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The Balance is a term that refers to the metaphysical boundaries between the amount of 'good' and 'evil' present in the Clouded Horizons series' multiverse. Theoretically, as the amount of good increases, evil in turn decreases, and vice versa. However, should one extreme predominate the other, an imbalance occurs, and fail-safes are triggered to adjust the balance to normal levels.

It is assumed that no one extreme can exist without the other, however, there have been claims made by the Planeswalker Katanas DeValle that, if once extreme were to be eliminated entirely, those fail-safes would have nothing to trigger for - multiplying zero results in zero, as it were.

If this is proved true, the game played by the Authors would be affected in a profound way, and, as Katanas is native to the Eighth Realm, Erasmus' scorecard would look impressive indeed. Should it be proven false, the net loss would be negligible, for the information gained itself would be priceless.


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