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This page lists information about the Tenth Realm in the Clouded Horizons universe.

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The Tenth Realm's history is marked with death and conflict of sources both magical and non-magical. As far as recorded history goes back, the Mortal Plane of the Tenth Realm has been under siege by a being known as Sin. Interspersed throughout history are periods of peace known as "the Calm" where Sin was regrowing, preparing to attack once again.

However, recent times have shown a tremendous change as Sin was defeated for good.


As far as history has recorded, the world of Spira has been centered largely around the religion of Yevon. Because of strict totalitarian regime of the Yevonite Clergy, technology diminished while racism flourished. Anyone who disagreed with Yevon's teachings were ostracized, forming their own culture and language.

As the teachings of Yevon fell apart, these scars still remain and will take years to truly heal.



The southern areas of Spira are warmer climates, and are filled with beaches and sand. Farther north, in the areas of Bevelle and the Macalania Forest, it begins to get much colder, with an oasis in the Calm Lands. Mount Gagazet is the coldest area in the world, often filled with harsh blizzards. North of that, Zanarkand is cold because of the winds that come off of Mount Gagazet. The Bikanel desert is to the west of the mainland, and reaches temperatures of 115 degrees during the peak of the day.









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