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Aikon Bacarant is a mercenary assassin from Lindblum, a minor antagonist in the Clouded Horizons series.

Aikon Yonguratov Bacarant
The Legendary Mercenary
CH9r Aikon Bacarant.jpg
Aikon outside Dali
Character Profile
DOB: June 14,
Age: 20
Race: Hume
Gender: Male
Profession: Assassin
Theme: Deadly Promises OC ReMix
Artist: Darangen

Personnel Information


―Aikon Bacarant

Aikon's early childhood is nothing of note, beyond the fact that he was one of many orphans on the streets of Alexandria. As he grew to loath the citizens of Alexandria. He became a pickpocket, stealing from whoever he could. Unfortunately, he stole from the wrong person one fateful day.

His chance meeting with Celes Chere would change his life.

Instead of having him thrown in the blockade, she gave him a fairly large sum of gil with only one stipulation. He would leave Alexandria, go make a life for himself, and that if she ever needed a favor, he'd be willing to assist.

He never expected to see her three years later asking for money. Nor two years after that, with an even more unusual favor... but who is he to break his word to the woman who allowed him freedom?


―Aikon Bacarant

Aikon is to the point, not allowing anything to get in the way of his bill. Almost always calm, to an infuriatingly level, his cool is rarely broken by anything.


Aikon has been involved many events in the Ninth Realm of the Clouded Horizons series. For more information, see the synopsis page.

Combat Information

―Aikon Bacarant

Combat Attributes

Overdrives / Limit Breaks


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