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Benji James Powell
Hikari no Tenshi
CH8r Benji Powell.jpg
Benji Powell in Angel Wing form.
Character Profile
DOB: January 18, 2134
Age: 18
Race: Hume
Gender: Male
Profession: Blademaster
Theme: Soul Blazer Tears for a Moonlit
Knight OC Remix
Artist: Israfel
Garden Profile
Garden Attended: Trabia Garden
SeeD ID Number: 52531
Highest Rank: CH8r Alchemy Major.jpg
Alchemy Division
Merit Awards: Promotion to Ensign
Promotion to Lieutenant
Promotion to Captain
Promotion to Major
Planeswalker Information
Championed By: Freya Vanadis
Year Endorsed: 2152
Additional Information
Birth Realm: First Realm
Story Appearances

Benji Powell is a Major at Trabia Garden, a major character in the Clouded Horizons series.

Personnel Information


"That's life. When you least expect it, everything turns upside-down."
―Ben to Rikku

Born on January 18, 1988 in his home realm, Ben led a fairly uneventful and to him, unfulfilling life until soon after his seventeenth birthday. The fayth Bahamut appeared to him one day and asked if he wanted the opportunity to travel to the world of Spira to assist the summoner Yuna in her pilgrimage. He accepted, and found himself in the city of Zanarkand, a thousand years in the past. Meeting up with Tidus Kuroda, a blitzball player from the city, and Auron, a warrior-monk from the city of Bevelle, he traveled to the Spira of the present and soon met up with several other faces that he would come to know as friends: Yuna, a young summoner on a quest to destroy the beast known as Sin; Wakka, captain of the Besaid Aurochs blitzball team; Lulu, a Black Mage and older sister figure to Yuna; Kimahri, a Ronso from Mount Gagazet that had watched Yuna since she was a child; and Rikku, a young Al Bhed girl that he would eventually develop romantic feelings for. The group traveled all around Spira, until they finally managed to confront and destroy Sin forever, as well as Yu Yevon, the summoner that resurrected Sin every ten years. Ben left soon after, heading back to First Realm, but his travels were far from over.

Ben returned just two weeks later, though it was two years in Spiran time, to the world of Spira to assist Yuna, Rikku, and a mysterious young woman named Paine in their search across Spira for spheres. Now sphere-hunters called the Gullwings, the trio of girls welcomed Ben into their group and set off across the world once again. This time, however, they ended up with far more than they expected. Between a gun-toting Lightning Alchemist named Darius DeValle, and an unsent named Shuyin attempting to use an ancient machina called Vegnagun to destroy the world and revive his lover, Lenne, Ben and the Gullwings had more than enough to deal with. Eventually, Darius left the world of Spira after being confronted at the Thunder Plains, and the Gullwings went on to the Farplane to find and confront Shuyin. They did, arriving to find him in control of Vegnagun already, but they disabled the giant machine and defeated Shuyin in battle, placing both his and Lenne's spirit to rest at last. Ben later asked the fayth to revive the two as a favor, stating that they never got to live a normal life, and the fayth agreed. He then decided to stay in Spira for six months to train for the first annual Spiran Fighters Association Grand Championship.

After the tournament was over, during which he encountered a mysterious man by the name of Angel that served both as his opponent in the final round of the tournament and as an ally soon after during a mission to destroy the Forsaken, Ben, Angel, and the Gullwings were offered the chance to travel to the world of Gaia at the behest of the Creator of Reality, Freya. They accepted, and soon after found themselves in an entirely different dimension, and yet still in the middle of conflict.

Ben has been in Gaia for close to two years now, and over time has gained a reputation as one of House DeValle's more formidable fighters. Following the completion of his SeeD training, Alchemy training, and an abrupt entry into a small war, Ben rose to the rank of Captain, a rank that he held for over eight months before he was finally promoted to Major within the Alchemy division at Trabia. He has also gained new levels of power for himself, fighting and defeating everything from mortal fiends to gods and goddesses; however, this has not come without a price. Ben has seen many allies slain on and off the field of battle, and has even fallen prey to the machinations of the Pillar of Destiny, Destine, having a demon by the name of Manes sealed inside his mind following their final confrontation within the Ethereal Plane.


"I think he just doesn't know what the words "give up" mean. It's almost illogical - the harder the fight, the harder it is to get him to stay down."
―Nightfire to Yuki, after the fight with Fayt

Ben's personality has changed drastically since he first came to Spira. When he arrived in Spira, he was fairly untrained, brash, and often overconfident of the skills of himself and his allies. Usually, he would place himself in harm's way to protect his friends, even if they didn't need protecting, as well as becoming angry quite easily.

