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Squall Leonhart
The Heart of the Lion
CH8r Squall Leonhart.jpg
Squall Leonhart
Character Profile
DOB: August 23, 2132
Age: 20
Race: Hume
Gender: Male
Profession: Blademaster
Theme: Maybe I'm a Lion
Artist: Nobuo Uematsu
Garden Profile
Garden Attended: Balamb Garden
SeeD ID Number: 41269
Highest Rank: CH8r Balamb Garden Commander.jpg
SeeD Commander
Merit Awards: Induction into SeeD Program
Induction into SeeD
Promotion to SeeD Commander (Balamb)
Induction into Special Operations
Planeswalker Information
Championed By: Lukälius diVanégo
Year Endorsed: 2152
Additional Information
Birth Realm: Eighth Realm
Story Appearances

Squall Leonhart is the SeeD Commander of Balamb Garden, a major protagonist in the Clouded Horizons series.

Personnel Information


"I'll be the first to admit that I'm here because of other people. "
―Squall Leonhart

From orphan to world/time savior, Squall Leonhart has seen much in his short time. From being chosen to be in SeeD, to becoming SeeD Commander soon after, he has become the unlikely hero. Now, he has become the emblem of Balamb Garden to the world, even representative of what you can expect from the best of the Garden Network; his fame out-shining even Cid Kramer. This came as quite the surprise to Squall's comrades - most of all to Squall himself. However much he may deny his abilities as a leader, the loyalty and skill of those under his command speak more for his skills than he could ever do himself.

After the events brought about by Ultimecia, Squall spent most of his time dealing with his duties at Balamb Garden until something arose that was too large to ignore - that something being the beast known as Sin. Upon a meeting with Benji Powell of Trabia Garden, Squall set out to assist the Alchemist in his initial attack on Sin. This ended in a solid defeat for both individuals, prompting Squall to return to Balamb Garden. Along with Katanas DeValle, a plan was soon developed to take on the beast using the combined might of the Garden network, with Squall leading the force from Balamb Garden. The battle took place on the continent of Centra, where the fierce coordination and skill of the Garden Network's finest showed through, felling the beast for the second and final time.

A tenuous peace was attained for a time until Sarek Matthews proceeded on an exploration effort of Centran ruins, where he set free a group of soldiers that had been surviving in the ruins for decades following the Lunar Cry. The conflict that followed was quick and brutal, culminating in the capture of Trabia Garden by the invaders. Now, Squall stands poised to lead Balamb Garden's forces once again...


"Shut up, I'm trying to learn here. "
―Squall Leonhart to Hyne

Squall is cold and unfriendly, but calculating and precise in his work. His loyalty to Garden, his friends, and Rinoa Heartilly (who he has a romantic relationship with) is unshakable. He is unafraid of challenge, even when the situation is stacked against him.

Combat Information

"Right and wrong are not what separate us and our enemies. It's our different standpoints, our perspectives that separate us. Both sides blame one another. There's no good or bad side. Just two sides holding different views. "
―Squall Leonhart

Squall is a calculating fighter, using the advantages that he has learned in SeeD as well as his own experience to bring those who he would fight against to their knees. His blade strikes are powerful, and his magical attacks equally so. He is considered one of the most, if not the most skilled warriors in the world.

  • Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Having trained with the Revolver gunblade, as well as Seifer Almasy while he was still at Balamb, he is a swordsman of the highest caliber.
  • Enhanced Strength: Because of his junction with Bahamut, his strength is higher than most SeeD at Balamb Garden. However, even un-junctioned his strength is impressive, increased by years of physical training.
  • Exceptional Agility: His agility allows him to move and weave in and out of sections of battle, his opponents never quite knowing where he came from.
  • Average Spiritual Energy: Squall has not been exposed to a great deal of spiritual training in regards to this matter.
  • Skilled Magic User: While not necessarily the forefront of his arsenal, Squall is well versed in the ways of magic, and can easily bring that knowledge to use in battle.

Overdrives / Limit Breaks


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