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Raj Zahir Ahten
Of the Warbringer Brigade
CH8r Raj Ahten.jpg
Raj Ahten in full plate outside Castle DeValle.
Character Profile
DOB: October 18, 2129
Age: 23
Race: Hume
Gender: Male
Profession: Guardian
Theme: Iron Footfalls
Artist: Jeremy Soule
Garden Profile
Garden Attended: Trabia Garden
SeeD ID Number: 51610
Highest Rank: CH8r Command Commodore.jpg
Knight Templar (S-8)
Command Division
Additional Information
Birth Realm: Eighth Realm

Raj Zahir Ahten is a Knight of the Sphere at Trabia Garden in the Clouded Horizons series.

Personnel Information


"Like you need to tell me to brace for impact."
―Raj Ahten to Rubedo Alaberti

Born October 18th in Timber to a pair of loving parents and three older sisters, all of whom were active members of the Hachikyuusan in very contested Galbadian territory. However, around his fifth birthday, his entire family was found murdered while out shopping; a local gang, calling themselves the Catorces, took credit for the attack. Over the next few weeks, the gang would experience mysterious accidents until barely a husk remained, which would then tear itself apart through internal power struggles. Now an orphan, Raj was taken in by a neighbor of the family, Anita Drake, who helped him mourn the loss of his family. Later that year, Anita moved, taking Raj with her to Trabia Garden when her application to become an airship mechanic was accepted.

Anita had Raj enrolled into Trabia Garden upon arrival, doing her best to stay with him as he continued mourning for his family. As he started his cadet courses, he slowly began excelling in the defensive courses, and when he passed the field exam to become a Sentry officer, he continued focusing on defense, self-preservation, and, above all, techniques and abilities that would allow him to protect his friends and those close to him.

His tenacity would earn him a place amongst the Knights of the Sphere shorty before his 17th birthday, a year before most are considered for the position.


"Instructor Bayloh always made it clear that he appreciates a good journey. Cheers to that."
―Raj Ahten to Benji Powell

Raj Ahten is considered by most to be exceptionally well-mannered and likeable. He's quick with a kind word or a bit of wry humor, and has a good amount of patience. However, several of Trabia's psychologists have noted that he seems to have a deep-seated desire to protect those around him that might compromise his emotional objectivity. His unique combination of Guardian Forces and defense-oriented outlook in particular lend weight to his constant sense of ease, and any SeeD standing behind him as he shoulders through a tank barrage is likely to feel that confidence for themselves.

As Anita was the person who reached out to him after the murder of his family, he feels a particularly strong urge to protect her, which many misconstrue as unrequited romantic feelings. To him, Anita is the closest thing to family he has, and even her fiancé, Camdus Marché, recognizes and accepts his devotion, not unlike a brother.

Though he hides it well, the loss of his family affected him at a deeply psychological level. While he can shrug off insults with little more than a calm smile, even his defenses aren't faultless; when the walls around his grief are eroded, the broken, tortured young man inside is unchained and loosed in a berserk blood-rage. With his exceptional defensive training, he becomes especially dangerous, as his capability to shrug off significant damage makes it difficult to subdue him.

Combat Information

"You know, you might have a problem if you shoot someone point blank with a tank, run them over with that tank, and then call down a four ton high-yield explosive ordinance airstrike on them...and yet, you find they still persist on holding a conversation."
―Raj Ahten to a Galbadian officer during the Duran incident
"Huh. I've never seen a mortal enter a minefield intact."
"I've never seen a mortal exit a minefield intact.
―Hyne and Fayt, commenting on Raj Ahten's unusual durability during the Sin crisis


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