Beam Spam

  • Darius' Charfire attack certainly qualifies here.
  • To a lesser extent, Ben's Hailstorm skill goes for the numerous version.

Because Destiny Says So

  • This may as well be Ben's reason for existence.
  • Angel's too, on occasion.

Beware The Nice Ones

  • Ben did this once, when he found the one responsible for attacking his friends in Spira. Staying calm all the while, he proceeded to torture the person, and when that wasn't enough...he brought out Manes to finish the job.


  • Sephiroth. Enough said.
  • Cloud, or Seraphim, member of the Eighteen. Once again, enough said.

Big Damn Heroes

  • Ben and Celes were the recipients of this one while in the Ethereal Plane fighting Haseo Misaki. Just as he was about to call out for his Avatar, Skeith, Odin broke into the fight and knocked Haseo through a couple pillars to make the Vizard aware of his presence.

Bigger Stick

  • Hikari Tanaka's NILSC prototype armor stolen appropriated from Vector Industries fits the bill here. She'd have already died no less than twice without it.

Break The Cutie

  • ...Sweet fancy Moses, Carrie Tremont is this trope taken to its logical extreme. When you can say that being kidnapped around four times and having Eidolon-esque spirits implanted into the mind was the least of the things she had happen to her, that's saying something.

Calling Your Attacks

  • Once again, name a character. Chances are, they've done it at least once.
  • Subversion: Basic Alchemy skills, and most Alchemy in general, doesn't require anything to be said in order to use it.

Corrupt Corporate Executive

  • Darius DeValle Sr embodies this trope. Oh, does he ever. Zeo Conrad and Wilhelm, although the latter to a lesser extent, are also guilty of this.

Crowning Moment of Awesome

  • This one is so big, we may as well go alphabetically by character. Akira Hamada, not to mention two squads of the Presidential Guard, got theirs when they stormed a building to apprehend Geese Howard following an assassination attempt on Laguna Loire. One member of Geese's gang took a step forward after Akira said not to, and received no less than eight bullet wounds for his trouble. No one else tried to move after that.
  • Angel's Crowning Moment came during the fight to defend the Ethereal Plane, when Shawlong Qufang showed up to fight him, as well as Ben, Celes, and Ein, the former three of whom had just unlocked their Diviners' Shikai. Shawlong proceeded to take down everyone except Angel after a short fight, to which Angel promptly cut the chatter and unloaded on the Arrancar, destroying him with a combination of his Peacemaker Diviner and a pair of pulse rifles. And he wasn't even dirty afterwards.
    • Now Angel has had another - namely, achieving Bankai in the span of a few months as opposed to the usual time of over ten years, as well as killing Angelus - his dark half - in a mental duel with said Bankai.
  • Ben has had a lot of smaller moments, but his true Crowning Moment came when he took on Destine more or less alone after a power boost from Will. Say what you will, taking on a Pillar with only Rubedo Alaberti as backup is pretty impressive, and that he won, in a sense, is even more impressive.
  • Darius got his Crowning Moment in Vector Industries. Finding out his girlfriend was shot by the person standing in front of him? Rage-inducing. Shattering every electronic circuit in the building with a burst of Alchemy, after beating the offender unconscious with her own weapon? Just plain sweet.
  • Darius Sr. has has two that immediately come to mind. The fight with Arragious Nicholai on Vector Industries' space station while Hikari Tanaka's squad was rescuing Laguna Loire was short, sweet, quip-filled, and still awe-inspiring. His second moment was on Trabia's third floor, after he took on both Revolver and Katanas in a battle that could've made the third floor come down on everyone's heads. After two simultaneous Limits from both his sons to counter his own, he finally went down, but with nothing more than a couple scratches despite being unconscious.
  • Arguably, Hikari Tanaka's CMoA came during a battle at the Akatosh Chantry against the Dark Brotherhood. After being rendered unconscious for a time courtesy of a suicidal attack from one of the Brotherhood members, Nightfire showed up to defend his girlfriend, beating the offending leader of the Brotherhood handily. But when he went to finish said leader off...well, Hikari wasn't quite unconscious any more.
Hikari: When you try to kill someone, you should make sure they die.

Crowning Moment of Heartwarming

  • Just... this post. Bravo, Angel. Bravo.
" It's been far too long, but I think I should mention it. Oh, and one more thing. Spoiler alert.

I wish I could say I was irritated that it was quote "all DJ's fault" unquote. But the simple fact of the matter is I can't. That simple question led to two of the best friendships I've got in the world.

