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Takomashi Daralucai U'Dashika
The Master Marksman
CH8r Takomashi U'dashika.jpg
Takomashi in front of the holographic display in his office.
Character Profile
DOB: November 12, 2125
Age: 27
Race: Hume
Gender: Male
Profession: Runic Marksman
Theme: Heart's Anxiety OC ReMix
Artist: Ceracrys, cheez80
Additional Information
Birth Realm: Eighth Realm
Rank(s): CH8r VA Chief Executive Officer.jpg
Chief Executive Officer
Videlic Arms
Story Appearances

Takomashi U'Dashika is a the Chief Executive Officer of the Galbadian Republic weapons manufacturer Videlic Arms, a major character in the Clouded Horizons series.

Personnel Information


"Welcome, Mister DeValle. I'm glad to finally get the chance to make your acquaintance. "
―Takomashi to Darius DeValle, Jr.


"You hurt someone very important to me today, sir."
"I must ask why it's any of your concern who I choose to go after in my line of business, as it is just that; my business."
"I run the largest intelligence organization in the world, and I have enough information to leak as of this moment to sink not only your company, but to leave you on the street by nightfall. This is my business because you hired someone to assassinate someone I care about. From my position, that is a most dangerous place to stand."
―Takomashi and Maya D'Angelo soon after Liam Bayloh was shot in Dollet

Driven to succeed as instilled by his father and his grandfather, Takomashi had taken a systematic approach in running his life. If it brings about a goal, then the price is worth it. While at one point he truly believed that any price was worth the cost, a chance meeting with a member of a global intelligence agency showed him the price of this way of living.

Since that point, he has allowed his personality to tame, choosing his risks with careful thought and consideration, and mending bridges with those he once thought the enemy. This has opened up new resources and new potential, truly giving him a new perspective on the world behind him, instead of looking at it through the half-lidded eyes of a jaded corporate executive.

In stark contrast to how he viewed his life, he considers Videlic Arms an extension of his family, treating each employee as if they were part of his own family. He can often be seen wandering about Videlic Arms headquarters, or one of its offsite campuses, listening to his employees, getting feedback, sometimes getting his hands dirty in the design or manufacturing process.

Combat Information

"I can't forgive you pointing a weapon at a young girl, no matter what the reason. You'll be facing me now."
"It's pointless. I will destroy you, then the girl."
"That is where you are wrong. I will defeat you, and save this young woman."
"You and what army? You can't compare to my speed, or my weaponry. You have no plan, and no backup on the way."
"And how much does it frighten you to know that with all of that, I'm still prepared to face you?
―Takomashi to a member of the Eighteen

Much like his tenacious business practices, Takomashi's battle strategy is driven, continuing on until he can either no longer move, or can improvise no further with the items at hand to continue to make weaponry. While not as unstoppable as some other foes, Takomashi doesn't step into battle unless he sees no alternative. And when he sees no alternative, he is determined to come out victorious.

Combat Attributes

Overdrives / Limit Breaks


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