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Jarok Remus Nox
Sphereturner, the Black Bounty
CH8r Jarok Nox.jpg
Jarok training outside of Trabia Garden
Character Profile
DOB: March 10, 2126
Age: 26
Race: Hume
Gender: Male
Profession: Assassin
Theme: The Rite of Freedom
Artist: Chance Thomas
Garden Profile
Garden Attended: Trabia Garden
SeeD ID Number: 51666
Highest Rank: CH8r Combat Major.jpg
Combat Division
Merit Awards: Promotion to Major
Additional Information
Birth Realm: Eighth Realm
Story Appearances

Jarok Nox is a Major of Trabia Garden in the Clouded Horizons series.

Personnel Information


"Let's be honest here. If you wanted me dead, I'd have been dead before I entered that door. You are meeting with me because you're curious."
"Curious? Mister Nox, what makes you think that I'm not waiting until I can cover up your demise?"
"Because you want to know what would cause a high ranking member of the DeValle family to show up on your doorstep with enough information to hinder the Senior's operations in your town. Why else would you let me live?"
"...Have a seat; I believe we have business to discuss.
―Jarok Nox and Vinzer Deling Jr. speaking on their upcoming alliance

Born on March 10th, 2126, Jarok was the youngest son of a relatively nameless family. His family, whose allegiance in the Trabia Aristocracy was buried beneath larger and more prestigious families, earned a living acting as couriers and enforcers, and due to their successes, manged to stay one step ahead of becoming expendable, if just.

It wasn't until he and his older brother, Alidar, got caught up in a turf war between the two largest families in the area, the DeValle and Roche families, that their lives turned around. The two managed to run through the worst of the fighting and still deliver their package, if quite a bit bloodied for it, a feat not unnoticed by the DeValle family's head, Darius DeValle. Weeks later, the man would give them an offer than would bring their family out of obscurity and line their pockets quite nicely, as both his personal couriers and agents.

Working for the DeValle family was different from working with the smaller families, as the jobs they were given were often quite creative, even if they were twice as dangerous and increasingly less than legal. While Alidar was constantly in the thick of the action in various turf disputes, family attacks, and attempted assassinations against family members, Jarok found himself picking up more and more secretive work. While his brother was honing his tactical prowess as the General of the Sphere, Jarok was becoming adept at the art of espionage.

Jarok truly came into his own during 2151 when he was given a special mission by the Senior; to infiltrate the Deling crime family and destabilize their operations.


"In this concrete jungle, everyone shares one thing."
"They're all looking for friends, family, success. Some of them won't find it; but those lucky few who do are just that, lucky."
"Kind of sad, Jarok."
"You and I both know reality isn't puppies and sunshine. You were dropped on the streets, and I have a brother who would rather kill me than look at me. Nobody said that life was easy."
"...Jarok, have you found that?"
"That success thing. With the family and friends thing."
"*chuckle* Perhaps."
―Jarok Nox and Kitaras Nicholai speaking over dinner

In contrast to his brother, Jarok seems to take the world and what's happening in it as it comes, accepting what will happen and adapting to it as best as he can. In direct contrast to this, however, he develops real friendships very rarely, seeming to choose to keep himself at an arms length from anyone he associates with. In correlation with this, there are few people he respects beyond his brother, Darius DeValle, Sr. and Kitaras Nicholai (who he has been developing a romantic relationship with).

Because of his fairly unique view and personality, on the rare instance that he gets assigned to do field work for SeeD, his squad leaders often find him one of the better squad members. He follows orders to the letter, often times finding ways to make things move easier and taking some of the burden off of the squad leaders shoulders.


"Why didn't you show this to me earlier?"
"Seems I forgot. Sorry about that.
―Kitaras Nicholai and Jarok Nox during their battle in Galbadia City

Jarok is a specialist with light blades and rifles. He feels just as comfortable wielding a katana as he does a sniper rifle. In the vicious infighting of street combat, his skill at deflecting his opponent until his true intentions shone through with a fatal strike earned him the title of Sphereturner, as one does not truly know what is on the other side of a sphere until it comes to light. Because of these often hidden intentions, he also acquired the additional moniker of "Black Bounty".

In a duel, Jarok will often bring his exceptional acting talents to bear, letting his opponent believe that they are well in the clear, victory assured. None have expected his sudden use of a well hidden Leviathan junction, however, and he often uses it to permanently silence those who have thought him a novice at the combat scene. Much like his brother, Jarok fights dirty, but he also fights to live another day... no matter the cost.


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