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Lindsey Silmeria Geneave
Antipyretic Symbolus
CH8r Lindsey Geneave.jpg
Lindsey in her more traditional attire.
Character Profile
DOB: February 11, 2131
Age: 21
Race: Hume
Gender: Female
Profession: Gunner
Theme: Truth Behind the Project
Artist: Takeharu Ishimoto
Garden Profile
Garden Attended: Esthar Garden
SeeD ID Number: 47286
Highest Rank: CH8r Esthar Lieutenant.jpg
No Specialization
Merit Awards: Promotion to Ensign
Promotion to Lieutenant
Additional Information
Birth Realm: Eighth Realm

Lindsey Geneave is a character in the Clouded Horizons series.

Personnel Information


"Even if you can't appreciate the beauty of this weapon, I'm sure your girlfriend would be able to, if she were here. Then again, after putting a bullet into her from exactly 1,038 meters, I doubt she would care to discuss the intricacies of firearms with me."
―Hikari Tanaka to an infuriated Darius DeValle, Jr.

Lindsey Geneave was an average Galbadian citizen, a skilled marksman, a member of SeeD, and the first to ever catch Darius DeValle's eye. Her only crime, if one could call it that, was matching the strict profile needed for Vector Industries' KP-X Project, under the direction of Aiva Furello.

Her life leading up to the famous day at the Café Uzuki was mostly of praise by her superiors at Galbadia Garden, and she was looking forward to an early promotion and a potential transfer to either Trabia or Balamb Garden to continue her Intelligence major. Her time spent with Darius was always meaningful, and the two clearly held a deep affection for one-another. Even the Senior silently praised the pair, in his own way.

It turned out to be quite a ruse on the part of Vector Industries. On the day of Darius and Lindsey's fateful date, the real Lindsey was kidnapped and replaced with a body-double. This double was fully briefed and played a perfect Lindsey, fooling everyone.The double was then shot by expert marksman Hikari Tanaka from just over half a mile away, killed right in front of Darius' eyes.

The real Lindsey was quietly ushered into a nondescript facility and operated on for the next few years as the biological component Vector required to realize their latest advancement in energy-based weapons technology.


"I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck. Not just that my home would be better looking for them, but diamond necklaces are great targets for strangulation attempts."
―Lindsey Geneave

Lindsey was known as a gentle, patient person, someone you could easily get along with and open up to. She was equally at home at the embroidery club as she was on the wrestling team. Many would describe her as "elegant, practical, and well-meaning."

On the battlefield, people would describe her a little differently. Her title derives from her tendency to disarm enemies of their weapons, then shoot them with their very same weapon, and gives her a preference for heavy weapons, such as tank cannons and anti-armor weaponry, despite her short stature.

Combat Information

"Trust me, Lindsey is not just ribbons and lace. When she's serious, I don't think there's any force on this planet that could stop her."
―Darius DeValle, Jr., to Katanas DeValle

Lindsey's fighting style utilized her long years spent training in both heavy melee weaponry, small arms fire, and, her personal favorite, anti-armor weapons. Specifically, weapons she had torn off armored vehicles and begun shooting with.

In combat, she believed subtlety was best left to the wind.

After her reconstruction as KOS-MOS, however, she got an entirely new suite of tools and weaponry, all of which utilized modular and highly advanced technology.

Combat Attributes


  • Hume (56)
  • Marksman (37)
  • Secondary Classes
Samurai (14), Monk (52)
  • Tertiary Classes
Ninja (50)

Elemental Preferences

  • Lightning
  • Wind


Racial Traits

Ability Information


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