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Ein Etchel Beoulve
The Apprentice of the Flame
CH8r Ein Beoulve.jpg
Ein Beoulve in his normal attire.
Character Profile
DOB: March 1, 2138
Age: 14
Race: Malakh
Gender: Male
Profession: Paladin
Theme: The Grim Angel
Artist: Minako Adachi, Toshiaki Sakota,
Shigeki Hayashi
Garden Profile
Garden Attended: Trabia Garden
SeeD ID Number: 45127
Highest Rank: CH8r Trabia Garden Commander.jpg
Sentry Commandant (S-11)
Command Division
Planeswalker Information
Championed By: Erasmus
Year Endorsed: 2153
Additional Information
Birth Realm: Eighth Realm

Ein Beoulve is the Sentry Commadant at Trabia Garden, a major character in the Clouded Horizons series.

Personnel Information


"Hey, pipsqueak! Come on, we're goin' on an adventure."
―Andréa Beoulve to Ein Beoulve

In the earliest years of his life, Ein led a happy and carefree existence with his mother and older sister in Arias. Even from this young age he showed a profound connection to life, as well as a natural aversion to violence. Regularly, he would be found playing in the family garden, admiring and protecting the flowers and vegetables, while gently removing the harmful insects that would happen upon them.

When he turned five, Andréa decided to take him with her to join nearby Trabia Garden and get an education. Although saddened to leave his mother, he diligently followed his sister and they joined a growing group of potential SeeD, quickly becoming just another face joining the rapidly expanding Garden Organization founded by Cid Kramer and the Shumi NORG.

Arriving at Trabia Garden, Ein was understandably astonished by the sheer size of the structure. Although intimidated at first, the other students he met with were friendly, if at times snobbish, and before long, he had several friends that he studied and trained with regularly. He always preferred his sister's company, however - Andréa being a natural prodigy, which she was quickly becoming recognized for - and in turn she would teach him a number of skills that otherwise might have been beyond his capability to learn on his own.

His own performance, unusually, was no small matter. During his first year alone he obtained high marks in history, mathematics, and science, and he too became quickly noted by other instructors. He was also befriended by rising acolyte Katanas DeValle, a charismatic student who would soon become one of the most influential figures in Ein's life.

Ein spent two years as a crewman and six years as a cadet before, with some string pulling by Katanas', unbeknown to the youth, being transferred to Balamb Garden to attend the SeeD exam at the Siege of Dollet. Upon its conclusion and at the age of 13, Ein would become the youngest SeeD in Garden, an unprecedented feat in and of itself.

During the Siege, he quickly learned that he had an aptitude with defensive measures and had a natural affinity with a number of weapons, his favorite being the sword. He undertook his first official SeeD mission under the leadership of Revolver DeValle, the gruff, blunt younger brother of Katanas; the mission would showcase Ein's characteristic ability at finding innovative, non-aggressive solutions to problems, resorting to violence only in extremity.

By this time, Katanas had become the Garden SeeD Commander of Trabia Garden and, seeing the potential Ein had, quickly instated him as his personal aide, guiding the younger SeeD as an apprentice of sorts. He trained the youth in both physical, magical, and political warfare, honing Ein's best skills while encouraging adaptability and versatility.

For the next few months, Ein spent more time at Katanas' side than as a SeeD operative, culminating in his promotion into the Command Division as a Petty Officer. The good times would be short-lived, however, as events on the world stage began to unfold; word of the failed assassination attempt on Edea's life had already spread. Initially, the Headmaster of Trabia Garden was convinced that, having held no part in the plan, they were safe, but Katanas and several others feared otherwise. Ein assisted in an evacuation attempt of the Garden, only to find out that many of the students and staff shared the same outlook. When the missile crisis struck days later, he, Katanas, and the few who did decide to evacuate were the first to return to assist the survivors, stunned by the extent of the damage. The entire staff had been killed outright, along with roughly two-thirds of the student body. Those still alive numbered less than 200, and dozens were injured. Balamb Garden, now mobile, arrived to give aid not long after, and it was there that Ein retreated, depressed and saddened at the massive loss of life.

Over time, the wounds would heal, especially when his sister decided to take him back home for a little time off. Having been away from his mother for eight years, his joy at the reunion helped ease away the last of his misgivings. When he finally returned to Trabia, he was pleasantly surprised to see that rebuilding was already underway. Katanas' father, Darius DeValle, Sr., had stepped in to provide funding for the reconstruction effort, as well as the four-person construction team. This would be the first time Ein would come across Alchemy, but far from the last. By then, word had reached them that several SeeD from Balamb Garden would be staging an attack on the Lunatic Pandora.

Over the course of the next four months, Ein spent his time helping coordinate the rebuilding effort and designing the new and improved Garden, while Andréa, under orders from Katanas, would leave to undertake a long-term assignment. Unbeknownst to the younger Beoulve, it would be a mission to another world, and that his sister had been for several years tapped to be a Planeswalker.

Mortal Conflict

"What have you achieved? Killing people for no reason? Taking the cycle of death out of its natural order would destroy the Balance, creating a rift so vast that it would swallow whole the universe! And at the center of it all, standing alone amidst an empty void, you would be the only one left. Is that what you want? Is that really your dream?"
―Ein Beoulve to Hyne, the Pillar of Finale

After the rebuilding was completed and Trabia Garden reestablished, Ein found himself acting in more of a secretarial role: he took calls, kept schedules, and filled out stack after endless stack of paperwork for Katanas. However, instead of being put off, he took it as an opportunity to learn about running a Garden. He wouldn't realize until much later that this was exactly what Katanas had planned from the start. The great deal of work that needed to be handled helped Ein learn the skills needed in order to manage the intensive logistics such an organization demanded. They also kept him informed about world events, especially about the two superpowers whom never seemed able to get along: The Republic of Galbadia and the Federated Commonwealth of Esthar.