I consider myself to be a plot mover, someone who can take little things, little ideas, tiny thoughtlets and turn them into something grandiose (in my own mind). The simple fact of the matter is though, it doesn't matter how amazing the plot, how excellent the hero, how conniving the villain... it doesn't matter unless you've got the people to really make it shine. Destine wouldn't have been defeated unless it had been for Benji Powell. Hyne wouldn't have stepped down if it hadn't been for a little kid named Ein. Arragious Nicholai wouldn't have revealed his true colors without Darius Elric DeValle Sr.

If you had told me 4 1/2 years ago that I'd still be hanging around Darius (who used to have this tendancy to disappear for days/weeks at a time *cough*) and Ben, I'd say you were crazy. One of the first incidents we had was when they were RP'ing a scene, and truthfully honestly, I threw a hissy fit because I couldn't join. Yeah, grown up, I know. Simple fact of the matter is, I came back, blamed it on something else and even though there was no way they couldn't have not seen through it, they said "That's cool," and we moved on.

Insert something about a master plan here.

During this time, as Benji said, we've tried to irritate each other. A constant stream of one-ups, with my morality of not killing a character that doesn't belong to me, and not creating a no-win situation combined with Darius' ability to make a situation like that into a no-win situation that I have to adjust for, all the while Benji laughing it up because he's just watching it happen like it's a New Years celebration on crack. We've had such good times, we've RP'd seriously, and had some seriously non-serious moments that were hillarious as heck at 3am that we looked back on, and all we could say was "Really..? REALLY?!"

During all that, of course, they've seen the best and the worst of me. From me literally cursing about not being able to find bullets, to some of the worst times of my life, they've seen it all. And few woulda stuck around for it when they realized exactly how horrible of a human being I was. Smiley But, I'm glad that they did, and I'm excited to see the things that Clouded Horizons, Flex Designs, and whatever else comes off of our plates.

The metagame? Really, guys? Right-oh.

The finale sequences of Clouded Horizons are bittersweet. It'll be one of the hardest things I'll ever do to hang up Liam Bayloh for the last time, to say good bye to the DeValle family, to Esthar Garden, to Kisara (who I secretly think might be in on Katanas' plot for world domination). It'll be rough for me to finally be told that "No, Celes can't come along this time." My mind will always be wandering about trying to figure out exactly what Katanas is planning and how I need to break his plans (which actually falls into his plans. Awkward), or how to turn Hyne into the angsty sad kid we all know she is.

The simple fact of the matter is, this has been this long in my life, and it'll be difficult to see it go. But, I'm excited in the fact that we'll hit another Realm, and Benji will show us how he's been taught to shine, or Darius will divine some plot that makes me hate and appreciate all at the same time. I'm excited about new characters, because it's their time to shine.

But every now and then, I'll still hear Hyne in the back of my head (not literally, of course, I've not lost my mind yet), I'll still imagine Locke Cole stealing... something of value. Maya D'Angelo will still be super kind, hanging out in her manor waiting to shine...

So, perhaps it is all my fault. But honestly? I just don't see the issue here. Before I finish this however, I feel as though I should say just some small things.

Benji: You've been given the chance to shine, and time and time again while not being the plot person, you've given us something to work with; something that made everything inherently better. With that in mind, you should have nothing but the utmost pride in your accomplishments. Never give up on everything you want to accomplish, because your drive is taking you up, and you're headed to huge places!

Darius: As much as you may not realize it, your mind is your greatest asset. The reason you plot so eloquently is because your mind works out the minute details, where as the rest of us are just seeing the greater picture. Your thoughts on the Realms, as well as your willingness to try a different way by even such means as a roll of die shows that you are incredibly open to how things can be shaped and formed to make them not just good, but exquisite. There's nothing in this world you can't accomplish with that kind of mindset, and with it, you can and will accomplish anything.

I sincerely thank both of you. Things would be so much different, and I don't think I'd appreciate the world as much without you. Finally, I must make mention of one other person. I know, this is about us, but I don't think its fair to do it without mentioning her.

Miri: I don't know you that well yet. But the simple fact that we (as a group, I hope!) have a fan-girl is intensely ego-boosting. For the first time, we have "tangible" proof that what we're doing is making an impact on the world around us, even if it's just a small impact. I appreciate how willing you are to play around with us, and how excited you are just to watch us RP. Don't lose your enthusiasm, it's way too contagious to let die!

So, there. I hope that my mildly late (read: months late) post in here isn't too offensive or sappy.

―Posted on the original Flex Designs forums in 2009

Cute Shotaro Boy

  • Ein Beoulve is the Clouded Horizons poster-boy for this trope. Ask any of the administrators.

