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Videlic Arms
CH8r Videlic Arms.jpg
The Videlic Arms Logo
Company Profile
Year Founded: 2126
Company Head: Takomashi U'dashika
Products Offered: Weaponry
Defensive Outfitting
Military Vehicle Services

Videlic Arms (Galbadian Business Bureau: Videlic Armament Services) is a company that was founded in September of 2126. The company is primarily a armament research and development firm. The products that they produce include but are not limited to consumer and military grade weaponry and defensive outfitting, military grade vehicles and the weaponry to fit them as well as other general weaponry needs.

Videlic has three main factories in the capital city. Product distribution is mainly handled through storefronts throughout the world. In addition, sales are also done at the main headquarters for the company, also located in the capital.


Videlic Arms was built as a family business. As such, it was a small operation, dedicated to making good profit on good products.

Notable Staff

Takomashi U'Dashika

CH8r Takomashi Udashika 2.png
Main Article: Takomashi U'Dashika

Takomashi U'Dashika inherited the company from his father. During his tenure, he has increased production and sales, as well as putting in place several top dollar contracts, insuring his company's place in the foreseeable future. These contracts included but are not limited to a weapon and ammunition distribution agreement with the Garden Network which is the most lucrative and beneficial contract made in the extensive history of the company.

Leon Masters

Main Article: Leon Masters

Leon is young alchemist employed by Videlic in the Omega department. Much of his time is spent on experimental weaponry for contractual obligations.

Sarek Matthews

Main Article: Sarek Matthews

Formerly a member of the security taskforce at the company, Sarek Matthews helped reinvent the company security program, thus heightening both profit, but the protection of the properties of the company as well as its employees.

Ranking Structure

Service Departments

Customer Service Division

Customer Service.

Department Employees

Employee, Department Alpha.
Employee, Department Delta.
Employee, Department Omega.
Department Head, Department Alpha.
Department Head, Department Delta.
Department Head, Department Omega.

Board of Directors

Board Member

Board Member, Board of Directors.

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer, Board of Directors.

Production Divisions

Department Alpha

Producing just over five thousand different articles of personal protection a week, as well as constantly designing improvements and new ways for an average person or soldier to defend themselves better, the Alpha Department handles all defensive outfitting products and projects that Videlic Arms has.

Delta Department's supervisor is Jenna Vasquez.

Department Delta

Producing just over a thousand firearms a week, as well as constantly designing improvements and new lines of weaponry that are based off of the quality material Videlic Arms already builds, the Delta Department handles a good portion of the weapons manufacturing for Videlic Arms.

Delta Department's supervisor is Jackson Orvilla.

Department Omega

Unlike the other two divisions, the products that come from Omega Division are special contract, usually for military organizations such as the Galbadian Republic Armed Forces or the Garden Network. These orders usually consist of deployable stationary weapons, bunker outfitting, vehicle arming and the various other needs that these type of organizations may have on occasion.

This is also the most experimental division, as workers from this division often task themselves with coming up with new designs for the other two divisions to test. As such, when employees are not currently tasked with other projects for Omega Department, they are often allowed to move to another division that suits the interests that they have.

Omega Department's current supervisor is Sedrick Lemantine. Former supervisors include Dmitri Yuriev.

Current notable employees include Leon Masters.

Board of Directors

Handling the executive affairs of the company, the board of directors assists the company head in making and carrying out the decisions required on a daily basis to run a company of Videlic's size. In addition, the board of directors is the face of the company and often times members of the board will handle press briefings and interviews.

Other Divisions

Videlic Arms has a large customer service division, partially housed at their in-site call center in the main headquarters of the company. With three hundred agents ready to accept phone orders, as well as orders through the Videlic Arms online storefront, a fifty agent technical support line, a five man special orders line, a twenty-five agent electronic mail division which handles the fairly common emailed questions and orders, and the various supervisors of the division, Videlic Arms' in-house customer service division is by fart the most diverse in the Republic.

In addition to this, one hundred work at the large storefront in the Galbadia City shopping arcade distract. This storefront handles many public inquiries. This division not only handles public sales, but background checks on those who come into the store to purchase said weapons. The employees are knowledgeable on the main lines of products that Videlic is currently offering, and receive recursive training once every three months to make sure they are not falling behind on the latest products and upgrades.

Product Distribution

Employee Compensation Packages

As of 2150, all employees were paid 400 gil above the national average for Galbadia per-hour. While not as heavily advertised as some other companies, Videlic Arms, as part of a large undertaking by the board of directors to promote quality of work and product has a superb benefits program.

Insurance is provided to employees after the first thirty days of hire-on, and includes Life, Health, Dental, Vision and Disability insurance. In addition, Videlic Arms includes a benefit along with each paycheck that deposits for those insurances. Any extra left over on the paycheck goes to a retirement fund that is set up upon hire.


Videlic Arms currently has two top dollar contracts to distribute both weaponry of various types and defensive outfitting.

  • Galbadia Republic: Providing ammunition and weaponry as well as defensive outfitting for their military forces.
  • Garden Network: Providing ammunition and weaponry for all three Gardens, with a specific focus on Esthar Garden. Videlic Arms also provided stationary weaponry for the rebuilding process of Trabia Garden. Finally, Videlic Arms is currently coordinating on certain redesign elements within Balamb and Esthar Garden's defense systems.


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