Things didn't stay calm for long, however, when Planeswalker Benji Powell became a member of Trabia Garden. Ein often found himself relaying the order that the Garden was under attack as Fayt, the Pillar of Fate, attempted to dispose of Ben, whom she felt to be a danger to her plans to take the Creator's throne. Ein was responsible for much of the same as Destine, the Pillar of Destiny, tried her hand at the game, with more far-ranging consequences than anyone could have expected.

Ein wouldn't truly come into his own until the Exile, Arragious Nicholai, began wreaking havoc in the mortal plane. Searching for the Ethereal artifact known as the "Tear of Sanvean," Arragious cut a swath of destruction that only the combined efforts of Ein, Katanas, Ben, the Vayash Moru Liam Bayloh, and others were able to hold back; even then the Exile still managed to subvert them, culminating in the release of the Pillar of Finale, Hyne. A violent battle ensued, quickly becoming a match of survival against the Pillar. However, before she was able to deal any fatal blows, outside of the Exile's apparent death, Ein stepped in. Reasoning against her plan to make everything unto naught, his innocence and purity of spirit managed to stay her hand. She would later take an interest in the mortal, curious and more than a little confused about the effect he had upon her.


The next time Ein would see considerable action was with the revelation of a Vector Industries project that had been in the works for nearly a decade; the superweapon combat gynoid KOS-MOS. When it was unleashed upon House DeValle, it wasn't long before its biological component identified itself as Darius' former fiancé, Lindsey Geneave. When the youngest DeValle rushed into Vector shortly after, Ein sought help from an unlikely source and previous enemy: Hyne. Hoping to give her a chance to redeem herself, he traveled to see her personally.

After a short confrontation with Darius and Wilhelm, he returned to Garden, spending most of the time in the command room, working as Katanas' second, and for a short time as acting Garden Commander, against the threat of Sin.

After the shutdown of Vector Industries, Ein was given a small reprieve, where he spent time communicating regularly with Hyne. However, it wasn't long before, in light of The Senior's sudden incarceration and Katanas needing to attend to urgent business in the Ethereal Realm that he was given the duty of acting Garden SeeD Commander once again. Shortly after that, Will, the Pillar of Foretelling arrived, meeting with Headmistress Katal and Ein to discuss sending experienced SeeD into Soul Plane to stop the Traveller, Dmitri Yuriev. Nominating Alidar Nox and Ellie Night, Ein then returned to his duties.

Only a few days later, however, Katanas contacted him, hinting that the Garden mainframe may not be as safe as it appeared. Ein then spent some time coding defensive anti-measures, delivering them to Ellie Night to use in the case of an emergency.


"The Balance may have no dark or light side, but we do. We must choose."
―Ein Beoulve

Possessing a gentle, patient, malleable nature, Ein has many generous qualities, remaining friendly, kind and compassionate regardless of the situation. Sensitive to the feelings of those around him, he responds with utmost sympathy and tact to those he encounters, which makes him deservedly popular with the many members of SeeD. It was also his force of personality, utterly innocent and devoid of ill-intent, that managed to persuade Hyne, the Pillar of Finale, to reconsider her plans to make everything unto naught.

A lesser seen side of his personality, however, is his willingness to fight to defend his friends. Usually preferring diplomacy and negotiation to combat, he has been called upon in recent times to defend himself and others. Against those who would hurt his friends does he show no quarter, an unexpected quality in one so gentle.

Combat Information

"There are times when the end justifies the means. But when you build an argument based on a whole series of such times, you may find that you've constructed an entire philosophy of evil."
―Katanas DeValle, lecturing on responding to changing circumstances during missions

Ein's preferred combat style is a defensive form of swordsmanship known as Soresu. This was also the preferred fighting style of his father during his time as a Captain of the Order of Grim Angels. Soresu utilizes motions that occur very close to the body, in an attempt to achieve near-total protection and expend as little energy as possible while executing moves. It lends itself well to application in varied situations, but is noted for facilitating survival over victory.

When moving on the offensive, Ein supplements his combat style with a number of weapon skills, magic, songs, and enchantments, and is also skilled in limited hand-to-hand-combat. In addition to his standard abilities, he is also knowledgeable about several techniques available only to Angels, due to his parentage. Flash Steps, or Shunpo, enable him to travel short distances at an incredibly high rate of speed. He is also familiar with several potent Binding Arts, one of two branches of magic the Order of Grim Angels are renowned for using.

Always preferring to avoid combat whenever possible, however, he prefers diplomacy to violence.

  • Expert Swordsmanship Specialist:
  • Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant:
  • Enhanced Strength:
  • Exceptional Agility:
  • Great Spiritual Energy:
  • Expert Magic User:

Combat Attributes


  • Malakh (146)
  • Paladin (126)
  • Secondary Classes
Warrior (50), White Mage (50), Mediator (83)
  • Tertiary Classes

Elemental Preferences

  • Lightning
  • Holy


Racial Traits


Ability Information


Personal Abilities


Overdrives / Limit Breaks


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