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Drante Vego is a Mimic from Lindblum, a major protagonist in the Clouded Horizons series.

Drante Alexae Denetruvie Vego VI
The Master Mimic
CH9r Drante Vego.jpg
Drante in Lindblum
Character Profile
DOB: December 19,
Age: 20
Race: Hume
Gender: Male
Profession: Mimic
Theme: Under a Full Moon OC ReMix
Artist: Fatty Acid, sephfire

Personnel Information


"Forget it. I'm just gonna get hammered."
―Drante Vego

Drante was born in Lindblum to a family of status. The Vegos were a prominent family in the airship industry. His father, Dimitrius Arragine Vego the Fifth was a famous craftsman, specializing in airship construction. His mother, Arianna Mariyle Vego, was a diplomatic liason between Burmecia and Lindblum, widely acclaimed as one of the finest in her field.

Early on, his affinity for for education was found by his parents. They enrolled him in the finest schools, and by the age of 10 it was discovered that his penchant was so high for learning that his instructors gave him free reign, turning him loose on the largest libraries in the capital.

His penchant for learning, however, didn't turn him into an outsider, as he quickly made a strong friendship with Sylverresta Vierant Dragos, and Claude Belouve. And while the three spent their time on the streets, Drante's intelligence helped them train the skills they would later use in their own lives; Dragos' being his fire abilities, and Claude's being his various elemental attacks.

However, with the friendship, came a love triangle. Drante and Dragos both fell for the same girl. Unfortunately, that girl was related to Claude. Even more unfortunate, however, was her untimely death. Dragos blamed Drante, going so far as to threaten his life should he ever see him again. Because of this, Drante avoided all contact with Dragos, going so far as to associate with Claude only when he was guaranteed that Dragos was not to be present.

However, their paths would inevitably cross again. After offering the services of his airship to Celes Chére, Carrie Tremont and Claude, Drante showed his face because of his own previous agreement with one member of the group. While Dragos attempted to attack Drante, he was stopped by Claude, stating that the two would work together or he'd beat them both. The two worked together begrudgingly until Dragos' attack on the group in Alexandria, showing his alliance with the Sorceress Leliana Miasmus and Daemon Sylvarant.

After some persuasion from Celes, the relationship between the two became much less strained, though trust was a long time in coming.

During the course of the journey between those already assembled (and latecomer Kei Aliana) the bonds between the group grew stronger. Most notable in Drante's case was his relationship with Celes, which became romantic as their final battle with Miasmus loomed closer.

Once again, fate struck a horrible blow as during the escape from Miasmus' realm, Celes appeared to sacrifice herself protecting the group.

Drante grew inward, and for two years he searched for her, spurned by a dream in which she was running away, injured and unable to continue protecting herself. The first journey having finally ended, this dream started another as a new criminal element in the world began to cause havoc. These events always seemed to be headed by two of the Organization's agents, both familiar faces.

Cecilia Kouketsu and Aikon Bacarant headed them off at every attempt the group of Drante, Dragos, Kei, Claude and Carrie made to find out more information on whether or not the Runic Knight had truly survived the encounter. And in the darkest depths of the journey when it seemed that all hope was lost, Drante's hopes flared when Aikon's true identity was revealed as that of the Runic Knight Celes Chere.

The journey continued together, as Drante and Celes resolved their differences. And once again, he participated in a battle for the world. This time, against the Necromancer Maleficus and again against the Sorceress Miasmus.

The battle complete, and the world a much different place because of the Organization's actions, Drante thought he'd have one anchor left to the world he understood.

That was, until Celes left.


"Says he's a ladies man. True, he's always holding a different ladies hand. Ain't that nice of him to walk those old women across the street? "
―Drante Vego

On the surface, Drante is a silly, flirtatious, outgoing individual. However, below the surface is someone who is fiercely protective of the friends and family he has; the same man who is afraid that he will lose them all in the blink of an eye.


Drante has been involved in nearly every event in the Ninth Realm of the Clouded Horizons series. For more information, see the synopsis page.

Combat Information

"You fool. "
―Drante Vego to Death Raven

Drante is uniquely outfitted for battle, using a set of orbs called Simulacrum. These orbs are one of the finest alchemic devices created in the world, as they are easily formed into any type of weapon that their user chooses. Drante relies on these heavily, as well as a flintlock revolver that he keeps on his hip.

Combat Attributes

Overdrives / Limit Breaks


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