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Miranda Drake, Community Relations Manager

Miranda "Miri" Drake is the final member of the Clouded Horizons administrative staff and generally known to most as "the fangirl" for her role in supporting the team.

Basic Information

  • Role: Community Relations Manager
  • Alias: Miri; Faer; The Fangirl
  • Status: Admin
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 17


"The king of crit-fails strikes again!"
―Miranda about Rubedo

Miranda Drake is the Community Relations Manager of Flex Designs, Ltd., responsible for coordinating canon aspects with the Creative Team, managing the Extended Universe, and maintaining contact with the fanbase. She also works closely with the individual founders with individual projects, such as canon one-shots and other collaborative endeavors.


Clouded Horizons

Miri and her mysterious advisor, Miri's Mom, have had a role in retrospective quality engineering for the Clouded Horizons series through careful, grueling review of Dimensional Legend up to it's current point. She has also written a few independent, single-chapter stories for the Clouded Horizons universe.

Major Story Contributions

  • Dimensional Legend - Provided minor etrospective editing and suggestions for clarification of past and future events.

One-Shot Stories

  • The End - A short piece of literature that details a conversation between Will and Hyne after the end of the world.

Collaborative Works

Extended Universe

  • Children of the Gods - The Children of the Gods is a series of roleplays loosely based on Clouded Horizons canon, as well as two other fanfiction canon works, the GHOSTS extended universe, and the KNIGHTS extended universe, both of which (and their divergent roleplays) are housed on the Traveler's Guide wiki
  • Yasumi ni Tsuki no Hikari - A stand-alone crack roleplay set after Desperate Conflict, second in the Children of the Gods series, created with Ben Powell and Angel, which involved the characters from Desperate Conflict encountering the Sailor Senshi.


Miri was not a contributor to the Metagame, although she did create one of the Espada for later use by the three involved in said Metagame.

Eighth Realm

Secondary Characters
Shiromieka Sureya, Daiesthai


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