Death Is Cheap

  • Dmitri Yuriev. Just...Dmitri Yuriev.
  • To a lesser extent, everyone, especially Planeswalkers - revival magic and items are common in the world, and Planeswalkers have a deity behind them. Suffice it to say that if said deity wanted them alive again, not much would really stop them.


  • Ben has taken this above and beyond almost anyone else in the series. Knock him down, he'll stay down for a minute while figuring a way around what you just used, and then get up and beat you down with what he figured out. Not to mention how determined he is now to retake Trabia Garden, since the Eighteen have taken it over.
    • Subverted when Ben went after Sin, and ended up in a big crater after Sin slapped him into the ground.
  • Darius, upon finding out his former girlfriend Lindsey was still alive in the form of KOS-MOS, out-did Ben with his attempts at getting her back. He succeeded.

Diagonal Cut

  • Nightfire's Kyoumou Meibatsu Limit Break works like this, though instead of an actual Diagonal Cut as the trope implies, it's a diagonal slash that deals three types of elemental damage.

Doppleganger Spin

  • Etchel did this to Ben during his Blademaster training. Ben, in return, then made that the idea for his Shihohappo Ken skill, adding an almost ludicrous amount of throwing weapons to the mix for good measure - making it more of a Doppleganger Attack, really.
  • Naoki's Shadow Clone skill works like this, minus the spinning.

Drop The Hammer

  • Revolver DeValle hit someone during a mission to Esthar's Vector Industries with a smithing hammer. In the face. Granted, they deserved it.

Dual Wielding

  • Ben and Angel both notably do this, Ben most often with twin katanas, and Angel with dual Atma Weapons. Ben also uses a pair of wrist blades on occasion.
  • Darius' dual magnums also qualify here.
  • So do Nightfire and Yuki's twin katanas.

Dungeon Master

  • Planar leaders and Authors alike both come across as this more often than not, but each has their own reasons for interfering or not interfering besides simply being stopped by the others.

Emotionless Girl

  • Hikari Tanaka epitomized this trope the first time she was seen in the Vector Industries arc. Given who she's modeled after, however...this isn't very surprising. Partially a subversion, as she isn't always that way - that personality was more or less related to her job.
  • Lindsey Geneave, aka KOS-MOS, also fits this one to a degree.

Empathic Weapon

  • Diviners, like the Bleach zanpakuto that is their basis, are effectively a piece of the user's soul in weapon form. However, they can be transferred between users - though, how well they work depends on how much they like the user.

Epileptic Trees

  • According to one theory, Will was behind everything; this is only natural, as he is he only Pillar who is unwaveringly loyal to Freya. He's also an incredible pacifist. Taking this one step further, as Will was created by Erasmus, it is only logical that the Author is behind his actions; Will is, after all, only The Dragon. Erasmus may seem incredibly nice and calm, completely dedicated to the forces of good, but beneath his rather silly exterior, he's actually purely evil. His dedication to the cause of good is merely a ruse; the best way for evil to win is to catch good off-guard, celebrating its victory. Such a spectacular victory must, of course, make Good believe in its final victory, at which point Evil can dominate it utterly while its figurative back is turned.
    • Of course, the Authors only have half the story. Hana, the mistress of the metagame, is clearly only lending out her creations as a universal beta-test. In truth, she is involved in a Game of her own - a Meta-Metagame that runs far deeper than merely good or evil. The entire multiverse is only one of several, and is a pawn in a much, much higher-stakes game that no mortal may understand...

Executive Suite Fight

  • Darius Sr., Revolver, and Katanas had one of these that nearly leveled the whole third floor of Garden before it ended.

Flash Step

  • Again, the Grim Angels in the Soul Plane do this a lot. Ben can also do it, thanks to Etchel Beoulve. Admittedly, he was pretty fond of Haste magic and blinding speed before.

Fragile Speedster

  • It's hard to say whether Ben is this trope, a Lightning Bruiser, or a Glass Cannon now...unless it comes to magic, in which case the Fragile part of this trope is perfectly exemplified.

Giggling Villain

  • Hyne absolutely loves to do this, exclusively for the purpose of creeping out anyone she feels to need it.

Guardian Of The Multiverse

  • Authors and Planeswalkers both fall into this at varying levels. Authors protect each of the realms in the Clouded Horizons universe, while Planeswalkers are the ones who travel between them; it's implied that their actions often directly affect whether two realms continue to be at peace or go to war.

Handicapped Badass

  • Andréa Beoulve, far and away, is the biggest example here. She initially started out as a rather normal fighter, but eventually revealed that she was capable of fighting while blind as a Ritualist...and then she lost an arm, which still didn't seem to hamper her fighting much in the least.

