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Mayanica Shaleen D'Angelo Bayloh
The Beautiful Heiress
CH8r Maya DAngelo.png
Maya at the D'Angelo Manor.
Character Profile
DOB: June 7, 2134
Age: 18
Race: Hume
Gender: Female
Profession: Monk
Theme: Prayer OC ReMix
Artist: Pixietricks
Additional Information
Birth Realm: Eighth Realm
Rank(s): CH8r Scientia *rank*.jpg
Chief Inquisitor, Scientia (?)
Story Appearances

Maya D'Angelo is a native of Dollet, the adopted daughter of Liam Bayloh and Yuna Kaname, a major character in the Clouded Horizons series.

Personnel Information


"They're dead. They're not coming back, and you expect me to be able to get past that? What, are you an idiot? "
―Maya D'angelo to Liam Bayloh

Mayanica D'Angelo was born into a life of wealth. Her parents, successful owners of the largest hotel in the capital city of the Dollet Dukedom had prepared well in advance of her birth, making sure that her needs would be taken care of regardless of what might happen to her.

Sent to the finest academies for learning in Dollet, the young Maya was found to have many varying interests. She admired art, read anything and everything she could get a hand on and wrote poetry. In addition, she was also a natural equestrian. Her hobbies did not go unnoticed by her parents, and they allowed her to indulge in those activities assuming that her grades kept up.

Her father also taught her the value of a level head. Making decisions based on rationality was the wisest course of action in his opinion, and he imbued that opinion on his daughter in the hopes that it would help her one day to take over the family hotel when he and his wife were ready to retire.

This idealistic life kept the growing girl positive, and while Maya gained confidence, she never gained many friends. She wast very friendly, and wasn't disliked by many, but her natural inclination to go her own way often left potential friends in the dust. Even a proposed marriage to one Rubedo Alaberti barely made her notice in her drive to choose her own path.

In the weeks following her fifteenth birthday, her family received threats that, while she did not know about, would affect her for the rest of her life. Their daughter in possible peril from the unspecified threats against her, they contacted the Garden Network and requested a SeeD be dispatched to protect them, as well as assisting the Dollet police in apprehending the culprit.

The Network responded, and dispatched one of its senior most field officers from Balamb, one Liam Bayloh. His deployment was short-lived, however, as the culprit was found in the act of breaking into the D'Angelo estate.

Her life was shattered during the Galbadian invasion of Dollet. While protecting a family secret and their daughter, both of her parents were murdered. And her future was inevitably changed as she was approached both by her adopted father, Liam, and also by a woman she had seen at her house only a few times in the past.

With assistance from both Liam and the mysterious woman Doctus, she found out why she'd been so pampered, why she'd received the best education, why her father had taught her so much of being not just smart but a leader.

He'd been training her to take over not just the hotel, but the other family business; the intelligence bureau Scientia.


"She's got a level head, and she's dealt with more than any girl her age should have to. I'm proud to call her my daughter. "
―Liam Bayloh to Katanas DeValle

Despite the hardships in her life, Maya is a friendly person; easy to get along with and difficult to cross. She's particularly close to her adopted parents, Liam Bayloh and Yuna Kaname and while the opportunity rarely comes up, she is also fiercely protective of both of them.

She sports an above-average level of intelligence, and seems to know a little bit of something about every topic she's engaged in. This may come from her alleged involvement in Scientia as its leader. Because of her skills as a conversationalist, and her upwards intelligence, she is said to have the ear of the Duke of Dollet, Edwin Haroldinton.

Because of rigorous training on her part, she is cool in any situation, calm to handle whatever a situation may require from her. Her personality is vibrant; her smiles are brilliant, conveying her emotions to the person or persons she is speaking to.

Combat Information

"I'll force you out of my house, if I must. "
―Maya D'Angelo

An accomplished unarmed fighter, Maya is focused on finishing the battle. While she is not impressively strong or fast, her skill at hand to hand isn't to be laughed off. And when someone in Esthar thought it wise to take her purse, they discovered that her well-timed kicks weren't to be laughed off either.

She does not rely on her magic stores, but on occasion has been known to throw a fireball or a lightning bolt to disabuse a hostile of the perceived notion that she was an easy target.


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