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Rubedo Tsunayoshi Alaberti
The Impact
CH8r Rubedo Alaberti.jpg
Rubedo using his Zero Point Breakthrough.
Character Profile
DOB: July 2, 2132
Age: 20
Race: Hume
Gender: Male
Profession: Adept Rogue
Theme: Riddles in the Dark (Morlia Gallery)
Artist: Red Tailed Fox, Xaleph
Garden Profile
Garden Attended: Trabia Garden
SeeD ID Number: 46018
Highest Rank: CH8r Command Commodore.jpg
Knight Templar (S-8)
Command Division
Merit Awards: Promotion to Ensign
Promotion to Lieutenant
Promotion to Captain
Promotion to Major
Promotion to Colonel
Promotion to Petty Officer
Promotion to Commodore
Planeswalker Information
Championed By: Xuvanti Aiden
Year Endorsed: 2145
Additional Information
Birth Realm: Eighth Realm
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Rubedo Tsunayoshi Alaberti is a Planeswalker, championed by Xuvanti Aiden, then later by Katanas DeValle, in the Clouded Horizons series.

Personnel Information


"Those eyes of's like looking into the heart of a furnace and seeing a cold block of ice amidst the flame."
―Instructor Georg to Instructor Lucretia

Born on July 2nd, 2132, Rubedo Tsunayoshi Alaberti was a son of nobility in Dollet Dukedom. He was, for a short time, a candidate to be wed to the young heiress, Maya D'Angelo, but at the last minute, his family stopped lobbying for the honor when a representative of a well connected organization warned them off.

Since then, Rubedo's life has been one of mixed blessings. His father, when he would come home from his many trips, would bring back miscellaneous items: Trabian toys, Galbadian chocolates, and even Estharian books. His mother, on the other hand, was brutal in her enforcement of strict education and proper etiquette.

Under such an environment, it wasn't long until he attempted to run away. At the age of 13, Rubedo escaped from Dollet, boarding a train and following its tracks wherever it would lead him. Unbeknownst to him, he was on a train with the rising SeeD acolyte Katanas DeValle on it, as well as the future Headmaster of Trabia Garden himself, Darius Devalle, Sr.

The train, destined for Esthar, was hijacked halfway through its journey by a terrorist organization known only as the Brotherhood. Although taken by surprise, the SeeD were quick to respond, holding back the Brotherhood, but they were handicapped by the many passengers were onboard.

Katanas, who was engaged with several at once, lost his footing as the train was forced to a stop. Although equally unbalanced, the group managed to correct themselves before Katanas, and one made to strike the still rising SeeD.

Rubedo, who had been seated the entire time, watching in stunned disbelief, moved to tackle the Brotherhood member, surprising them, though they reacted quickly by stabbing the youth nearly to death.

In their distraction, they never saw Katanas finish rising, and they never saw the blade that cleaved their heads clean off. Eventually the SeeD forces were able to rout the Brotherhood, many finding themselves restrained or outright tossed off the train and into the water below.

Rubedo, bleeding out, almost didn't notice how time seemed to stop around him, and as he lost consciousness, the last thing he saw was a man dressed in white robes, hair swept back with one lock defiantly at the fore and a haughty expression of cold calculation on his features.

From then on, he knew freedom, both as a SeeD under Trabia Garden and as one of the select few Planeswalkers under Xuvanti Aiden.


"Where Ancients tread, I follow."
―Rubedo Alaberti

Rubedo is a quiet, thoughtful person. Preferring to think before acting, he comes across as the eye amidst the storm. However, people are quick to assume his silence is passivity, from which they are quicker to see his explosive temper. The first thing people learn about Rubedo is that his anger is a palpable force, boiling beneath the surface, held in check only by his impressive self-control.

That said, he is also one of the most loyal Planeswalkers of the Eighth Realm. He has followed Katanas unfailingly since the now-Overlord set his plans into motion, despite not knowing all of the parts. He considers, now, such a friendship a calculated risk, but the odds have always favored the Divider of the Azure Sky.

To those unfamiliar to him, he may seem aloof and detached, and his unnerving orange eyes rarely show emotion. To those who have accepted him for what he is, they find an informed comrade, an unusual friend who will risk his life to see a commitment to its end.

Combat Information

"I've watched you long enough. Now it's my turn."
―Rubedo, to Manes

Rubedo takes analytical combat to a new level. Calm and composed, he watches his opponent's movements and actions very carefully, fighting defensively until he's decided upon the best course of action. He generally has an answer for any situation he finds himself, allowing him to expend the least amount of energy possible over the course of a fight.

When he moves onto the offensive, he relies on hand-to-hand attacks and enhancing spells, both offensive and defensive in nature. He has a high level of mobility on the battlefield, utilizing Haste magic in addition to his Planeswalker Blink spell, and even aerial enemies aren't out of his reach.

Rubedo's signature technique, the Zero Point Breakthrough, is a powerful, defensive-minded modal spell. Shatter mode creates a ward which freezes all magic cast within its zone of effect, damaging the caster as well. The Custom mode is an enchantment that negates magic damage, converting it into energy which can be used to boost his next physical or magical attack.

Another technique he uses fairly often is his X-Burner, a large, concentrated beam of fire magic that packs a big punch but an equally long wind up. Considered his finisher, he only uses this technique if he's certain he'll either inflict enough damage to turn the tide or end the encounter entirely.

A final personal technique he has developed is called the Dying Will. When he's taken a certain amount of damage in battle, he can force his body past its normal limitations. His Dying Will manifests itself as visible flames, one hovering before his forehead, the others appearing to emanate from his gloves. This state allows him to continue fighting even when he has suffered a great deal of punishment, but invoking it puts its own strain on the body. He uses it sparingly - although it greatly reduces the damage he takes while also increasing the damage he deals, if he's forced out of it prematurely, he suffers the strain twofold.

Character Attributes


  • Hume (200)
  • Adept Rogue (150)
  • Secondary Classes
Rogue (100), Evoker (100), Thief (50), Warrior (50), Monk (50), Taekwon Master (75)
  • Tertiary Classes
Red Mage (50)


  • Adaptability: 15
  • Coordination: 12
  • Mastery: 10

Elemental Preferences

  • Fire


Racial Traits

Registered Equipment

Ability Information


Personal Abilities

Overdrives / Limit Breaks


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