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Guardian is a one-shot, canon story in the Clouded Horizons series' Tenth Realm. The story takes place during the six-month period between Eternal Requiem and Dimensional Legend, and features Ben reflecting on his relationship with Rikku.


Early morning. The most beautiful time of day. On any other day, perhaps, but not today. Storm clouds have gathered, turning the once-pristine sky a sullen gray as lightning flashes just outside the cabin. Rain taps softly on the window as well, doing little to ease the dark mood that almost seems to hang in the air.

I really should be sleeping right now, but I can’t seem to let my body rest. The day was eventful, more so than usual. Between training and everything that happened today, I can’t really believe that my body has cooperated this long.


Parallel to my cry of horror, a shriek splits the air as Yuna watches her cousin fall, bleeding severely from a cutting wound inflicted by the Basilisk fiend in front of us. Something inside me just seems to snap at watching Rikku’s form fall to the ground, as if I’m almost appalled that the fiend would dare to strike her.


Moving protectively in front of her fallen body, which is thankfully still breathing, I rip my other sword from the sheath, the look on my face one of infinite rage as I watch the Basilisk advance on its fallen prey.

“Get away from her!”

The Basilisk had expected easy prey, but there’s no way I’ll let it get to Rikku without going through me first. Sparing a quick glance behind me, I watch Yuna kneel down to Rikku, the magic of a healing spell already beginning to play over her fingers. As the Basilisk advances, I meet the advance, blocking a strike from one of its large arms with both my swords. The force still pushes me backwards some, feet skidding across the rocks, and I dimly hear Yuna yell something to me before pain explodes in my midsection, my body lifting from the ground and crashing into the rocks several feet away. The last sight I see before my vision fades to black is the sight of Rikku, lying on the ground beside me.

“It’ll be okay...”

Silently, I look over at Rikku’s sleeping form, lying on one of the beds in the cabin. According to Yuna, she and Paine brought the both of us back here after the fight, the former summoner tending to our injuries with the utmost care. Rikku’s wound had been mostly healed by a Curaga that Yuna cast, doing the same to mine when I was wounded. Rikku awoke several minutes after arriving, the large gash in her stomach nothing more than a thin white line that had already begun to fade. My wound was much the same; I awoke a minute or two after Rikku.

It was in that moment, looking at Rikku and her freshly-healed wound, as well as my own, that I was sharply reminded of why I choose to fight. Not just to prove my strength, but to protect. Both myself...and the ones that I care about. Especially the one person that I care about more than anything.

To me, she is my summoner, and I am her guardian. My strength lies with her as much as it lies within me.

“I’ll always be here. I promise.”

As the rain slowly stops, letting the first rays of morning cut through the darkened clouds, I smile, knowing that this is the way it has been.

And this is the way it will be.


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