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Author of the First Realm
Character Profile
Age: Unknown
Race: Ancient
Gender: Female
Additional Information
Birth Realm: Hueco Mundo

Hana is the Author of the First Realm, also known as the Outer Realm, and the official overseer of the metagame, a major protagonist in the Clouded Horizons series.


Personnel Information


"If you believe that there is wrongdoing, you will come to me first. Going into another Author's office where it is well documented that I have surveillance is not proper, nor respectful to the Author in question or myself. Do I make myself clear?"
―Hana reprimanding Godric

Direct but kind to those who are kind to her, Hana is the epitome of a good judge, as she doesn't allow the relationships she may have with the other Authors to taint her second by second decisions that the Metagame requires of her. She is proud of her previous victory, but doesn't lord it over anyone, choosing to try to forge her way as a fair and honest judge who expects nothing but the best from the Metagame.

Author Relations

"Honestly, I'd hate to be in her position. But she handles it well. She certainly doesn't have much tolerance for the garbage that I'm sure most of us throw at her. Got to give her credit for that. "
―Garland speaking on Hana

While Hana doesn't specifically associate with any other Author too much (as it would bring her objectivity into serious question), she makes herself available for the other Authors should they need to question her about anything, or bring any concerns that they might have. In addition, because of her direct control of First Realm, they also can come to her to acquire any resources they might need for their Realm.

She does clash fairly regularly with Godric, as he has very little respect for her directives. She also does have a taste for apples from the Eighth Realm belonging to Erasmus.

Philosophy of Gameplay

"As you are all well aware, walking the fine line is often something that you as Authors must do."
―Hana speaking to a number of the Authors

While her participation in the Metagame differs as she oversees it, she chooses to allow the First Realm to go largely without her interference. Outside of that, she is a stickler for the rules of the Metagame, and does not suffer deception in her watch of it. Because of the unusual nature of the First Realm (being a large repository from which other Authors can take resources from), any creation that she makes could potentially be taken by another Author.



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