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Daniel Rydell is one of the creators of the Clouded Horizons series of stories and an administrator of the Clouded Horizons wiki. He is primarily represented by the Headmaster of Esthar Garden, Liam Bayloh.

Basic Information

  • Role: Quality Director
  • Alias: Daniel Rydell
  • Status: Admin
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 36


"Sometimes, it's not about the journey. It's about the experience."
―Daniel Rydell

Daniel Rydell is the Director of the Quality Assurance of Flex Designs, Ltd., responsible for maintaining good standards with each released product and providing additional content and perspectives. He works with the two other founders in an oversight fashion to ensure that products and other releases are shown in the highest quality.

As one of the three Founders of the organization, Daniel also serves as part of Internal Affairs, a subsection of Flex Designs which serves as the final authority for all outstanding matters within the company.


Clouded Horizons

Daniel Rydell has had a hand in the Clouded Horizons project since before its inception. He was largely responsible for injecting various villainous schemes and subplots into the series, as well as creating situations which help expand the universe in general.


Major Story Contributions

  • Destiny's Call - Provided minor editing and situational insight.
  • Eternal Requiem - Brought Dante Vigo into the fray for several major side-plots.
  • Dimensional Legend - Highlights include providing various villans, anti-heroes, expansion of the world business market by inclusion of companies as well as putting a face on the subtitles of the Garden technological infrastructure.
  • Runic Legacy - Provided expanded back story as well as undertaking the writing of the story in general.


Joint Projects

One-Shot Stories

  • Affinity - A short piece of fiction that takes place at an shortly before the Trabian field exam and features Liam Bayloh teaching on the intricacies of combat and Tetsuya Kurabasa's reaction.
  • Memoirs - A short piece of fiction that takes place a lengthy period after the events detailed in Dimensional Legend. Liam Bayloh stands over the grave plot of his beloved and reflects.
  • Negotiations - A piece of fiction which details the conversation between Liam Bayloh and Darius DeValle, Sr. on the SeeD's transfer to Trabia Garden.
  • Sanctuary - A direct sequel to A Question of Honor, this features Liam Bayloh as he sends Locke Cole on a mission while he himself searches for Yuna Kaname.

Works in Progress

  • Untitled - A multi-chapter piece placed someplace after the events of Dimensional Legend which details the kidnapping of Yuna Kaname.
  • Warrior - A multi-chapter piece which details the entry of Sailor Moon characters in the Clouded Horizons universe as if they had been born there with similar abilities.



"It is very much a test. You prod and they react. You destroy and they rebuild. You torment and they respond with adversity... how very curious."

Daniel is a contributor to the Metagame, the roleplay that forms the basis of a realms' history and direction, as well as the rudimentary script stories such as Dimensional Legend follow.

First Realm

Major Characters
CH0r Hana.jpg
Hana, Author

Sixth Realm

Major Characters
CH6r Godric.jpg
Godric, Author
CH9r Aikon Bacarant.jpg
Aikon Bacarant, Assassin
CH9r Celes Chére.jpg
Celes Chére, Runic Knight
CH9r Drante Vego.jpg
Drante Vego, Mimic
Minor Characters
CH9r Alyssa Beatrix.jpg
Alyssa Beatrix, General

Eighth Realm

Major Characters
CH8r Seifer Almasy.jpg
Seifer Almasy, Hume
CH8r Liam Bayloh.jpg
Liam Bayloh, Vayash Moru
CH8r Destine.jpg
Destine, Erudite
CH8r Erasmus.jpg
Erasmus, Author
CH8r Fayt.jpg
Fayt, Erudite
CH8r Aiva Furello.jpg
Aiva Furello, Hume
CH8r Hyne.jpg
Hyne, Erudite
CH8r Arragious Nicholai.jpg
Arragious Nicholai, Erudite
CH8r Kitaras Nicholai.jpg
Kitaras Nicholai, Erudite
CH8r Takomashi U'dashika.jpg
Takomashi U'dashika, Hume
CH8r Will.jpg
Will, Erudite
Minor Characters
CH8r Cencididore Ancules.jpg
Cencididore Ancules, Daiesthai
CH8r Isamu Hashimoto.jpg
Isamu Hashimoto, Hume
CH8r Locke Cole.jpg
Locke Cole, Hume
CH8r Maya D'Angelo.jpg
Maya D'Angelo, Hume
CH8r Melisse Doctus.jpg
Melisse Doctus, Hume
CH8r Carlos Milagros.jpg
Carlos Milagros, Hume
CH8r Miyuki Itsumi.jpg
Miyuki Itsumi, Quincy
CH8r Juliett Jareau.jpg
Juliett Jareau, Hume
CH8r Cid Kramer.jpg
Cid Kramer, Hume
CH8r Squall Leonhart.jpg
Squall Leonhart, Hume
CH8r Sarek Matthews.jpg
Sarek Matthews, Hume
CH8r Alexander Munro.jpg
Alexander Munro, Hume
CH8r Laurel Murphy.jpg
Laurel Murphy, Hume
CH8r Jarok Nox.jpg
Jarok Nox, Hume
CH8r Rachel Colleigh.jpg
Rachel Colleigh, Hume
CH8r Xu Xucai.jpg
Xu Xucai, Hume
Balamb Garden The Eighteen Esthar Garden Gilead Order Scientia
Vector Industries Videlic Arms

Tenth Realm

Major Characters
CH10r Auron.jpg
Auron, Hume
CH10r Wilhelm.jpg
Wilhelm, Ancient
CH10r Yuna Kaname.jpg
Yuna Kaname, Hume


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