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Carrie Marissa Tremont
Mistress of Stealth
CH9r Carrie Tremont.jpg
Carrie Tremont in her usual attire.
Character Profile
DOB: March 12,
Age: 18
Race: Hume
Gender: Female
Profession: Ninja
Theme: Schala's Theme (Arranged)
Artist: Yasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu,
Noriko Matsueda

Carrie Tremont is a resident of the city of Alexandria and a major protagonist in Final Fantasy IX: Runic Legacy, part of the Clouded Horizons series.

Personnel Information


"I don't know much about this place. I haven't ever been to another town besides Alexandria, to tell the truth."
―Carrie Tremont to Celes Chere, regarding the town of Dali


"Don't tell me you're afraid of
those, too?"
"No! I love chocobos!"
"...Uh-huh. You like over-sized chickens, but can't handle a goblin.
―Carrie Tremont and Claude Beoulve, during a conversation on the way to Lindblum
"That voice..."
"You hear it, don't you? He's calling to me...taunting's like he's here with me right now, in this room..."
"It's okay...there's no one here but me, and I would never hurt you.
―Carrie Tremont and Claude Beoulve, at their house in Dali

Carrie's personality has undergone drastic shifts ever since her departure with Celes Chere, Claude Beoulve, and the members of Tantalus over a year ago. When she first left her home of Alexandria, Carrie was a cautious, yet optimistic girl who had never known life outside of the city's walls but was still eager to see the sights. One part of her old personality that has not changed is her fond love for chocobos, having had a baby chocobo as a pet for several years when she was younger before her family released it back into the wilds. Slowly, however, her personality began to be affected by the journey she found herself on, particularly as a result of an unsavory and obsessive interest from Daemon Sylvarrant, a member of the Brotherhood of the Wolf. Daemon's stalking would follow Carrie for weeks on end until he finally succeeded in breaking her, rendering her temporarily mute with grief and shock before she recovered with the help of the ones she had come to know as friends. However, Carrie would not completely recover; Daemon's actions would leave lasting scars on her in both mind and body.

Chief among them is a sense of paranoia towards strangers, even more so if the offender is male. The only people she feels truly comfortable around now are those who she traveled with - Claude and Celes first among them, but also Sylverresta Dragos, Kei Aliana, and Drante Vego - and she shies away from contact or communication with nearly everyone at first appearances until she has convinced herself through observation of their interactions with her friends that they will not hurt her. Carrie also has a unique relationship with Claude Beoulve that is one part romantic, one part fraternal; the two of them both love each other strongly and also share a kinship due to their mutual hardships. The curiosity and outgoing nature that she once held upon initially leaving her home has been tempered by her experiences, leaving her far more cautious and shy, but she still retains a strong sense of manners and polite demeanor towards those she comes to feel comfortable around.


Carrie has been involved in nearly every event in the Ninth Realm of the Clouded Horizons series. For more information, see the synopsis page.

Combat Information

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