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The Sixth Realm Author
CH6r Godric.jpg
Character Profile
Age: Unknown
Race: Ancient
Gender: Male
Theme: Tribute to the Master
(M. Bison Stage)
Artist: Malcos
Additional Information
Birth Realm: Hueco Mundo

Godric is the Author of the Sixth Realm, a major antagonist in the Clouded Horizons series.

Personnel Information


"He wants to dispose of her and he will do it without question or remorse."
"He may even do it with a smile...
―The Esper Shiva speaking with Ninth Realm Author Garland

Garland is a brute; a stark contrast to the remainder of the Authors. He holds little respect for anything or anyone except himself. He has been known to pick fights with other Authors, often insulting their intelligence, their Realms, and their creations within those Realms, while often saying that his is the only profitable Realm in the Metagame.

Quite simply, he is unapproachable.

Author Relations

"If this metagame is to be played, then one must play with all the resources on the table. If a resource is tainted, it must be destroyed. No expenditure shall produce waste, or it will be eliminated."
"I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't look down your nose at me, Godric."
"And I'd appreciate you keeping your nose out of my business. It appears that neither one of us will get what we want, however.
―Godric speaking to the First Realm Author, Hana

Godric is combative, very rarely associating with the other Authors as he considers most of them incapable of basic conversation, much less any type of appreciable participation in the Metagame. Because of this, the rare instances that he is seen with other Authors are often fraught with insulting words and angry sentiments.

His relationship with Hana is one of begrudging respect; moreso that he must respect her, but not because he wishes to... but even he is not stupid enough to directly insult the woman to her face.

Philosophy of Gameplay

"I create what I create because I want to. My creation exists because I deem it so. I will leave it until it ceases to entertain me, and then I will wipe the slate clean."
"That's barbaric."
"And profitable. That's what the metagame exists for, no?
―Godric discussing his Realm with Erasmus

With no allies in the Metagame, he relies on his own wits and creativity to bring about the best possible outcome to profit himself. His creation is a business transaction; one that he can rescind at any moment given his particular whim at that moment. No creation of his escapes his notice, but only for the profit or loss that they cause. Because of this, no one else has ever worked inside of his Realm beyond him, and rarely has a creation left his "employ" that wasn't causing a loss.


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