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The Eighth Realm Author
CH8r Erasmus.jpg
Erasmus in his office.
Character Profile
Age: Unknown
Race: Ancient
Gender: Male
Theme: Cliffs of Dover
Artist: Eric Johnson
Additional Information
Birth Realm: Hueco Mundo

Erasmus is the Author of the Eighth Realm in the Clouded Horizons series.

Personnel Information


"I-it was so strange. I couldn't help b-but feel as though I was being studied, but he was friendly, so I think it was okay. "
―Ein Beoulve speaking to Hyne after encountering Erasmus

Erasmus, at least among his peers and to the few of his creations that have met him, is considered friendly and a little bit odd. Beneath that friendliness is a protective streak of his creation and of the Metagame as a whole. His peers are always welcome in his office, where he often discusses the intricacies of the Metagame and how his Realm and other Realms are doing in the grand scheme of things.

He fiercely debates those who would challenge his decisions, but will accept easily that his logic is fallible, as long as his logic in coming to the original conclusion is also considered.

Author Relations

"The metagame is not for the weak of heart. It's not for those who aren't in it to win it, like yourself."
"And because I do not run my Realm as you do, this automatically allows you to assume that I don't want to win? I'm glad we had this enlightening conversation, Godric.
―Godric discussing the metagame with Erasmus

Erasmus shares an open door policy with any of his peers, as he is not shamed nor hesitant to show off his creation at any time when any other Author should show themselves in his doorway, curious for a peek into the intricate Eighth Realm.

Of particular interest however, is his friendly relationship with Tenth Realm Author Wilhelm in which he shares both resources and ideas (as well as granting full access to his Realm for one of Wilhelm's experiments), and his combative relationship with Sixth Realm Author Godric; a man who with his every word degrades the abilities of the Eighth Realm Author (and any other Author he may come in contact with).

While the rules of the Metagame prevent most types of relationships beyond completely professional with the First Realm Author Hana, she has been known to stop by Erasmus' office on occasion when he has managed to acquire some of Etchel Beoulve's famous apples.

Philosophy of Gameplay

"If you want to experiment in my Realm, that's fine. My creation will stand up to whatever you can put against it; I promise you that."
―Erasmus to Wilhelm

His creation is a standalone device, which he can watch and enjoy while influencing as little as possible. While other Authors believe in the constant maintenance and oversight, he believes that his creation will maintain itself; but beyond that, will grow and thrive. Another unusual trait in his philosophy is that no one is unwelcome in his office or his Realm. He is one of the few Authors to have two of his creations as his "assistants" of sorts, as he often looks for their insight on how the Eighth Realm as a whole is working and if there is a (rare) need for him to intervene on any level.


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