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The Eighteen are a group of military leaders from the now-destroyed Centra civilization. All are considered major antagonists in the Clouded Horizons series.


Approximately a century ago, the country of Centra was a flourishing civilization, ahead of even the neighboring country of Esthar in technological and biological advancements. One of the major projects that the Centran government was working on was the development of genetically-enhanced soldiers for their military. This project was leaps and bounds ahead of anything that other militaries had at the time...and as such, it drew quite a lot of attention and worry from neighboring countries.

No one knows how, but a device that would come to be known as the Crystal Pillar was secreted into the main military laboratory serving as the head of the project. The device's effect and purpose was simple, and yet catastrophic: to call a Lunar Cry down from the moon directly onto the area to destroy it and all traces of the project from existence in order to safeguard the countries of the world. Unfortunately, things went awry, and instead of merely destroying the base, nearly the entire country and civilization of Centra was shattered when the Cry hit, taking it, its people, and its technology and knowledge to an early grave.

Decades later, it would come to be realized by Sarek Matthews while on an archaeological mission to Centra that the project hadn't been destroyed completely...merely buried. Eighteen soldiers awakened from the facility that Sarek and his team was exploring, eighteen that had been the first tested and completed under the project that Centra had run a century prior.

With their awakening, sleeper cells placed by the Eighteen's general in stasis were also awakened.


01: Seilueux
02: Salipas Aruuid
03: Salinas Aruuid
04: Shiro Takogashi
05: Scarlet Dominique
06: Sayo Rodugual
07: Saiyax Quint
08: Siem Drake
09: Shion
10: Samuel Gar
11: Sayanne
12: Schala
13: Sierra
14: Sentros
15: Sao Lain
16: Sariah
17: Sarano
18: Seraphim

Command Structure

The Eighteen, while being in command of their own forces, also have a command structure. The structure is set up unusually, but it is followed without question. The person in charge of the Eighteen is the person ranked One, while the second in command is Eighteen. From there, it goes back up the list until Two, which is the lowest ranked member.

In referring to themselves as members of the Eighteen, members will give their full title. For instance, Saiyax Quint would introduce himself as, "Saiyax Quint, Seven of Eighteen and Eighteen of Seven." This is a recognition of his rank within the Eighteen, plus an allusion that he too has a strength that the Eighteen requires to function as a whole.

In terms of strength, their number is also considered how to best how physically strong or weak a member of the Eighteen is. Where as One is the strongest, Two is the weakest. Each member however is skilled in something, even if it is not physical combat.


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