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Andréa Zelpher Beoulve
Storm's Fury
CH8r Andréa Beoulve.jpg
Andréa Beoulve after becoming a Ritualist.
Character Profile
DOB: July 26, 2132
Age: 20
Race: Malakh
Gender: Female
Profession: Ritualist
Theme: Step
Artist: Shiro Sagisu
Garden Profile
Garden Attended: Trabia Garden
SeeD ID Number: 52074
Highest Rank: CH8r Mage Major.jpg
Major (S-6)
Magic Division
Planeswalker Information
Championed By: Lukälius diVanégo
Year Endorsed: 2146
Additional Information
Birth Realm: Eighth Realm

Andréa Beoulve is a Major at Trabia Garden, a protagonist in the Clouded Horizons series.

Personnel Information


"If the choice is between life as a farmhand and beating people up, it's hardly a choice."
―Andréa Beoulve

Born July 7th, 2132, Andréa quickly made a name for herself in her hometown of Arias for being an adventurous tomboy, picking fights with kids twice her size and sometimes even winning, and fining new and innovative ways to torment the townsfolk. She spent a lot of time getting into trouble with her childhood friend Tetsuya Kurabasa, and eventually the pair became infamous for the trouble they could get into on short notice.

It wasn't until her brother, Ein Beoulve, was born that she turned her attention to matters of the family. She began help her mother work the fields, and ever so often snuck off to help in the local mines. She also began thinking about a future beyond just picking strawberries in a field or occasionally mining in the tunnels, but seeing the world and, most importantly, finding new and exciting places to explore. Others noted her restless energy, and gave her advice - one such tidbit was of the growing popularity of places like Trabia Garden. She began preparing for a journey in secret, saving up until she could afford rations and gear to make the lengthy trek to the prestigious location.

It wasn't until Tetsuya and his family suddenly moved away that Andréa's resolve hardened, and the next day she took Ein and left home, leaving with a small group of like-minded individuals. She never stopped to question why her mother never told her she couldn't go, and wouldn't learn until much later that her mother was once special operations; she simply waited until Andréa and Ein had left, changed her appearance and infiltrated the crowd, rejoined Garden and had herself reactivated as a secretary, and watched over her children as best she could.

Andréa progressed through her studies with such a zeal some wondered if she was possessed. Combat and magical studies especially caught her interest, and while most were spending their time becoming proficient in one or two weapons, Andréa spent hours mastering a small spread of weapons, eventually settling on two-weapon infighting with lighter blades. Magically, she preferred the unusual courses over simply manipulating and remastering generic spells, gravitating towards Symbology and summoning courses.

During this time, she also befriended the rising acolyte Katanas DeValle, whom she would later fall into a partnership with, and fall in and out of more personal relationships with. It would also be by Katanas' hand that she would become a Planeswalker and truly come into her own.

Once she'd passed her SeeD exam, she began to properly settle into her work, earning a name for herself as efficient and diligent, and to varying degrees of scorn, focused. She often found herself on unique assignments that didn't always require a brute-force approach, and constantly rose to meet the challenge. When she became a Planewalker, Katanas also personally requested her assistance, an assignment which would have her meet Ben for the first time. They fought against one another in a tournament, and after a close battle, Ben came out on top, prompting Andréa to refocus her combat style.

After this meeting, she would begin to find herself in situations that increasingly challenged her acuity and technique, especially as events within the Ethereal Plane began to spill out onto the mortal plane more and more often.


"You know, the first time we met? I actually tried to kiss her. (laughs) She slugged me so hard that I had to get my Sentry picture retaken when I left the infirmary. We've been friends ever since."
―Darius DeValle, reminiscing about his first meeting with Andréa with a skeptical Benji Powell

When most people try to describe Andréa, the first word they think of is practical, a close second being forward. Renown for her no-nonsense attitude since joining Garden, she tends to quickly cut to the chase during conversations. Tending to prefer blunt honestly over subtle manipulation, ensuring that her point gets across to the other party, she is also an adept negotiator and diplomat, her comprehensive training providing her with the necessary toolbox to tackle near any situation.

Outside of missions, Andréa spends most of her time honing her abilities or being fiercely overprotective of her younger brother, despite how rarely he finds himself in the field. When he was younger, she'd often shadow him, watching for signs that anyone was messing with her brother and discretely making the problems 'go away,' until the message was clear - no one messed with Ein on pain of death.

Combat Information

"Spirits are always with us..."
―Andréa Beoulve, after becoming a Ritualist

Andréa's latest combat style resolves around whirling melee attacks with her scythe, devastating lightning magic, and especially versatile spirits that can give her fire support, soak up hit that would otherwise have dealt telling blows, and even distort the course of enemies attacks around them to great effect. With a trick up her sleeve for just about any situation, she's extremely difficult to pin down into an unfavorable position on the field.


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