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The Ethereal Plane is a plane in the Eighth Realm where Malakh and Erudite entities, as well as the Creator, reside in the Clouded Horizons series. It serves as a focal point for magic throughout the mortal plane, and protection of the mortal plane also generally falls within its jurisdiction. It is not to be confused with the role of the Soul Plane, the final resting place of souls; the Ethereal Plane is, simply put, one polar side of the universal coin, the origin of the cerebral and otherworldly. The Nether Plane, however, is the polar opposite; it acts as the origin of the instinctual and realistic. While neither plane is inherently good or evil, each tends to be predisposed towards one over the other, in accordance with their own beliefs.


A picture of the Ethereal Plane, just beyond the gates.

The Ethereal Plane's history goes back to the beginning of time itself, being brought into existence by Freya along with the mortal plane. Soon after, Freya created the Pillars of Reality to serve as a means of keeping the planes stable. They were each put in charge of a specific part of reality, and have held their positions ever since. Freya also began to choose mortals and beings from other planes to serve as her agents in the many planes of reality. These agents would come to be called Planeswalkers in reference to their travels between planes of reality.

The inside of Freya's chambers in the Palace of Creation.

The actual recorded history of the Ethereal Plane is full of strife and turmoil that continues even to this day. Since the early days of the plane, many gods and goddesses have attempted to take control for themselves, hoping to attain the power that Freya possesses. All have failed, largely in part to the efforts of Odin and Xeios, Freya's personal guardians and leaders of the Ethereal forces in times of battle, as well as the Gilead Order. Unfortunately, the Gilead Order soon beset Freya with a choice: banish Arragious Nicholai from the Ethereal Plane for his involvement with Destine, or face internal war against her own protectorate. She chose the former, a mistake that would come back to haunt her later on. Her decision would cause the beginning of the first major war in the realm's history, a conflict known as the Harrowing which would last 330 years and cause the deaths of nearly all Malakh within the Ethereal Plane, as well as the complete collapse and disbanding of the Gilead Order itself.

In the midst of all of this, Hyne descended to the mortal plane and gave a piece of her power to one she dubbed a "Sorceress." The sorceresses' power is passed on through the generations; when one dies, another must take over for her. Freya had no knowledge of this at the time, but when she found out, she sealed Hyne away into another dimension for her actions.

Many years later, Freya would find herself still dealing with the repercussions of her long-past decision to banish Arragious Nicholai, with many Ethereal beings finding a sense of unrest and dissatisfaction with Freya's rule. Chief among these was Fayt, but her plans were not truly to bring change to the plane for true betterment, but rather to force Freya to relinquish her rule and leave the throne to her, giving her the title of Creator. This plan would fail, largely in part to Angel, Benji Powell, Kisara, and Will, and Fayt was stripped of her power as the Pillar of Fate for a time, power which was given to the former Grim Angel Captain Kari Inihara.

Later, her "sister" Destine would attempt a similar effort, but instead of going after Freya's position, she attempted to destroy the mortal plane itself. She was also stopped, primarily by Ben and Will, with help from Angel, Odin, and Xeios. Destine was, like her sister, stripped of her powers as a Pillar temporarily, and her power was transferred to her daughter, Kitaras Nicholai.

There was a fairly long period of tentative peace after that in the Ethereal Plane, until Dmitri Yuriev attempted to take over the Ethereal Plane, along with the mortal plane and the Soul Plane. He possessed Lukälius diVanégo, the Lord Sovereign of the Soul Plane, and led his armies to the Ethereal Plane in an invasion. He managed to defeat Odin, Xeios, Ben, Celes Chere, Angel, and Katanas DeValle, as well as all four Pillars of Reality before confronting Freya herself, who attempted to banish him into the same dimension that she had banished Hyne to. Unfortunately, this backfired, forcing Yuriev to release Lukälius. Before Freya could attempt to do anything else, however, the four mortals entered her chamber, having been given the powers of the Pillars temporarily. They put an end to Yuriev temporarily, after which Lukälius and Freya helped the four banish the taint from the Ethereal Plane.


The Ethereal Plane's structure is set up similar to that of the Soul Plane in that the plane is primarily subdivided into two pieces. Whereas the Soul Plane has Rukongai and Seireitei, the Ethereal Plane has the Lower and Upper Courts. The Lower Court is composed of the greater whole of the plane, where the vast majority of Erudites reside. Unlike its counterpart, Rukongai, the Lower Court is lawful throughout, with no degradation of structure, form, or order the further away from the Upper Court that is seen. The Upper Court, similar to Seireitei, is comprised of the Palace of Creation and the surrounding structures, most of which are "governmental" buildings or furnishings for the now-defunct Gilead Order. The old division barracks and grounds for the Order of Grim Angels are also located here.

Order of Ethereal Knights

Main Article: Order of Ethereal Knights

The Order of Ethereal Knights was founded soon after the inception of the Ethereal Plane proper by Freya, one half of the force that was to be the peacekeeping branch for all military matters within the realm.

Order of Ethereal Magi

Main Article: Order of Ethereal Magi

The Order of Ethereal Magi was also founded soon after the inception of the Ethereal Plane proper by Freya, the other half of the force that was to be the peacekeeping branch for all military matters within the realm. Presided over by Xeios, who holds the title of Executor, the Ethereal Magi train acolytes in manipulating and enhancing the latent magical energy of the realm. Initiates of the order are often hundreds of years old, ancient by mortal standards but still young by the standards of Ethereal or Nether beings.


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