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CH10r Wilhelm.jpg
Character Profile
Age: Unknown
Race: Ancient
Gender: Male
Theme: Via OC ReMix
Artist: pixietricks, Trepid, The Orichalcon
Additional Information
Birth Realm: Hueco Mundo

Wilhelm is the Author of the Tenth Realm in the Clouded Horizons series.

Personnel Information


"Experimentation, when considered in the way I've stated is not just a good scientific avenue or a plausible good idea. It is an approach which will guarantee the best possible outcome. "
―Wilhelm speaking to Kindrian

Analytical to a point of exquisitivity, Wilhelm is considered the most unusual out of his peers.

Every conversation, every move made in his creation, and every action on his part always seems to be part of a larger experiment that he seems to be in the process of performing in every second of his life. An insatiable, almost insane desire for knowledge and the fulfillment of obtaining answers to every burning question in his mind. Far be it from anyone to call this unquenched and almost unquenchable thirst child-like however, as his scientific approach often creates unusual reactions from his creation, and from any other Author who happens to be paying attention.

Author Relations

"I'd admire his methods more if he weren't so... eerie. "
―Carani speaking on Wilhelm's methodology and personality

Most of the other Authors avoid Wilhelm, as he is considered most unusual in the way he handles every aspect of his Metagame entry as well as his rare conversations with his fellow Authors. He does share a unique friendship with the Eighth Realm Author Erasmus in that they often converse and share resources between the two of them.

Unfortunately, he has very few connections beyond Erasmus to the other Authors beyond in passing. For him, however, the experimentation; the day to day analysis of his Realm and the Realms of his fellow Authors is enough. The Metagame itself is enough.

Philosophy of Gameplay

"If creation is perfect, then it can withstand extraneous examination. If it is of above-average intelligence, it requires systematic study. If it is unusually durable, then it will easily carry whatever burden you place upon its shoulders."
"So, you believe it is fine then, to experiment on your creation, no matter how cruel it might seem?"
"I believe it is irresponsible to not allow your creation to undergo the strictest, the most strenuous tests of proving. Not allowing your creation to thrive in such a scenario is setting your creation up to fail. I believe that we both can agree that failing is not an option.
―Wilhelm explaining his theories on the metagame to Erasmus

Unusually, Wilhelm does not seem to care whether or not his Realm is the winner or the loser in the grand scheme of the Metagame. His philosophy matches his personality, in that he will test his Realm and others to see if they can withstand his insane, insatiable curiosity. Because of that, his Realm is fraught with peril and strife; the events in question brought upon them by his own empirical testing.

He does not suffer much attachment to his Realm, or the creations within. As such, he often has allowed others to take from his Realm as long as something of equal value is given in return.

He is also one of the few, if not the only Authors to directly interact with a Realm by choosing to enter a Realm.


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