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Alexander Jacob Munro
Alpha 01
CH8r Alexander Munro.jpg
Munro in Esthar
Character Profile
DOB: October 31, 2130
Age: 22
Race: Hume
Gender: Male
Profession: Runic Marksman
Theme: Man With Another Trance Machine
OC ReMix
Artist: Beatdrop
Garden Profile
Garden Attended: Esthar Garden
SeeD ID Number: 42778
Highest Rank: CH8r SpecOps Col.jpg
Special Operations
Merit Awards: Induction into SeeD
Promotion to Lieutenant
Promotion to Captain
Induction into Special
Promotion to Major
Promotion to Colonel
Additional Information
Birth Realm: Eighth Realm
Story Appearances

Alexander Munro is a member of Esthar Garden's Night Riders, a minor character in the Clouded Horizons series.

Personnel Information


"Squall Leonhart created one of the finest squads imaginable when he put together the First Team. A fine assortment of magical and physical combatants alike. You'll be putting together a similar squad here at Galbadia Garden."
"Understood, sir."
"I want this squad to outperform his. I want this squad to be faster and more powerful than anything Leonhart can put together. You'll spare no expense, you'll leave no rock unturned. If you need officers from other Gardens, I will arrange it. But rest assured; you will create the finest Special Operations division, or I will have your job."
"Understood, sir.
―Alex Munro to Mathius Martine

Alexander Munro was born in Galbadia City. His family was average; a father, mother, an older sister and a younger brother. His father was a mechanic down the street in an old man's garage. His mother was a receptionist at a nearby upper class hotel. Both his brother and his sister played in competitive sports. Alex focused on his grades, and while he wasn't top of his class, he did very well in school. Far from a recluse, however, he kept a good number of people as friends. Few however were close as a girl he came to know very well, one Laurel Murphy. While most thought that the two were dating, they never confirmed or denied those rumors, choosing to keep their private feelings to themselves.

As it came closer to the time he would be enrolling in high school, he requested he be allowed to transfer to Galbadia Garden. The curriculum offered by Garden, he argued to his parents through research he had done, would allow him to pick up a much better job, as degrees given by Garden were considered golden and were accepted all around the world.

With his parent's permission and on scholarship provided by the Garden Network based on his grades, he enrolled in Galbadia Garden... and inadvertently discovered his chosen line of work as a mercenary of the Garden Network as well as the course of the rest of his life.

On the day of his enrollment, he was surprised to find that his childhood friend, Telsia, had joined him in enrolling. While the two had never had a relationship beyond friendship, they were both forced to examine their feelings for each other since they would be in the same school again. With it in mind, as they began their new education, they also began a romantic relationship.

Both passed their exam and the night after the graduation ball was when Alex decided that his ever-growing relationship with Telsia needed to move to the next level. He proposed to her that night and of course, she accepted. The two continued their career in SeeD, taking missions that took them all about the world.

Things took an abrupt turn, however, as they were among the SeeD who were ousted from Galbadia Garden when the Sorceress took over. Temporarily transferring to Balamb Garden, they assisted in the actions undertaken by that Garden until they were able to safely transfer back to Galbadia Garden with Headmaster Martine's approval.

Within two months, Headmaster Martine had approached Alex to help him start a new team he had dubbed the Night Riders. Through this, he was able to build a strong three-team SpecOps division operating under the jurisdiction of himself and reporting directly to Headmaster Martine. He chose Telsia as his second in command, as well as one of his squad members.

While not being in SeeD as long as some, he has seen his fair share, from people like Irvine Kinneas to SeeD operatives who were taken before their time. He considers it his responsibility to help lead SeeD into the future. His role in the Special Ops division, as well as part time instructing in one of the ranges helps him do that.


"You take a look at him on an average day, and you think the guy is a joker; he's funny and witty. The second that he steps out in the field? He's cold as ice. The transformation is eerie, honestly. But he's a good field officer because of it. I hate to think of the interrogator that would have to question him should he ever be captured. He'll break them. "
―Jorge Gonzales speaking on Alex Munro

Calm, cool and collect. The ability to lead his team and others in the best and worst of situations. A tactical mind which sees possibilities and probabilities coupled wit. Loyalty to his fiancée and Garden unfaltering. These are just part of the things that make up the leader of Alpha Squad at Esthar Garden.

Combat Information

"I see two bogeys out there. Murphy, take them out. Milagros, work on gaining access to the security systems. Hashi, rig up a package to level this building at a moment's notice. Jareau, cover Milagros in case of surprise attack."
"And what will be doing, Colonel?"
"I'm stepping outside to create a rather large diversion."
"Leave it to the Boss to think that death is a diversionary tactic...
―Alexander Munro handing out orders to Alpha Squad

A melee gunner by trade, Alex has a dual specialization in both automatic and semi automatic firearms. When out in the field, he carries two SMG type weapons on his back, as well as myriad of throwing knives on his belt in case of emergency.


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