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Runic Legacy is a story written by Daniel Rydell, the first in a two-part series set in the Ninth Realm of the Clouded Horizons series.


Alexandria, the grandest city on the mainland, was to be the site of the latest showing of the famous play "I Want To Be Your Canary," performed by the theater group known as Tantalus. What was unknown to the majority of the viewers, including those of the royal family and the Knights of Pluto, was that the performance was to be merely a front for a more devious plan - the kidnapping of Princess Garnet til Alexandros XVII.

Some of the members of Tantalus - Baku, Cinna, Blank, Marcus, and Claude - were to perform the play as normal, distracting the crowd and the nobility, while Zidane was to carry out the actual kidnapping. However, much like all plans are prone to doing, it met with trouble upon execution. Steiner and Celes Chere discovered the ploy near the end of the play and engaged the offending members of Tantalus, inadvertently getting two civilians involved in the fight - Vivi, a mage from the city of Alexandria, and Carrie Tremont, a young girl also from the city.



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