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Darius Elric DeValle, Sr.
The Senior, Spellbreaker of Stormfist
CH8r Darius DeValle, Sr..jpg
Darius DeValle, Sr. performing his daily exercise routine.
Character Profile
DOB: August 2, 2104
Age: 48
Race: Hume
Gender: Male
Profession: Scholar
Theme: Interval of Freezed Time
Artist: Motoi Sakuraba
Garden Profile
Garden Attended: Trabia Garden
SeeD ID Number: 12345
Highest Rank: CH8r Trabia Headmaster.jpg
Headmaster (Ret.)
Merit Awards: Certification, Headmaster Training
Planeswalker Information
Championed By: Freya Vanadis
Year Endorsed: 2120
Additional Information
Birth Realm: Eighth Realm

Darius DeValle Sr. is the head of the DeValle family, a major character in the Clouded Horizons series.

Personnel Information


"Wars are fought by soldiers. And soldiers follow orders. No matter what type of soldier or war, a choice must be made: are moralistic ideals worth death or dishonor? The Soldier's Rite. A battle between Families is no different. Every member of each family must choose what is truly valuable to them. Whether it's family, wealth, or power, they'd better want it, because, whatever decision they make affects the Family. The Family's Rite."
―Darius DeValle, Sr.

Darius "The Senior" DeValle was born into a life of crime. The DeValle family was already becoming a growing name in hushed circles, and the Senior was brought into the world during the last stages of its consolidation. This gave him a curious perspective, being born into an underhanded society with everything at his disposal and few enemies capable of challenging them, yet still uncertain enough every day that he had to keep an eye on his back. It would be a perspective that would save his life time and again, and one which he would build his life around.

By his late teens, he had established himself well within the organization, both as its heir and as a person; working with his associates as equals and not pawns earned him respect quickly, and his willingness to stick his neck out for a friend never went unnoticed. Traits he would hide in his later life, but during his rise he had charm to spare.

In 2126, he unraveled the heightening mystery surrounding Katal Corelia and her family's 'care' of a ranking Dollet minister's estate and effects after his death a few years beforehand. Recognizing her excellent potential, he made a deal with her - if she agreed to marry him, politically, he'd make the whole mess disappear. A year later, the two were wed, and not long afterwards would their first son, Katanas, be born. In 2132, their second son, Revolver DeValle was born, and in 2135, their youngest and last son, Darius DeValle would be born.

In 2142, once he'd become the established heir, he sought to begin expanding again, making small forays into contested territory, with mixed results. It was during this time that he met the Nox brothers, Alidar and Jarok, two young men whom the Senior found to be exceptionally talented. Bringing them into the family first as enforcers, they each rose to the challenge, with Jarok excelling in stealth, infiltration, espionage, and assassination, while Albel proved himself at home in the thick of the melee. These two would form the backbone of the Senior's Galbadian operations in years to come.

In 2151, the Senior saw a golden opportunity in the acquisition and rebuilding of Trabia Garden. It became an excellent front for his more underhanded activities, as well as an excellent source of income.


"I have come, I have seen...and I have been left entirely unimpressed."
―Darius DeValle upon arriving in Galbadia City

The Senior is a rather direct personality, but he easily steps into different roles, from charming businessman to ruthless cutthroat. Only in discussions on magical lore and history does one really see his true self - he eagerly shares his knowledge and expertise with those who can understand it, energetically defending various points of views and treatises with an enthusiasm one would not ordinarily associate with the man.

Combat Information

"I assume you were hoping to make a transaction? So was I. You shouldn't have left your runes at home, boy."
―Darius DeValle, Sr. to Zeo Conrad

Preferring subtle magics and effects, the Senior prefers to employ abilities that cripple and incapacitate his enemies, sapping their will and strength to fight while allowing them to feel the maximum amount of pain. When that isn't enough, however, he's more than capable of simply burning the flesh off his enemies or freezing them in crystal of ice, though he feels such displays of raw magical power fail to show the true control and majesty of proper magical manipulation.

When forced to minimize his use of magic, either via sufficiently powerful anti-magic wards or magic-resistant enemies, he is also a capable melee combatant, proficient in quarterstaff combat. His junctions and Planeswalker abilities make him a force to be reckoned with even here, and he can more than hold his own against dedicated melee specialists due to his extensive combat experience and expertise.


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