Hime Cut

  • Chieko Murakami's hairstyle is like this.

Implausible Fencing Powers

  • Name a person with a sword in the series. Any person. Go on, I'll wait.

Improbable Aiming Skills

  • Darius is probably the biggest offender here, able to do just about anything with his pistols. If he ever has to use the rifle, watch out.
  • Angel has also demonstrated a little of this, notably using a pair of pulse rifles.
  • Ben also does this with throwing weapons, after a long period of training with them.

It's Up To You

  • Averted during the field exam - each squad, regardless of character importance, had roughly the same objectives with regards to importance.
  • Played straight later, as it really was almost solely up to Ben to take on Destine.

Jumped At The Call

  • Not only did Ben jump at the call, he's not once said "I just want to be normal." Truthfully, he can't imagine life now without having a Pillar pop by every couple hours or so.


  • An argument could be made that both Ein Beoulve and Lina U'noei are this trope, concentrated.

Lady of War

  • Word of God Darius Ben says that Freya is this trope...and there's really no reason to disbelieve it.
  • Fia Nelcas also seems to fit this trope - rapier as weapon of choice, demure and polite personality...

Lightning Bruiser

  • Albel Nox. Fastest mortal in Gaia at the present time, capable of handing you your own head on a stick in less time than it takes you to sneeze, and the General of the Sphere for Trabia Garden's military forces, which means he's more than capable of taking assaults from divisions alone and coming out on top.

Living With The Villain

  • Ben had this happen a lot. Having Darius DeValle Sr. as your Garden Headmaster doesn't do wonders for your career when he's constantly trying to get rid of you by any means necessary. He's also found himself in combat with the Senior at least twice, which is equally bad when you realize just who the Senior is.

Magnetic Hero

  • Ben definitely qualifies for this one. First it was the DeValle family and Angel. Then it was Ethereal Plane entities. Then it was Grim Angels. He seems to be good at this sort of thing.

The Mario

  • Katanas DeValle is probably one of the bigger examples of this trope. Tetsuya Kurabasa, Andréa Beoulve, and Ein Beoulve all seem to fall under this as well.

Mauve Shirt

  • The nameless receptionist at Trabia Garden eventually got a name - Rain Myers. Then she died. She got better.


  • Yuki Kurabasa is a potential case for this one. She's 14, and actually very cute, though much too shy to have much interest in relationships...yet.

The Multiverse

  • Clouded Horizons itself, naturally. Ten different realms, each with its own Author, multiple planes, and many worlds within at least one of those planes.

My Kung Fu Is Stronger Than Yours

  • Whole series, really - especially Dimensional Legend.

My Name Is Inigo Montoya

  • Ben's done this one a couple times. That is, when you can get him to stay down in the first place.

Nightmare Fuel

  • Hyne's entire existence could technically be counted, but a particular incident comes to mind.
Hyne: I would've allowed you to live, if only you hadn't been so disagreeable... Can you feel that? This- twitch -is my hand surrounding your heart. twitch I control the beat... twitch ...I control if you live...or if you die.

No One Could Survive That

  • Luca Blight played this one to the hilt. He took everything up to and including both Ben and Angel's Limits in sequence, shrugged it off, beat them down, then fought all four Knights of the Sphere at the same time, beat them down...and more or less came out without a scratch. It took some crafty planning by Katanas and Albel to stop him, and it wasn't by combat, either.

Personality Powers

  • Uriko is the biggest perpetrator for this trope. She's hot-headed, stubborn, and can be quite rude on occasion, so it's no big surprise that her primary element is fire.
  • Likewise, Yuki is calm (almost too much so sometimes) and intelligent, so her element is ice.
  • Partial subversion: Ben's Alchemy element of choice is ice, but while intelligent, for the first 3/4 of the series he had a habit of letting his temper get the best of him. This changed somewhere around the Soul Plane arc.

Place Beyond Time

  • The Ethereal Plane, Nether Plane, Soul Plane, and Hueco Mundo work somewhat like this with regards to the mortal realms like Earth, Gaia, and Spira. Time doesn't completely stop for anyone in these realms, but it moves at a drastically reduced rate. The same effect happens in ways between the mortal realms of different dimensions - a week in Earth is approximately a year in Spira, for instance.
  • The Crystal Path is also a notable exception, existing not just out of time with each realm, but all realms simultaneously.

Power Levels

  • Trabia Garden's advanced magic classes teach a form of this, involving sensing the stocked magic and magical aura of an opponent. This can even be used to identify a person, as each person has their own unique "power," and can be used for such things as teleporting to a target (for the few people who can do this) or better assessing the odds of winning a given skirmish.

