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Katal Miyu Corelia-DeValle
The Flashing Blades
CH8r Katal Corelia.jpg
Katal in Galbadia City Park.
Character Profile
DOB: April 2, 2109
Age: 43
Race: Hume
Gender: Female
Profession: Freischütz
Theme: Crimson Blade
Artist: Hitoshi Sakimoto
Garden Profile
Garden Attended: Trabia Garden
SeeD ID Number: 51601
Highest Rank: CH8r Trabia Headmaster.jpg
Headmaster (C-4)
Services Division
Additional Information
Birth Realm: Eighth Realm

Katal Corelia is the wife of Darius DeValle, Sr., the head of Senatorial Hall, and the current Headmaster of Trabia Garden in the Clouded Horizons series.

Personnel Information


"You have taken advantage of others for the last time, old friend."
―Katal Corelia to Kurzick Dantez, leader of the Catorces, before she kills him
"Sometimes, I worry that mother isn't all there. Then she reminds me that I only found six of her knives that time, and I suddenly find myself concerned with other matters."
―Katanas DeValle to Darius DeValle, Jr.

Katal Corelia was born on April 2nd, 2109, to a small family of con artists, pickpockets, and ne'er-do-well's, who made a living playing the odds, always on the lookout for a big score. Most of the larger families in Trabia mostly ignored them, although a few took it upon themselves to try to make examples of the family, and because of this, few days in Katal's young life didn't involve bloodshed. For this reason, she began l practicing knife-fighting and archery, and became especially well-known for her knife-throwing ability.

Eventually, several larger families finally grew tired of the Corelia family's undercutting of their profits and began actively working together to remove them. In 2120, the family was forced to flee the country to Dollet in hiding as members were being cut down one by one. Nearly penniless and in a foreign country, the Corelia family was forced to make some difficult decisions in order to stay afloat, including making deals with a Galbadian gang known as the Catorces, which had recently begun making inroads into Dollet territory.

Despite this, life went on for the family, and Katal was required to do whatever it took to ensure that her family survived, including taking on assignments that, especially at her young age, were dangerous and morally questionable at best. In 2121, however, the big chance the family had been looking for would finally present itself. A local official and political administrator was hiring labor in the wake of a number of deaths due to sickness, allowing Katal and her family to secure positions within the family as servants, and her parents decided that they would use this opportunity to vault themselves up into the nobility.

Over the course of two years, Katal would manage to work her up the ladder until she became one of the minister's personal servants. Katal's mother, working the kitchen, would then slip a slow-killing poison into his food and Katal would take it to him, and as he grew increasingly more ill over the years, would become solely responsible for his care and health until, in 2125, he succumbed to the poisoning. Curiously, his will dictated that Katal and her family would become responsible for maintaining the estate, and with that the family became established members of the aristocracy.

This raised suspicions immediately, and at first the family was able to keep the official investigations at bay as all the paperwork was in order, but even that wouldn't hold up for long. Then, in 2126, Darius DeValle paid them a visit, promising that he could make it all go away if Katal would accept his hand in marriage. Having connections in Dollet would prove invaluable for him, while the DeValle family's protection would be enough to keep most away from Katal's while they consolidated.

Katal's parents quickly accepted, ignoring their daughter's many objections, and the next year, the two were wed. As promised, all of the Corelia family's problems seemed to vanish, and they slowly began to flourish with their newfound wealth. Katal, meanwhile, make it clear her feelings on the matter with the Senior, who pointed out that he was just as uninterested in the situation as she was. Eventually, they managed to reconcile somewhat, and while they would never be described as midnight lovers, it was clear they had reached some kind of understanding. For the next few years, she spent most of her time cleaning up her parent's mistakes in Dollet and putting the families that had wronged her under the DeValle family's thumb. Also during this time, her first son, Katanas, was born, with two more to follow throughout the next few years.

In 2133, she heard of a family that had been assassinated by the Catorces, leaving only a young child behind. By then, she had long cut her family's ties with the gang, and enraged, she spend the next few weeks personally removing various members in ways that would look entirely like accidents - falling out of carriages, choking to death, drowning in bathtubs, and worse, until the group eventually destroyed themselves infighting for control.

Over the next 10 years, as the Senior focused on consolidating his position as heir to the DeValle family, Katal began utilizing her family's influence to begin a project which would later be known as Senatorial Hall. She hoped to create an organization where world leaders could gather and work together to bring change and stability to the world, but she was also interested in being able to keep tabs on important political figures in one place, as well as deal with any or all of them should they begin stepping out of line. Senior approved and discretely financed the venture, and spent his spare time teaching her the essentials she would need to run such an organization herself.

By the time Senatorial Hall was officially completed and in use by the world leaders, Senior had finished acquiring and rebuilding Trabia Garden, and both were pleased to see that their greatest ambitions in life were finally coming to a head.


―Katal Corelia

Katal is a quiet individual, usually preferring to keep to her own counsel. The sea of bodies surrounding her family's early history has left quite a mark on her psyche, and she remains distant from people, always assessing their strengths and weaknesses should she ever need to remove them. Despite this, she is fiercely independent, her experiences having taught her that if one leaves themselves beholden to others to much, they lose control over their life.

Combat Information

"Wormroot poison is one of my specialties. It temporarily separates you from your magic, making it impossible to cast most spells. Even the best mages have trouble dealing with it. Ask my husband. I've been lacing his food with it for years."
―Katal Corelia

Katal is an excellent archer and a dagger specialist. She prefers to take out an enemy from afar with one poisoned shot, but when that's not a possibility, she utilizes throwing knives and daggers to gut her enemies with precision strikes. She has limited experience with magic, so she relies on a number of poisons help her to deal with magic-using foes, either by temporarily severing the caster from their supply of Mana, disrupting their ability to concentrate, or even causing the act of using any Mana to inflict severe pain.


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