His demeanor now is a far cry from his demeanor of two years ago. After advancing through the ranks to attain the rank of Major in the Trabian Alchemic Forces, his once-brash attitude has given way to a calmer, more collected individual. He still holds the loyal devotion and protection to his friends that he has always had, but is willing to fight alongside them instead of in front of them. Remarkably, even though he holds Manes' persona inside his mind, his mental barriers against the influence of darkness have remained strong.

Combat Information

"Afraid? You've gotta be kidding me. I'll be glad to take you on."
―Ben to Revolver DeValle
"You misunderstand. I have no intention of dying today, especially not to someone like you. How do you feel about your own odds?"
―Ben to Manes

Ben is an extremely tenacious fighter in combat, continuing to fight long after most people would've given up and gone home, as well as one with a penchant for unusual applications of techniques and skills. Also, as per his nature and preference of being ready for anything, he has no true specialty when it comes to attack style. However, his main focus in battle is melee combat - specifically speed, agility, and swift strikes - as shown by most of his skills. He employs no less than four sets of skills most often in battle - his Shinkendo abilities, his powerful Kobujutsu techniques, various Ice Alchemy techniques, and his Bushido techniques - making him more than a match for most foes.

  • Expert Swordsmanship Specialist: As a Blademaster with over two years of experience in battle, often against enemies of superior skill and power, Ben has attained a high degree of skill with blades of all sizes. While not ambidextrous, he possesses admirable skill in both single and dual-wielding blades, specifically katanas.
  • Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Though far from a master at unarmed combat, Ben has proven capable of effectively taking on armed opponents of a high level while unarmed. He dislikes doing so, however, preferring instead to fight with weapon in hand.
  • Enhanced Strength: While not particularly strong, Ben is capable of dealing powerful strikes if needed in combat. He relies more on special techniques to compensate for this weakness, however.
  • Exceptional Agility: Ben is incredibly fast and agile in battle, and is considered one of the fastest mortals on Gaia at the present time, capable of using this speed to great effect both in and out of combat. He also possesses skill with Shunpo (flash steps), adding to his already impressive speed.
  • Great Spiritual Energy: Ben has a formidable amount of spiritual power, enough to remain in battle for great lengths of time. It is presumed that he could also generate high levels of reiatsu, but has not been seen doing so.
  • Skilled Magic User: Though not a mage, Ben has a wide variety of spells that he can use effectively in combat. His primary skill lies with healing and beneficial status magic, but he also possesses a high degree of skill with both regular and Ice-elemental Alchemy.

Combat Attributes


Blade Knight (150), Samurai (100), Assassin (100), Elemental Alchemist (75), Warrior (100), Ninja (50)
  • Tertiary Classes
Alchemist (50), Monk (50), Red Mage (50), Thief (50)

Elemental Preferences

  • Ice
  • Lightning


Racial Traits


Personal Abilities

Ben has several skills that don't fit into any particular skillset. After training with Etchel Beoulve to attain his status as a Blademaster, Ben gained access to a skill known as Shunpo, or "flash steps" in the Angelic language, that lets him move extremely quick and invisible to the naked eye. Using that ability, he developed a skill he named Shihohappo Ken, utilizing Shunpo and Haste magic to send a massive wave of throwing weapons from all directions at all enemies within range. However, the skill leaves him winded after use because of his body's inability to handle the speeds required yet. In addition to these skills, he has also developed several unique Ice Alchemy abilities that he uses in battle.


After his adventures in the Soul Plane, Ben was gifted with a Diviner by the name of Hyorinmaru (Ice Ring), formerly belonging to the Grim Angel Captain Chieko Murakami. The Diviner takes the form of a normal katana with a guard shaped like a four-pointed star. Since then, he has become skilled with the Angelic blade, capable of using the initial release form, or Shikai.

  • Shikai: Hyōrinmaru gains a crescent-shaped blade attached to the hilt by a a chain. It is activated by the command "sit upon the frozen heavens" (sōten ni zase).
Shikai Special Ability: When Hyorinmaru is swung, a dragon-shaped flow of ice is released from the blade which is capable of flying towards and freezing whatever it impacts. The chain and crescent blade is also capable of freezing whatever it wraps around.
  • Tensou Jurin: One of Hyorinmaru's basic powers, it allows the user to control the weather in the area by controlling the water in the surrounding area and atmosphere. A stronger version of this skill may be used in Bankai.
  • Bankai: Not achieved.

Overdrives / Limit Breaks

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