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Laurel Alicia Murphy
Alpha 02
CH8r Laurel Murphy.jpg
Laurel at Esthar Garden
Character Profile
DOB: October 29, 2130
Age: 22
Race: Hume
Gender: Female
Profession: Runic Marksman
Theme: Internal Affliction OC ReMix
Artist: Sephfire
Garden Profile
Garden Attended: Esthar Garden
SeeD ID Number: 41197
Highest Rank: CH8r SpecOps Major.jpg
Special Operations
Merit Awards: Induction into SeeD
Promotion to Lieutenant
Promotion to Captain
Induction into Special
Promotion to Major
Additional Information
Birth Realm: Eighth Realm
Story Appearances

Laurel Murphy is a member of Esthar Garden's Night Riders, a minor protagonist in the Clouded Horizons series.

Personnel Information


"Look, it doesn't matter what they think of you."
"Because I want you by my side. I don't care what they think of you or us because of it.
―Alex Munro to Laurel Murphy


"She's a scary sort, you know?"
"How so?"
"When she looks at you, she can give you this look of apathy... but it's worse than that. It's almost as if she doesn't even acknowledge your existence. Her eyes can make you feel as if you don't exist. But, if they look at you and acknowledge you? It's as if you're experiencing a whole new world."
"Hoo, boy... Don't let Munro hear you say that.
"Hear what?"
"Nothing, sir!"
―Carlos Milagros, Isamu Hashimoto, and Rachel Colleigh discussing Laurel Murphy

Because of her past, Laurel is a firebrand; someone who has a temper that some find unsuited to SeeD. However, her dedication to her duty is exemplary, Previous acquaintances and squad members found her difficult to get along with, and most of her previous squad leaders couldn't deal with her attitude. Beneath the rough exterior, she is incredibly loyal to those who have earned her respect; a hard task to be sure.

Combat Information

"You can be pissed off at me all day long if you'd like for not following your order to hold. But that guy had his finger on the trigger of that rifle and fancy armor or not? He was going to take your arm at that close of a range. Fire me or not, but don't reprimand me for doing my damn job."
"You're being insubordinate, Ensign!"
"Yeah, and doesn't it just scare you to death that the one person who won't follow half the orders you give just saved your life?
―Laurel having a squabble with her squad leader


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