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Halcyon is the name of the first original, novel-length story written by Benji Powell for the Clouded Horizons series. It is set in the Third Realm of the Clouded Horizons universe, on the planet of Erana, and is the first major story to be set in that Realm.


Halcyon begins in the city of Valyron within a large amphitheater, where Kashar Muranin is being taken to his public execution. A large group of citizens have turned out to watch the spectacle, where Emperor Trinian Doreden is to speak before the sentence is carried out. Following a brief speech by the Emperor, Kashar is given a chance to speak his final words, which he uses to warn the people of Valyron that "they" are returning, but that he knows the empire will remain strong when the time comes. The Emperor then shares a brief exchange of words with Kashar, revealing his regret at what must be done, and pledges to keep the people of Ber Kahan safe before Kashar is executed by the escorting guards.

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