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In visual mediums, music sets the tone of a work, whether for a scene, character, or the work itself. Clouded Horizons is no exception - here, we list the themes belonging to characters within the universe itself.

Eighth Realm

Raj Ahten

Rubedo Alaberti

Seifer Almasy

James Alnon

Andréa Beoulve

Ein Beoulve

Etchel Beoulve

Luca Blight

Kari Inihara

  • Character Theme: Star Ocean The Second Story Ocean of Tears OC Remix - EgM, OverClocked Remix
  • Battle Theme: Saber's Edge - Masashi Hamauzu, Final Fantasy XIII

Tetsuya Kurabasa

  • Character Theme: Manifest Destiny - SirRus, OverClocked Remix: Chrono Symphonic
  • Battle Theme: Full Frontal Assault (Let the Battles Begin!) - norg, SnappleMan, OverClocked Remix: Voices of the Lifestream

Yuki Kurabasa

  • Character Theme: Civilization 4 Destined for Greatness OC Remix - Geoffrey Taucer, the prophet of mephisto, OverClocked Remix
  • Battle Theme: Fight Tune 'Girl Named Shelke' - Masashi Hamauzu, Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-

Benji Powell

  • Character Theme: Soul Blazer Tears for a Moonlit Knight OC Remix - Israfel, OverClocked Remix
  • Battle Theme: Final Fantasy VI Dancing Madly First Form OC Remix - waxingeloquent, OverClocked Remix

Ninth Realm

Tenth Realm


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