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"Castellum tranquillitas conscientia. -2151"
―Printed on the Dedication Plaque of Esthar Garden, which translates to "Fortress of Calm Consciousness."

Trabia Garden is one of the three Garden military facilities, located in the region of the same name, and was the last Garden founded. It was founded in June 2141, two years after the founding of Balamb Garden and one year after Galbadia Garden. The current Headmaster of Trabia Garden is Katal Corelia, and the current Garden Commander is Ein Beoulve.

Trabia Garden is part of the Garden Organization, as founded by Cid Kramer. It is also a part of the O.S.I.R.I.S Information Storage Network.

Trabia Garden during the warm season.


Founded in February 2141, Trabia Garden was designed as a Garden with different specialties than those of Balamb and Galbadia Gardens. Rather than focusing specifically on junctioning and the use of Guardian Forces like Balamb or the extensive military training that Galbadia employed, Trabia took an approach based upon the use and manipulation of para-magic that junctioning afforded.

The Garden continued this method of training for around a decade until tragedy struck in April 2151. The Republic of Galbadia, under the control of Sorceress Edea, launched a missile strike on both Balamb and Trabia Gardens. While Balamb Garden managed to employ its latent Centran technology and evade the strike, Trabia Garden was not so fortunate. Over 85% of the Garden complex was shattered in the attack, with all of the administration department and 2/3rds of the student body killed outright. Balamb Garden rendered aid as soon as it was able, but the true help came in the form of an unexpected aristocratic family.

House DeValle, under Darius DeValle, granted Trabia the funding it needed to rebuild, resulting in his being elected as the new Headmaster. He enacted several major changes and reforms to the Garden shortly after, including the addition of Alchemic and Symbological training, breaking the Sentry training into multiple specializations, and increasing the presence of the Garden organization as a whole.

Trabia Garden has a proud heritage of pushing boundaries, from magical expertise to technological prowess. Always at the center of political firestorms, Trabia has a reputation of discipline and honor, despite an equally infamous notoriety for its emphasis on indiduality in its method of operation and exeution of training. Trabia, along with Esthar Garden, places a large emphasis on technological advancement. Preferring aerial superioroty and cyberspace mastery over ground tactics in this field, they have the unique ability to strike anywhere at anytime.

In similar accord to Balamb Garden, Trabia emphasizes the unique capabilities of magic and has dedicated significant resources to its study and implementation. Unlike Balamb, which focuses on Entities and their usage, Trabia prefers to emphasize studies in hard magic, such as alchemy.

The special operations program offered by Trabia focuses on the use of small teams, utilizing potent power-suits and weapons which take advantage of an advanced integrated optical and electonic combat suite. A secure squad-based local-to-local laser-frequency link provides unparalleled tight-beam communications security, while a global wideband link to AVATAR gives unprecendent access to the command staff and up-to-date intel within seconds almost anywhere in the world at near real-time.

Ranking Structure

Main Article: Trabia Garden Ranks

Trabia Garden, like any military organization, has a firm chain of command and seniority in place for organizational and instruction purposes. Entry members study and train for years in order to earn their commission as field officers. Trabia Garden's command hierarchy has changed over the years, most notably after its reconstruction and expansion by the DeValle family. A complete overhaul to the ranking structure was instituted shortly after reconstruction was finished, more firmly defining the chain of command and duties of the officers and the employed civilian contractors.

Garden Population

Trabia Garden's population, while not nearly as large as Esthar Garden's, is still significant. As it is based within the Trabian Aristocracy, a number of prominent nobles send their children to obtain education from one of the finest private institutes in the world. This has required the staff to design a curriculum that is flexible both for combat purposes and the business world at large.

Population Breakdown:

  • Total Students: 7,500 (100%)
    • Full-Time Students: 4,125 (55%)
    • Cadets: 2,250 (30%)
    • Sentry: 1,125 (15%)


Within Garden, there are a number of facilities available to the student and staff population. In order to accommodate the DeValle family's excess, as is typical of the aristocracy, the Garden was designed to combine the aspects of both military operational feel with the grand splendor traditional of the nobility. The first floor, or 'lower division,' is separated into two 'rings.' The 'outer ring' contains all number of shops, small restaurants, theatres, and other various extra facilities. The 'inner ring' contains the dormitories, cafeteria, library, infirmary, an all-hours training center, the parking garage, and the elevators to the second and third floors. The second and third floors, collectively known as the 'upper division,' contain the classrooms, administrative offices, the command staff's dormitories, and the Headmaster's office.


Arkives is the information center of Trabia Garden. Housing three floors of computer terminals, file lockers, and other information storage, Arkives provides Garden with a comprehensive backup of all data that comes into or leaves the Garden Network. Anyone may access the general information on the first floor, but the second floor is off-limits without a Trabian ID card. The third floor is off-limits to anyone under the rank of Commander. It is located within the inner ring.

Castle DeValle

Named after the founding house, Castle DeValle is built into the side of the mountain range behind Trabia Garden, and serves as both a fallback point should the Garden come under attack, a military storage facility, and a training and instructional building all in one. This building houses the members of Senatorial Hall when in session.

Knight's Hall

The primary training facility for Trabia Garden, Knight's Hall is a short distance from the main Garden itself. It houses several extensive training grounds, simulated battlegrounds, and weapon ranges.

Merchant's Alley

The definitive college for mercantile specialists, it is located in the inner ring, beside Arkives. Here, one of the newest, yet critically acclaimed, academic institutes for studies in the fields of economic, entrepreneurial, and management resides.

Senatorial Hall

This neutral organization is the largest political arena in the world, as it hosts major conferences for world leaders regularly, whether to settle disputes with unbiased Sentry negotiators or to be used as a meeting ground for the world leaders to voice their concerns and come to resolutions.

The Vault

Designed by one of the premier architects in the world, the Vault is primarily a hangar used by both the Blue Knight Heavy Cavalry and the White Knight Airship Fleet to house their equipment. Underground, however, it is the nerve center of special operations. It also houses all of the merchandise crafted and sold exclusively by House DeValle and its patrons.


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