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The Crystal Path is an intermediary plane of space used by Planeswalkers to move freely between planes and realms in the Clouded Horizons series.


The Crystal Path, unlike the other planes and realms in the multiverse, was not created at the outset by the Authors. Rather, it was only conceived when the idea of using their creations as emissaries to other planes and realms came to the Authors' attention. The First Realm Author, Hana, created the Crystal Path to act as an intermediary plane to facilitate the interplanar and inter-realm travel. It serves as a bridge between each of the ten Major Realms, as well as any of the Minor Realms that exist, and can only be primarily accessed by Planeswalkers; however, those capable of accessing the Crystal Path may bring others with them into the Path, whether Planeswalkers or not. It was given its name as a result of its distinctive environs, resembling nothing so much as multicolored, liquid-like crystal capable of being shifted into 'pathways' to move upon. These pathways, however, are nothing more than an illusion to ease the mind, as travel and movement within the Crystal Path is based solely on will and perception rather than actual physical movement.


The Crystal Path has no inherent abilities beyond serving as a link between all realms and planes which Planeswalkers may use to facilitate travel. However, Planeswalkers may utilize the Crystal Path's energies in order to perform feats such as casting magic onto a plane while remaining within the Crystal Path; such acts are limited in scope and power, and have only been performed by exceptionally powerful and skilled Planeswalkers in the past.


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