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Rubedo Alaberti, Creative Director

Rubedo Alaberti is one of the creators of the Clouded Horizons series of stories and an administrator of the Clouded Horizons wiki. His counterpart character is represented by the same-named Rubedo Alaberti, while he primarily represents the infamous Darius DeValle, Jr. in the Eighth Realm.

Basic Information

  • Role: Creative Director
  • Alias: Blue Riddle
  • Status: Admin
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 22


"It would seem that we... *slips on a pair of sunglasses*... have come to terms."
―Rubedo Tsunayoshi Alaberti

Rubedo Alaberti is the Director of the Creative Team of Flex Designs, Ltd., responsible for project design, vision, and direction, as well as coordinating canon aspects with the Community Relations Manager. He works with the Director of Systems Implementation and User Accessibility Benji Powell to plan out and deploy new products, while he works with the Director of Quality Assurance and Website Administration Daniel Rydell to ensure that the end product is up to standard.

As one of the three Founders of the organization, Rubedo also serves as part of Internal Affairs, a subsection of Flex-Designs which serves as the final authority for all outstanding matters within the company.

Rubedo is noted for his ability to plan out for the long-term, often managing to string together dozens of smaller, insignificant seeming events into a larger chain, leading to his desired end result. He's also noted for his lack of short-term memory, often forgetting events that happened just moments before.

He gets a great deal of inspiration for his works by watching anime, various crime dramas, reading books, playing Dungeons and Dragons and assorted video game, and he tends to reflavor the most interesting ideas he comes across with the addition of a new twist...or three.

Rubedo is also known for his ability to go great lengths without seeming to accomplish anything, only to one day get work done, and usually in a big way.


Clouded Horizons

Rubedo has had a hand in the Clouded Horizons project since before its inception. He was largely responsible for injecting various villainous schemes and subplots into the series, as well as providing obstacles for series main protagonist Benji Powell to overcome.

Major Story Contributions

  • Destiny's Call - Provided minor editing and idea fishing.
  • Eternal Requiem - Brought Darius DeValle, Jr. into the fray for several major side-plots.
  • Dimensional Legend - Highlights include providing various chessmasters, world ending plots, and an exceptional cafeteria.
  • Runic Legacy - Provided the major villains, organizations, and the extended adventure, but claims no credit for any Celes-related liabilities.

One-Shot Stories

Works in Progress


  • Clouded Horizons Attribute Development Utility - Largely handled design work, as well as some programming.
    • V1 - Did extensive redesigning of the original concept, as well as coordinated with Benji on the functionality and programming.
    • V2 - Designed the skin and overall architecture, and did some light programming.


"Ah yes, The Game is afoot! But first, would you like a pear? They're delicious!"

Rubedo is a contributor to the Metagame, the roleplay that forms the basis of a realms' history and direction, as well as the rudimentary script stories such as Dimensional Legend follow.

Eighth Realm

Major Characters
CH8r Raj Ahten.jpg
Raj Ahten, Hume
CH8r Rubedo Alaberti.jpg
Rubedo Alaberti, Hume
CH8r Andréa Beoulve.jpg
Andréa Beoulve, Malakh
CH8r Ein Beoulve.jpg
Ein Beoulve, Malakh
CH8r Katal Corelia.jpg
Katal Corelia, Hume
CH8r Darius DeValle, Jr..jpg
Darius DeValle, Jr., Hume
CH8r Darius DeValle, Sr..jpg
Darius DeValle, Sr., Hume
CH8r Katanas DeValle.jpg
Katanas DeValle, Ancient
CH8r Revolver DeValle.jpg
Revolver DeValle, Hume
Secondary Characters
CH8r Silvia Conrad.jpg
Silvia Conrad, Hume
CH8r Lindsey Geneave.jpg
Lindsey Geneave, Hume
CH8r Leon Masters.jpg
Leon Masters, Hume
CH8r Alidar Nox.jpg
Alidar Nox, Hume
CH8r Alva Vincent.jpg
Alva Vincent, Erudite
CH8r Dmitri Yuriev.jpg
Dmitri Yuriev, Quincy
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Ninth Realm

Primary Characters
CH9r Claude Belouve.jpg
Claude Belouve, Elementalist
CH9r Sylverresta Dragos.jpg
Sylverresta Dragos, Pyremancer
CH9r Cecilia Kouketsu.jpg
Cecilia Kouketsu, Runemaster
CH9r Leliana Miasmus.jpg
Leliana Miasmus, Necromaster
CH9r Maleficus.jpg
Maleficus, Soulsplicer
CH9r Daemon Sylvarant.jpg
Daemon Sylvarant, Blackguard
CH9r Constance d'Teliana.jpg
Constance d'Teliana, Mesmer
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