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Xu Kels Xucai
The Hand of Justice
CH8r Xu Xucai.jpg
Xu outside Balamb.
Character Profile
DOB: May 17, 2132
Age: 20
Race: Hume
Gender: Female
Profession: Daimyo
Theme: Tobira no Mukou he
Artist: YeLLOW Generation
Garden Profile
Garden Attended: Balamb Garden
SeeD ID Number: 10278
Highest Rank: CH8r Balamb Colonel.jpg
Justice Advocate General
Merit Awards: Induction into SeeD (Balamb)
Promotion to Ensign (Balamb))
Promotion to Lieutenant
Promotion to Captain (Balamb)
Promotion to Major (Balamb)
Received Garden Instructor License
Promotion to Colonel (Balamb)
Induction into JAG Corp
Promotion to Ensign (Balamb -
First Team)
Promotion to Lieutenant (Balamb -
First Team)
Promotion to Captain (Balamb -
First Team)
Additional Information
Birth Realm: Eighth Realm
Rank(s): CH8r SpecOps Col.jpg
Special Operations
Story Appearances

Xu Xucai is the Justice Advocate General of Balamb Garden, a minor character in the Clouded Horizons series.

Personnel Information


"You'll never make SeeD. It's a joke to call yourself a captain. "
―Xu Xucai, to Seifer Almasy

Xu was born in the port town of Fisherman's Horizon. Through a turn of events, her parents left Fisherman's Horizon and took her to Balamb Garden where they left her, never to return again. She spent her early years at Garden forming a friendship with the intrepid student Quistis Trepe, learning the finer points of Triple Triad, and of course, beginning her training with her weapon of choice; the sai.

As she went through instructors and classes, her insatiable want for knowledge was acknowledged. She passed classes with incredibly high grades. When she graduated from SeeD, she immediately tested for her instructor license and was awarded it. Before she could begin instructing full time, however, she was approached by Headmaster Cid Kramer as he required someone to assist him with the day to day operations of Garden. She took up the position, as well as beginning to study the prerequisites for her true passion in Garden; the justice system.

While Squall Leonhart was finishing his final weeks as a Cadet, Xu was testing to become the primary JAG Officer for Balamb Network. And days before Squall Leonhart graduated, she took the position. Her first job was soon slated for a trial for the rogue cadet Seifer Almasy; however his escape stopped that.

She continued in this position until the First Team was formed at Balamb Garden by Commander Squall Leonhart. She tested into the team and joined the team a few months later, along with a certain other member of SeeD.


While working, Xu is incredibly focused and direct; which allows her full reign of the court room, the office, or the battle field. Outside of that, she is friendly and approachable, with an intellect that few can claim. She relates well with people inside and outside the Network, able to make conversation with most anyone.

Combat Information

"The Galbadians are just gluttons for punishment. "
―Xu Xucai, during the battle for Dollet.

Xu's reliance on her dual sais comes from years of training with them. She moves in and out of combat, allowing for for equal coverage on attacks for her and her allies, while giving her enemies very few shots on her that aren't answered.

  • Master Sai Specialist: Training with sais since the first time she picked up a weapon, her skill with them is legendary at Balamb Garden.
  • Skilled Rifle Specialist: While not as skilled as others, Xu received the required training with firearms offered by Balamb Garden. She considers firearms a last resort, preferring others to use the projectile weapons.
  • Enhanced Agility: Allowing her to be on the move constantly, Xu's agility allow her sais to move through the battlefield far faster than many others.
  • Skilled White Magic User: While not her primary skill, Xu has training in white magic; allowing her to be a force of help on the battlefield to her allies.

Combat Attributes


  • Hume (83)
  • Daimyo (70)
  • Secondary Classes
Ninja (50), Twin Blade (50), Gunner (40), Marksman (50), White Mage (55), Mediator (60)
  • Tertiary Classes
Thief (50)

Elemental Preferences

  • Wind


Racial Traits


Ability Information


Overdrives / Limit Breaks


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