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Revolver Alladrake DeValle
The Strong-Arm Metallurgist
CH8r Revolver DeValle.jpg
Revolver in a more contemplative mood.
Character Profile
DOB: January 1, 2132
Age: 21
Race: Hume
Gender: Male
Profession: Dark Knight
Theme: Drifting Clouds of Solitude
Artist: Toshihiko Sahashi
Garden Profile
Garden Attended: Trabia Garden
SeeD ID Number: 51608
Highest Rank: CH8r Alchemy Lieutenant.jpg
Lieutenant (S-4)
Merit Awards: Certification, Metallurgy Specialist
Certification, Senior Artisan
Additional Information
Birth Realm: Eighth Realm

Revolver DeValle is a Lieutenant at Trabia Garden and an artisan specializing in metallurgic crafting in Clouded Horizons series.

Personnel Information


"If justice is blind, then it is just as well. It would quickly find its objectivity tarnished by the rampant despoliation laid bare before it, and we have few enough allies as is."
―Revolver DeValle to Katanas DeValle

Where his older brother found his talents and purpose fell into his hands easily, and where his younger brother had his unfairly taken away, Revolver's path was one much harder to follow. Unsure of his place in the world, and caught in the long shadow his elder brother cast, he took a much different path in that rather than change the world for the better or worse, he would create the tools such people would need to carry out their plans. War was simply a matter of when, not if, and so he threw himself into his apprenticeships with the best smiths in the world.

While his father made him learn the barest essentials of the family trade, he struggled against what he felt were unfair chains bound upon him, already finding fault with the way he saw his father earning a living. Removed from such distractions during his work, he could concentrate and deliberate in an almost meditative state on his own goals and aspirations, and began to forge his own path.

He is currently one of the senior artisans at Trabia Garden, and his craftwork is widely seen as top-notch and comes with a corresponding cost. Still, dozens of SeeD who prefer melee combat swear by his work, and his expertise with Alchemy and traditional metallurgic craft has also made him especially learned at enhancing and repairing weapons that utilize runes or other customizations.


"My hammering technique has been passed down the family line for generations."
―Revolver DeValle

Revolver is a taciturn individual, preferring to speak as little as possible and express his emotions through his work or active combat. Sometimes he can be quick to temper, and when he does so, it is more a cold fire. He finds himself easily irritated with the way his family earns its trade, yet has little ability to affect its course, which in turn causes him to become frustrated and throw himself deeper into his work.

In his more reflective moments, Revolver will sometimes recite Estharian poetry or contemplate classical works, which tends to surprise those who don't know him very well.

Despite being a SeeD, he has little interest in the actual combat applications of the trade save for their value to enhancing his work, and thus routinely declines promotions that would elevate him in the Garden structure. His lack of a more administrative rank gives him a great deal of flexibility within the organization to follow his own path beyond just being a mercenary.

His personal relationships are a little more complex, as he forms and breaks rivalries with other SeeD constantly, and can often determine a person's style and general disposition just by looking at the shape they keep their gear in, and this is also how he judges the worth of those he meets. The first and most long-lasting intimate relationship he's ever been involved in was with Andréa Beoulve, as they compliment each other in surprising ways.

Combat Information

"I will bury you beneath the weight of your own steel, and I may as well clip your wings, too."
"Ha! Big talk, but I've come out on top of worse than you since we last fought!"
"Then I look forward to punishing you for your hubris in addition to the sound beating I will give you. But do not despair; everything is on the house.
―Revolver DeValle and Benji Powell, during their famous repeat sparring match

Despite his disinclination to rise the ranks, Revolver has by no means neglected his combat ability. His affinity with various bladed and blunt weapons has been described as prodigal, as it seems that after only a few swings with a weapon does it become an extension of his body and will. He is also proficient in combat alchemy and surgical para-magical strikes, using both to augment his combat style or to throw an enemy off-balance at a critical moment. An excellent judge of character, he knows when he can afford to press the attack or when to fall back and strike from range.


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