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The Gilead Order is a former peacekeeping force and governmental organization in the Ethereal Plane of the Clouded Horizons series.



The Gilead Order was founded in the year 382 as Freya and her primary advisers began to notice discontent with her rule. It was established as a way to help Odin and Xeios keep the peace in the plane while simultaneously taking some of the pressure of day-to-day rule away from Freya. In this respect it served admirably, and the Erudite within it took great pride in their jobs as protectors and primary aides of the plane itself. In the year 625, however, a Malakh named Kaji Hiyama came forth to Freya with a proposal for a subsection of the Order - the Order of Grim Angels - that would allow Malakh to serve within the Gilead Order as well, thereby potentially alleviating some of the social stresses that were beginning to mount between the two races. Hiyama's proposal was accepted, and the Order of Grim Angels became part of the Gilead Order's prestigious ranks.

In 1523, war broke out in the Ethereal Plane due to a controversial relationship between Arragious Nicholai, the Captain-Commander of the Gilead Order, and Destine, the Pillar of Destiny and liaison between the Gilead Order and Freya. Soon after, the Gilead Order sided with Freya and begin to attempt to quell the resistance, only to have the Order of Grim Angels almost completely destroyed by the use of Malakh-targeting magic on the resistance's part. The Gilead Order itself survived until the end of the war, when Arragious was exiled for his actions, at which point it was dissolved completely and those remaining inducted into either the Ethereal Knights or Magi.


The Gilead Order's structure was simple and utilitarian; Arragious, as the first and only Captain-Commander, believed in function over form and developed his internal structure accordingly. It was initially open only to Erudite beings, up until the point when the Order of Grim Angels was created and instated. There was a single liaison that reported important findings to Freya, allowing the Captain-Commander and his direct subordinates to continue their work unimpeded, as well as many different 'cells' or 'squads' that worked independently of each other, but had the ability to contact any other 'cell' if a need arose. This allowed the Gilead Order to be extremely flexible in their duties, as every 'cell' was expected to be able to perform any duty the Order required. A bulk of the Gilead Order's forces were split between the two original subdivisions - the Order of Ethereal Knights and Order of Ethereal Magi.

Order of Ethereal Knights

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Order of Ethereal Magi

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Order of Grim Angels

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The Order of Grim Angels was a subsection of the Gilead Order open exclusively to Malakh beings, just as the primary order was to Erudite. Unlike the Gilead Order proper, the Order of Grim Angels was broken up into six different divisions, each with a different specialization and purpose. This allowed a measure of specialization within the otherwise-generalized Order. Like the Gilead Order, the Order of Grim Angels was also overseen by the acting Captain-Commander.


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