Precision F Strike

  • Will is generally the nicest Pillar of Reality, always calm and polite no matter how bad the situation becomes. However, even he can be pushed too far...and if that happens, there will be no forgiveness, only a swift death.
Will: You fail to understand, so allow me to explain it to you. I'm the Pillar of the Future. No matter what happens, I exist. No matter how much you attack me, I will continue on. I am created to exist when no one else continues to. Your attack destroyed my reishi, yes. But my body no longer associates itself with that reishi. In fact, it hinders me most of the time. By destroying my reishi, you unleashed but a fragment of my power. In other words, I have nothing holding me back anymore. Now? I will fucking kill you.

Pretty Cool Guy

  • I think Clouded Horizons is a pretty cool guy. eh crosses demenshuns and doens't afriad of anythign.
    • I think Clouded Horizons is a pretty cool guy, its just as plannd and doent afraid of anething.
    • I think Clouded Horizons is a pretty cool guy. eh scresw the ruelz, has monie, and doesnt afraid of anythign.
  • I think Family Rites is a pretty cool guy. eh falls off bildings and doens't afriad of anythng.
  • I think Runic Legacy is a pretty cool guy. eh protects the prinecss and doesn't afraid of anythign.

Quirky Miniboss Squad

  • The Royal Thieves Guild. It's amazing how they manage to get along and complete jobs with how much they seem to annoy each other, really - unless it involves blowing things up.

Running Gag

  • Dmitri Yuriev's frequent evasions of death. Ben's inability to locate Angel's office. Ein's charming personality. Katanas being close to omniscient. It might be easier to list the things that did not become running gags.
  • Ssh...(person)...your head hurts. You have a headache.

Screw The Rules, I Have Money!

  • Darius DeValle Sr. epitomizes this one. So does Zeo Conrad. Unfortunately for Conrad, the Senior plays the role better.

Single Stroke Battle

  • Played straight at the end of the fight between Katanas and Albel, with the exception that Albel didn't fall. But he had the entire circular area for about 25 yards around him explode, so it counts all the same.

Squishy Wizard

  • Yuki Kurabasa, for certain. Magical attacks? Not too dangerous to her most of the time. Physical attacks? Two hits and she's out.

Suddenly Sexuality

  • Destine, who had been established to have been in a relationship with Arragious Nicholai at some point in the past, fell head over heels for Celes Chere when she showed up in Gaia.

Superpowered Evil Side

  • Manes is this to Ben, thanks to Destine's meddling earlier in the third story. Partially an aversion, as Manes is his own separate being.
    • This is almost a subversion now, as Ben is more powerful than Manes at present due to his transcendence.
  • Angelus is the same for Angel, and while he doesn't make Angel any more powerful (given that he's a vampire and all already), it does make him faster and a whole lot more sadistic to boot.

The Rival

  • For a long time, Darius seemed to be this to Ben. That spot seems to have been taken over by Saiyax Quint in the finale arc.
  • A case could be made for Fayt and Destine being this to each other, and possibly even Hyne being this to everybody.

Tournament Arc

  • The SFA Grand Championship comprising the first 12 or so chapters of Dimensional Legend fits this.

Training From Hell

  • This is half the reason Ben is so powerful. Fighting two Pillars of Reality, and later facing one of the Espada in the Nether Plane has taught him that you either learn to survive, or figure out a way to come back from the dead. Obviously, he's chosen the former every chance he's gotten.
  • A case could be argued for Etchel's training of Ben and Celes to fall under this, given that he is a former Grim Angel captain.


  • Uriko Kurabasa is oh so very much a type A. The problem is that no one's figured out exactly what she might be deredere over.

Unstoppable Rage

  • Nightfire did this one to a member of the Dark Brotherhood in Esthar, after Hikari was nearly killed by a suicidal mook.
  • Darius, with a little less self-control, would have pulled this on Hikari after she lied about killing his first girlfriend if not for Wilhelm's arrival. She didn't get away unscathed, though.
  • Ben, to a lesser extent, did this in Bevelle after Rikku was shot by one of Seymour's flunkies.

Vitriolic Best Buds

  • Not from the series proper, but from the creators - Angel, Ben, and Darius seem to be like the second type of this in 99% of the conversations they have. It's not a normal day until each of them has had at least one or two threats of death and several searing insults hurled their way...and none of them ever seem to flinch. Very much confirmed after Otakon 2009, too.
    • Sssssssssshhhhhhh... Angel... your head hurts.

The Wesley

  • Hikari Tanaka is this to Darius (admin and player both, it seems) and only to Darius. The other two administrators love her to death. There's probably a valid reason for this, given some information that changed hands in-story.


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