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Clouded Horizons is the name for the first major project undertaken by Flex Designs, Ltd., beginning in approximately December of 2004.


Clouded Horizons, like most major projects, had a modest beginning. A simple question about gunblades and a hypothetical situation involving Squall and Seifer from Final Fantasy VIII led Daniel Rydell, Rubedo Alaberti, and Benji Powell to begin speaking in-depth about the subject. They soon became close friends, also discovering each others love for roleplaying soon after. It is uncertain as to when this actually began, but December 10, 2004 is an approximate date for the beginning of what would eventually become the Clouded Horizons project.

In the months that followed, something remotely resembling a plotline for a Final Fantasy VIII roleplay came into existence, centering on Liam Bayloh, Benji Powell, and the DeValle family. Angel and Rubedo began to constantly attempt to outdo one another in ever-more-eloquent plots, which provided most of the framework for the story's ongoing plot as a whole. Benji remained content to sit back and watch, remaining mostly an observer while running the occasional side-plot to expand the world view.


Over time, the plot of the first original story, taking place in what would be dubbed the Eighth Realm, became less of an episodic idea and more of an arc-driven storyline as ideas evolved and characters changed hands. The idea of Planeswalkers had been an integral part of the story from the outset, with the three major protagonists all having the title, but it was not formally named and expanded upon until years later, when the storyline was well-established. External planes - the Ethereal, Nether, and Soul Planes had been conceived in early forms as simple havens for higher powers, instead of entirely different nation-like civilizations separate from the mortal plane. The conflicts were often split evenly between the higher planes and the mortal plane, often forcing members of one or the other to intervene where they should not be.


At the present time, Dimensional Legend, the tentative name for the first storyline of the Eighth Realm, has been completed. The Clouded Horizons project is currently expanding to encompass not just one or two, but what will become ten different realms within the whole. At present, three have been explored and examined - the Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth Realms - and a fourth, the Sixth Realm has been touched upon. Three others are in development, one by each of the three founders; the storyline for one of these, the Third Realm, is currently being written under the tentative title of Clouded Horizons: Halcyon.

The trio have also since added a fourth face to their storyline dealings, Miranda Drake, who has given opinions and ideas to the team since approximately 2009.

Canon Stories

There are many full-length and one-shot stories that are considered canon to the Clouded Horizons storyline and universe at the present time. These include (in no particular order):

Realm Storylines


Benji Powell

Daniel Rydell

Rubedo Alaberti

Daniel Rydell, Miranda Raider


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