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The House

House DeValle is made up of two groups. The Family; the "corporate" body of House DeValle, and the Associates who are those thought indispensable to the House, even though they were not wed or born into it. In that way, it functions much as the mafioso; the Senior considered the Godfather who all answer to and all decisions must pass at risk of punishment of a varying severity.

The Family

Darius Elric DeValle, Sr.

The Senior, The Spellbreaker of Stormfist
CH8r Darius DeValle, Sr..jpg

The head of House DeValle, the Senior is the most
cutthroat of businessmen, and will not hesitate to
cut down anyone, friend or foe,
in his quest to ensure that
his business continues to gain him profit.

Katal Miyu Corelia-DeValle

The Flashing Blades
CH8r Katal Corelia.jpg

The political face of House DeValle, Katal's talent
in politics is only matched by her
murderous ability with knives.

Katanas Terentius DeValle

The Divider of the Azure Sky
CH8r Katanas DeValle.jpg

The perfect heir, excelling in both
blade and in wit, Katanas plays
the best face forward of the House,
oftentimes when his father
cannot or will not.

Revolver Alladrake DeValle

The Strong-Arm Metallurgist
CH8r Revolver DeValle.jpg

While the others of the Family are
the face, Revolver is the forefront of
the commercial operations of the House,
what he considers to be the most
honorable part of the whole operation.

Darius Edward DeValle, Jr.

The Leading Man
CH8r Darius DeValle, Jr..jpg

While the DeValles work "inside" the House,
the Leading Man's eyes peer outwards.
Constantly looking for new talent to
appropriate to benefit the House, he is best
compared to a talent scout, always on the lookout
for those who could benefit
House DeValle.

The Associates

Alidar Romulus Nox

Bladeturner, the Black Balancer
CH8r Alidar Nox.jpg

When business leaves no alternative then violence,
Alidar is called in. His skill with light blades
is world renowned; his presence often
bringing House competitors to their knees
before they can even consider unsheathing a weapon.

Jarok Remus Nox

Sphereturner, the Black Bounty
CH8r Jarok Nox.jpg

When the House requires a more elusive touch,
Jarok falls into place. With ease, he places himself
into rival organizations, awaiting
the final order to destroy the foundation
that makes them mighty.


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