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Sarek Damarion Matthews
The Closer
CH8r Sarek Matthews.jpg
Sarek in Timber
Character Profile
DOB: July 14, 2110
Age: 42
Race: Hume
Gender: Male
Profession: Gunner
Theme: Through the Dark OC ReMix
Artist: DarkeSword
Garden Profile
Garden Attended: Trabia Garden
SeeD ID Number: 40128
Highest Rank: CH8r Ensign.jpg
Ensign (Ret.)
Combat Division
Additional Information
Birth Realm: Eighth Realm
Rank(s): CH8r Balamb Ensign.jpg
Ensign, Balamb Garden (Ret.)
CH8r Presidential Guard Commander.jpg
Commander, Presidential Guard,
Federated Commonwealth of
Esthar (Ret.)
CH8r VIEB Head of Company Security.jpg
Head of Company
Security, Vector Industries (Ret.)
CH8r VA03 Department Employee.jpg
Omega Division, Head of
Security, Videlic Arms (Ret.)
Story Appearances

Sarek Matthews is a mercenary from the Timber region, a minor protagonist in the Clouded Horizons series.

Personnel Information


"What are your qualifications?"
"I built the security program at Videlic Arms in Galbadia. I've done legwork in every country in the world, and have paperwork on file allowing me to work in any Garden facility in the world."
"Normally, these positions are reserved for people who have extensive experience in our military program. I was surprised to see your application cross my desk. Why would you apply when you know how strict our hiring process is?"
"Because I'll get the job, plain and simple. When you hire me, I will always get the job done, no matter the circumstances. You can hire others with more military experience, but you won't find anyone better than me nor who can do this job better.
―A conversation between Estharian Presidential Guard Commander Daniel Margulis and Sarek Matthews upon his interview for a position in the Guard.

In the outskirts of Timber, Sarek Matthews was born into a quiet life. During his upbringing, his parents instilled in him a strong work ethic. His father believed that making yourself truly versatile, capable of all you were requested to do and anything you put your mind to, was the key to living a happy and successful life. While his family wasn't rich, they never had for want and this truly ingrained in Sarek the true meaning and reasoning behind hard work.

After graduating from a local training institute, he quickly began picking up odd jobs doing whatever he could whenever he could. He became known as a mercenary of sorts in Timber, getting a job done then moving onto another job and picking up skills much faster than his peers who he had just graduated with. Within five years, his reputation grew as a technological and security specialist both inside Timber, and in Galbadia City. His straightforward thoughts regarding storefront security translated well when he was hired on the spot by Videlic Arms President U'dashika to restructure their security department after the company transferred ownership to young Takomashi.

Within a year the changes to the program were well in place, including dual checkpoints entering any secure area and a fairly sophisticated keycard entry system. In addition, he hired a highly trained staff with not only training from Sarek himself, but alao advanced training by SeeD personnel from Balamb Garden. With the security situation at Videlic well in hand, Sarek began training a replacement for himself and within six months was actively searching for a new place to use his skills. Videlic had well compensated him for his service, and he was able to set up a security consulting corporation.

It was when he started working for other large name companies in Galbadia that he truly became known as the Closer. He cleaned up security for most of large companies in Galbadia, however, he notably kept away from the Galbadian military and government, citing his displeasure with the continued treatment of his hometown and its inhabitants. Because of his ferocious nature of getting the job done, he had the ears of many people, and he was unafraid to share his (strong) opinions on how Timber should be handled. His opinion surprised some, in that Timber shouldn't be liberated, but instead should be giving expanded rights. Instead of being a subservient part of the Galbadia Republic, Timber would instead be a sub-state, its people citizens with the same rights as any other citizen of the Republic.

With his strong opinions, despite his personal watchfulness, it wasn't long before an attempt was made on his life. While the perpetrator was unknown, the source was clear. The Galbadian government wasn't pleased with his opinions. With that information in mind, he quickly settled his affairs in the hostile country, and headed out to find work in an unexplored area for him; this time at Balamb Garden. After testing out of many of the courses which he was looking to get certification for, he transferred to [[::Category:Trabia Garden|Trabia Garden]] to enroll in their combat classes. He was able to earn credits very quickly, and as a result passed the written SeeD exam. However, he moved on before he could pass the infield one, choosing to let his previous work speak for itself.

Then-Headmaster Victoria Rosalyn gave him full SeeD status, which allowed him to move into the [[::Category:Federated Commonwealth of Esthar|Federated Commonwealth of Esthar]] with a full Garden "degree" under his belt in addition to his already impressive credentials. Within a few days of arriving in the reclusive country, he had been contacted by one James Alnon. The president of [[::Category:Executive Outcomes|Executive Outcomes]] was interested in deploying his services in a new way; as a countermeasure to security already in place in a rival company; Vector Industries. His reasoning was simple; Alnon had concerns regarding the business practices at the synthetic goods company. Matthews agreed, finding that he appreciated the challenge that this new contract would offer.

For the first time, he wasn't actively building the security of the company. Instead, using his previous experience, he subverted every protocol they had while under the guise of improving it. In actuality, he did little improvement, but as he had been contracted to do, he left critical flaws which James Alnon (and later Darius DeValle, Sr.) were able to use to maintain an eye on Vector Industries.

Based on a recommendation by James Alnon, Sarek's next career choice put him in charge of a division of the Presidential Guard of Esthar, though the process was not as simple as an interview. A stringent test of his physical combat abilities was only the beginning, as he had to come up with several detailed plans on the spot to protect the President in a number of situations that turned hostile. While Daniel Margulis, division commander of the Presidential Guard had reservations, he considered Alnon a good friend and trusted his opinion.

His service to the Estharian government was stellar and again he assisted in improving the program, allowing the President more freedom in movement around the country and world while still keeping him under the trained eye of the Guard. While he enjoyed the work, he did not have the highest opinion of Margulis; not considering him the most qualified for the position he had been awarded. Before he left the Guard, he assisted the woman who would later replace him, one Hikari Tanaka, in her undercover insertion into Vector Industries which he had laid the groundwork for previously under James Alnon's contract.

After leaving the Guard, he took some time off, choosing to spend time with his ailing father, who would soon pass away. After he assisted his mother in settling his father's affairs and found someone who would assist her in taking care of their homestead, he headed back to the Federated Commonwealth of Esthar. Beginning to take an odd job here and there, he got back to his roots, and once again began to make a name for himself.

During this time, he caught wind of rumor of some research being done into the often speculated areas of Centra where technology ceased to function within a certain radius of what was believed to be the former capital of the once-great Centran empire. This would lead him to a confrontation with one Benji Powell and eventually, the newest Headmaster of the Garden Network, Liam Bayloh.

The new Headmaster quickly seized upon his skills, setting him up to accompany a squad of SeeDs on an exploratory mission of the ruins, unintentionally awakening the Silent Line...


Sarek shows a quick wit and intelligence, as well as the ability to pick up new information as well as communicate with anyone he comes in contact with. He is well aware and capable of exercising most of the common customs when it comes to business practices anywhere in the world and is not easily offended.

He trusts few, and always covers his trail to ensure that none of his previous business encounters come back to haunt him. Rarely does he accept a proposition more than once, and even less rarely does he offer it more than a single time.

He constantly analyzes those he comes into contact with, rarely not being able to read how to throw off their game to ensure he has the upper hand in the conversation.

Combat Information


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